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Not all superheroes wear capes, all the frontliners, including my wife.


Status of Wilf during a windy as fuck fire. Poor girl! I'm a trooper. I bow to nothing. Well, except her obviously. She'll kick my ass. No, literally. She has a powerful lower body.


Thank you MeanderBot! And especially thank you for your fantastic art!


Happy birthday HLarge! Also, happy anniversary! You're an amazing guy, and especially a provider and father. It's always great to see you post. You're a wonderful part of this community. Here is a little something you can post in your breakroom at work.


Finally, something new to masturbate to.


I have to get up in 3 hours. Send help.


For the gentleman's gentleman that needs a good [email protected]$%@ so it can %$#@$ twice the size of #$%## and then will ^^%%## all up in her $#$%# at the size of a $$#$%. Just for the guy on the go who has to catch some flights and get his %$#$ done right. Penis.


She has 8 total piercings now, 6 more to go for her setup. She put back in a few of my old ones I haven't had in YEARS. It kinda hurt lol. We both have alot of tattoos we want to get done, but that is pretty long term lol. Love this woman of mine!


Parmesan garlic zucchini with wings. Thanks WILF your phenomenal!


I think I'm excited for the future. That is all.


I need to be in the water more often, it can be fun!


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