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*Searches up Kingdom Hearts on my library's website*.......holy fuck what am I doing


If you are inclined to do so, by all means go outside and look at the moon for a while away from as much lighting as possible. It's stunning. (My pic is horrible)


I'm interested in Kingdom Hearts, but is it a clusterfuck of a story like some have said? I heard it's hard to make any sense of it. I'm more concerned about the gameplay and how intuitive it is.


When there is a foot of snow on the ground and it's 13 degrees F, buffalo chicken is warranted.


Just because I'm really old doesn't mean I don't get scruffles.


A very wonderful birthday to Robo Panda Z, Larxinostic, and Siddartha85! Best wishes to you all and may you find something joyful today.


The Days Gone pre-orders are up. The Collector's Edition is $139.99 and is pretty nice if you like that sort of thing.


Okay, LP of the day. There are a few great deals today. Details in comments.


Happy birthday Wes! You make Destructoid a better place. I hope you can take a little bit and do something that makes you happy today. Or I can send you an old picture of me wearing a thong with a dick pouch. Yup, I ruined your appetite. yw


Walmart, classy as always! Kind of like last weekend when we went to Wendy's and there were Walmart scooters in the parking lot, and 4 other ones spread throughout the store parking lot. I can't imagine how horrible it is to work there.


Woke up. Feel like garbage. Wife fixed my favorite dinner. Son of a bitch.


A week and a half from now the family weeklong vacation starts. I'll be at home by myself, the kids will be in Florida, and my wife will be on a ship. I WIN!


Episode 3 of The Walking Dead's final season will drop on January 15th on all platforms. It will be available on Steam if you bought the season pass, otherwise it's only on Epic' store. I want to get the season on PS4, but I don't think it's possibe.


So ummm.... anyone have any tips about not having the Switch look like dogshit on a 4K tv?


I just found that PSN has the Kaiser Axe for Dragon Quest XI free for Playstation Plus users. I found it in the store under the PS PLUS Exclusives tab.


The Fallout 3 Capital Wasteland mod is back on! But they have a shitload of hard work to do, because they have to to re-record all of the dialogue.


I read that 80% of UK games sales are digital. That is crazy, and it makes me sad for the future of physical media. Not to mention when something gets lost due to DRM.


Personally, our family is completely devastated.


I stumbled into this scary and fascinating, albeit lengthy, article about how China has infiltrated our supply chain through Supermicro (yes that one), and the dangers of using their equipment. Link in comments, it's a good one.


The new password rules are a bit overkill don't ya think?


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