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Sorry about this, I meant to post this earlier. 1980's great and The Hart Foundation member Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart died today after falling in his home and hitting his head. He was 63. Along with Brett "The Hitman" Hart, he made 80s kids flip their shit


Anyone else eagerly anticipating Dragon Quest?


I'm just not feeling it.A great day... but I'm just not feeling it.


With Bethesda successfully taking down a seller on Amazon, is this a prelude of what is on the horizon? They claim to have good intentions, but their reasoning seems shakey after reading a couple of articles. They are posted below. They're pushing it.


Jesus take the wheel. I have the Power Helmet Edition pre-ordered, but this just might be what makes me cancel. If I want to play a shitty card-based game, I would start playing on my phone. I mean, really? I do not want to pick cards after I level. Fuck.


I am finally playing some games on the Xbox One X and I'm liking the controller, after taking time to get used to it. I'm just glad I'm having a good time with it...


I have a sudden urge to ride in a DeLorean and listen to Huey Lewis and the News.


You know what helps when you have a check to pay yours bills? Actually depositing the fucking check before the bank closes, instead of remembering it at 10pm.


Is anyone here liking the fact that Microsoft is moving to a Windows DaaS (Desktop as a Service) program? I think Microsoft is really shooting itself in the foot and has gotten way too greedy. It started with Office 365, and now they want all of the money


Four hours in at work and nothing has gotten done. Probably won't be running until after lunch if at all today. System is down.... Current status:


60 years ago today, NASA was founded with a stroke of a pen by President Eisenhower. Below is an article from cnet that goes into the details of its founding and history. I think it's a great read and hope you all take a minute to read it.


I'm excited to play the GotY editions of Fallout 3, New Vegas, and 4 on the Xbox One X. I've never played them on anything besides a Playstation. It should be alot of fun with the improvements. I just have to get used to the controller. Need $$$ first....


I was going to sue a coffee shop because the drink burned my tongue, but my attorney told me I had no grounds.


This weekend is starting out good. Wilfoftheblues made big breakfast for dinner and now I'm setting this up. Have a good weekend my lovelies, I hope something really makes your day over this next couple of days.


I've been looking forward to this book for a long time. It came in fantastic shape considering it had zero packing protection. They were just shifting around in the box. The game should be alot of fun, and I'm looking forward to killing religious cultists


Below is an article that talks about why 16-bit classics need to be re-released, but in their full pixel and original glory as the masterpieces they were. I think it is a decent read, and I couldn't agree more.


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