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Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riorden has died at the very young age of 46. The group sold more than 40 million albums worldwide and were massive in the 90's with Linger, Zombie, and Dreams. I loved them, and still crank it up when ever I hear them.


I am on chapter 2 of The Walking Dead: Season 1 on my Vita. It actually is pretty good on the system, but headphones are a must. Load times are pretty shitty however. I also got Season 2 and Wolf Among Us on the Vita through the Holiday Sale.


A recent post by Raiku got me thinking. What if Dreamweaver (aka) Morpho was around when Communicord (with all of those wonderful threads) was a thing, would he still be here? Sure do miss him. He sure was.......ummm....... interesting.


Our furnace guy just left. Everything is fixed and running! It cost $150, but those of you in the house owning and needing a furnace repair know, it's ONLY $150! Dodged a bullet, and thanks for the good vibes! Exclamation points for everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!


1995 drunk thoughts: I love Green Day.


This generation can't do anything right. Link in comments.


The things I will go through for my children.


TFW Trump opens nearly all offshore waters to drilling, Sessions nixing rule that left states alone that legalized pot, and reopening the investigation into Hillary's emails (yet again). Bright note: fucker Ajit Pai canceled his CES appearance.


I just finished up Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy The Telltale Series and it was fantastic. I loved the soundtrack, it was really well done. I hold it up to Tales from the Borderlands and The Walking Dead Season 1. Borderlands is still number one though


Bloodborne: Complete Edition Bundle is up for sale on the PS Store for $13.99 in the Holday Sale. A good deal if it's your cup of tea.


Walked outside to a balmy -10 degrees F to leave for work. Just learned new work regulations. Yup, the year is starting real good.


Happy New Year! Don't drive drunk, and have a wonderful night. Now we have a whole new year of gaming to look forward to, and who knows what's in store for us!


Just a reminder to anyone that hasn't yet to send me a friend request on Switch! My friend code is: SW-3566-2662-4313


Apparently Nintendo is delaying 64-bit Switch cartridges until 2019. This will definitely not help Nintendo in trying to land larger developers and AAA games. Link in comments.


The Snes Classic is in stock now on the GameStop website....my friend says it won't load into his cart. Kind of a metaphor for our website amiright?


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