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Time for some Hooters! Oh, and some food too I guess.


Two and a half hours and I will be driving home for a three day weekend! Whoohoo! Taking Wilf to the beach this weekend being our first getaway from the kids in 10 years. I plan on being sore when the vacation is over, if you know what I mean. #abouttime


Yo Ring Fit is great excercise and all but planks are no Goddamn joke kthxbye


NSFYB (Not safe for your boners) in comments.


That feeling after you was able to finally pound that.


A three hour talk with WILF at the pub with some beverages and good food is just what the doctor ordered.


Playstation has started a security bug bounty program!


I truly love this song. It's romantic and also a rare occasion where a violin can shred. Natalie Merchant just kills it. The video of this song that aired on MTV (constantly) was just wonderful. MTV Unplugged was a masterpiece of a tv music show.


On her way to take care of an elderly person for the first time as a professional. I'm so proud of this woman.


This song really meant alot to me during my teen years, and I could sure use it now. Every silver lining's got a touch of grey. Through life's hard trials, we will get by, we will survive. I believe it, I just need to execute it. I will give it my all.


A couple of days ago it was 95 degrees F with no clouds. Saturday night it's going to be 45 F. This is Indiana, not the fucking Mojave damnitall.


Had a great day. YAAAAAYYYY I made a good dinner, had a good day at work, got some things out of my system, had a good evening with everyone. As Ice Cube says: Today I didn't even have to use my AK, I gotta say it was a good day (Wish one for you too)


Good morning. Wilf has orientation for her new job today. I'm happy and proud for her. Work has been slow today. I'm going to fix dinner tonight, if my store has any of the shit in stock. Saw the PS5, and it's fucking ugly, and never watched the stream


One day I'll get a print of this, because I really enjoy it. Some day


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