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*EDIT* I'm super happy that The Walking Dead: The Final Season is being finished up. I am looking forward to them hopefully listing it in the stores again so I can purchase and play it. I didn't preorder it, so I missed out unfortunately. My 1300th post!


The Outer Worlds sounds so fucking good. So far it looks like it will be day one for me. Link in comments for a nice article that explains more about the game.


Amazon has the Smash Ultimate Special Edition up again that comes with a steelbook and controller.


It's that time! One of my favorite holiday specials is Mickey's Christmas Carol (1983). The full uncut version is hard to get, but it is worth the trouble.


I put in Fallout 76 for the first time since playing the beta and two of the trophies I earned didn't pop while the other ones did. Welp, guess I'll wait until the next patch. Was thinking of starting from scratch anyway. Guess I'll stick with this.......


One of the cool features of Dragon Quest XI is that the title screen background changes as you progress through the story. Pretty neat.


Fuck. I went to turn on my PS3 and all three of my controllers will not charge at all. One is only three years old. Would not charging them on a regular basis somehow fry the battery?


So this is what the apocalypse looks like. Catastrophic fire and a lecture about raking weeds.


It looks like Microsoft is offering one month of Xbox Game Pass for $1. A pretty solid deal for people that want to try it out.


Ready your arteries guys, on November 19th Arby's debuts the Arbynator. It has roast beef, cheddar sauce, Arby's sauce, horsey sauce, and Curly Fries. It will be available in classic, double, and half-pound varieties.


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