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They had a pretty good stream on PlayStation Live last night, with good prizes. So Wilfoftheblues just asked me if I pre-ordered God of War because we were talking about it and I'm like ummm no I didn't think I could. Well shit maybe I do have a chance...


The Dragon Quest site says there will be info coming soon about how the PS4 version will have additional bonus content exclusive to certain retailers and there will be no dlc. I doubt there will be a special console release, but I need a collector's ed.


For two days in a row at work in the atrium while leaving I have smelled syrup. Mmmmmmm....


I found a great article on Eurogamer about the story of Vault 11 in the Mojave Wasteland, one of the most fucked up experiments Vault-Tec ever came up with. It also interviews Eric Fenstermaker, the designer of Vault 11 and about human condition. Link--->


The Xbox One X backwards compatibility is just astounding, not to mention being able to play 4K blu-rays. Are there very many Xbox Dtoiders? That machine is impressive, I'll say that.... Maybe a black friday deal? I've never even used an Xbox controller.


This has been on my wishlist for a long time. I've been waiting for a sale or something, and now all of a sudden there's only 17 left! Don't you hate it when that happens? I want it for my laptop and oh yeah, a fucking Pip-Boy!


For my 1,000th post I just want to thank the community for making this site one of the best gaming and social sites around. Hell, my wife joined after she heard me laughing so much and showing her the weird shit that you all post. Thank you! Also, cocks.


My bad movie night is complete. Started it off with all day Mario Kart 8, ribs and hashbrown casserole, then a 60's bad horror film from my favorite weekly late-night b-movie host, and finishing it up with Foxy Brown with Pam Grier. God I love Saturdays.


The Persona 5 animated series is very good even from just watching the first episode. It is very well done and I'm glad that Hulu is branching out more. I definitely recommend it!


Hello friends! I have been sending out a few Switch friend requests and if you would like to hook up with me my code is: SW-3566-2662-4313.


That feeling you get when your tv keeps blanking out on the PS3 and the problem was with the hdmi switcher so you fix that and then you are doing some stuff with the system and then just about when your finished the PS3 freezes up and AAHHHH FUCK YOU


I'm new and improved! (Edit: A lesson from New Coke)


There is an article from Forbes that interviews the father of Dragon Quest Yuji Horii. It's rather lengthy, but he goes on about the making of XI and where series started from. It is so insightful, especially if you're a Dragon Quest fan. Link below.


PSN is acting all funky. One of the communities I'm in lost 4 days of posts and now the communities won't load at all. The activites and games of other players usually don't load atm. Come on Sony! SAD!


Amazon apparently had a mysterious mass purge recently of accounts. After mass complaints Amazon stated that they can close accounts anytime if they violate ToS (Like bribed reviews and such). Some people have been re-activated but it's a mess. Link below


The Spider-Man's Collector's Edition is still up for sale on Best Buy's website. With a 20% off Gamer's Club Unlocked discount no less. Link below:


By far the game I am looking forward to and can't wait to sink my teeth in is Dragon Quest XI on September 4th. I hold the series in such high regard and it is my first rpg series (DW 1 on NES). Square Enix is selling a exclusive edition in its store!


The Blues have had a great day. Had Easter ham and fixings at my Granny's followed by a 2 for 1 birthday party with 2 cakes, a cheesecake, and ice cream. Was able to steer clear of religious and political talk and now watching SW trilogy in a theater room


Taco Bell's Nacho Fries are coming to an end. After 53 million orders anf being Taco Bell's most successful product launch yet, they are selling out their remaining supply next week.


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