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I just ordered this, and used a $50 Amazon gift card along with it. I would use it mainly for backwards compatibility, and I have work people on it also. The PS4 is where I do most everything on. Is it worth getting for $194 (incl. Tax)? Or just cancel?


Is it better to play Octopath Traveler in portable or docked mode? For graphics and framerate and such.


A company has a $30,000 kickstarter campaign that will allow you to use 2 wireless headpnes at the same time through the Switch's usb-c port. They have raised $300,000. Links about everything in the comments.


This is the tightest shipping box I've ever seen in my life lol. Not a scratch though.


My game that was ordered back in March is on it's way. It was ordered a long time ago, and we all know what it is, and time flies fast. Wilf's birthday is going stunningly well. I think I'm doing good. Thank you all for the nice posts, she enjoyed them.


Happy Birthday to Wilfoftheblues! I want you to have a wonderful day!I LOVE YOU!


Wilfoftheblues is sick and my daughter is a genuis.


What is your biggest gaming regret? Mine is not being able to get back my backwards compatible fatPS3 that I had to give up when I needed cash super bad. Traded in the system, all PS3 games and guides to a local game shop. Later bought it all back mostly


Happy Birthday JCDENT! May your tread run deep and your shells travel far.


Which are the only games this year that you have pre- ordered, paid for and just have been dying to play? I have 3 for the rest of the year. Octopath Traveler, Dragon Quest XI (Sept), Fallout 76 (Nov). Anything else will be from Christmas or birthday BUMP


I can't post a YouTube video on mobile, but the opening song on the Green Day album Dookie (called Burnout) has a place in my heart because it was the first song I heard when playing an alternative album that I bought on my own, and I was in love.


Almost every President ends up going grey and ages very quickly during their tenure. Trump seems to be on an especially accelerated rate of it. Evidently espousing so much negetivity and hatred really takes its toll on your body.


The first step is admitting you have a problem. The second step is lighting your fucking car on fire and go and buy another car. The third step is to buy some happy pills. Rinse, repeat.


Found this at my grocery store just now. Who wants dessert?


Amazon Italy has more leaks and various release dates. Bloodborne 2, Sunset Overdrive 2, a Fortnite PS4 bundle, and more. Link below.


A douche Fortnite player took out 48 players at once (setting a record) during the rocket launch event where everyone laid down their guns for the view. A one-time event and of course someone had to be a griefer (and a complete dickhead).


This is one of my favorite shirts, besides the ones my wife does embroidery on for me. The art is fantastic and I love the logo on the sleeve.


There is a great article that puts a 20Mhz Macintosh IIsi through its paces and sees how capable it is with modern computing tasks. It was a fascinating read that made me smile remembering the computing prowess of 1990. Link in comments.


There is a current bill in Ohio that is trying make a law that states a teacher, counselor or therapist must inform both birth parents in writing if a juvenile talks about being in gender dysphoria. This has tremendous patient's rights consequences. Link,


Koko B. Ware should be in Smash Ultimate.


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