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I need to be in the water more often, it can be fun!


Date night at Black Dog Pub with mixed berry cider!


My son is just...... I'm gonna kill a bitch


I haven't been this less interested in gaming since the the three year break I took from 2011-2013. Meh


Pretty sweet sunset at Wilf's birthday concert. A nice moment.


Happy 42nd birthday to Wilfoftheblues! I'm taking her to a couple of drive-in concerts this weekend, and I took her to the beach last weekend. Trying to give her a great birthday week.I took her to a Waffle House for lunch, one of her favorite places.


Here is my baby trying out her new skills from med school. I had a hard time staying focused.


Holy shit it finally cooled down some! (Yes, I'm completely serious)


Time for some Hooters! Oh, and some food too I guess.


Two and a half hours and I will be driving home for a three day weekend! Whoohoo! Taking Wilf to the beach this weekend being our first getaway from the kids in 10 years. I plan on being sore when the vacation is over, if you know what I mean. #abouttime


Yo Ring Fit is great excercise and all but planks are no Goddamn joke kthxbye


NSFYB (Not safe for your boners) in comments.


That feeling after you was able to finally pound that.


A three hour talk with WILF at the pub with some beverages and good food is just what the doctor ordered.


Playstation has started a security bug bounty program!


I truly love this song. It's romantic and also a rare occasion where a violin can shred. Natalie Merchant just kills it. The video of this song that aired on MTV (constantly) was just wonderful. MTV Unplugged was a masterpiece of a tv music show.


On her way to take care of an elderly person for the first time as a professional. I'm so proud of this woman.


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