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This is a decent cheer up song that is pretty relevant to the world at the moment. Through 1994 and 1996 Live was HOT and they had some good fucking songs. Cheers!


May you all have a little something pleasant to give you a little cheer today. Even if it's a scrumptious snack.


Today Wilf has a job interview she is really hoping to land. I sure hope she does great!


Our peaceful protesters that were just marching got a big dose of tear gas, also striking one of our local news teams. Nice. In other news, my wife has some promising job prospects so we are pretty happy about that. In also other news have a wonderful tom


That's it. Voting is over, I mean, it has to be, right?


Being a teen in the 90"s was a fucking blast. Having a shit home and school life, I lived for the weekends partying with my friends, causing trouble. And spending hours and hours getting lost in all of the music was just pure joy. Hopefully this works.


Life is good with my two buddies. Alot of shooting stars too, plus a certain moody dragon, it was a good night!


Come and visit! Got some good sales, shit turnip prices, and my mouse is making a recipe. Plus grab one free DIY at the museum, check out the exhibits if ya want, or grab some fruit or water flowers. Don't touch my fucking money tho! Sorry had to close it


Gotta go back to work tomorrow. I'm really not looking forward to it. It's been 2 months, and I'm kind of nervous a bit, but mostly cause my body will be rough because I really didn't do much. Luckily, it will start slow, with a first day reorientation


Damn these clickbait ads are getting good


My son is 16 going on 8 (literally). I love him to death, even if he went two weeks not doing a portion of his eLearning (lil' motherfucker)....lol. I was listening in on one of his special needs classes zoom today, and teacher's are underpaid. A saint!!!


This is so cool! I can't imagine how much work this took.


My basement for... video production. Too bad Wilf doesn't want to play Animal Crossing anymore! She played it quite a bit then the eggstraviganza turned her off. Damn bunny.


2nd one today just now. Plus a Mahi-Mahi and a Giant Trevally, and several Oarfish. My fish are really good today....


It is Torchman's birthday! Happy birthday eh!


Tiffany has quite the outfit here, fishnets, short skirt, lollipop.... and alot of makeup. My first prostitute!


The Financial Times has a big story about Tom Nook dropping interest rates and pushing players to take big measures to protect their financial well-being. It's free, and I put the link in the comments, I found it pretty funny, with real world comparisons.


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