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I supported a local business, some young entrepreneurs.


My bag is finally coming. Damn near forgot about it. Hopefully it will be nice, and not as shitty as the original one. And I also hope I can someday get a boner without testosterone injections but hey, it is what it is.


Dinner time! Going to a little local place that is fucking delicious. Damn it, I forgot to bring some quarters....


Jesus Christ this year's E3 was fucking killer. Started off pretty damn slow, then... holy shit.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake date is confirmed. The details will be tonight, as I have alot of questions I hope they will answer.


Yup, I watched a 76 year old man put on a 3 hour concert.


Man, it feels so good to get out of work an hour and a half early on the last day of the week.


Anyone looking forward to Death Stranding? I'm curious about it, it seems interesting. The collector's edition is a beast. I think someone on here posted about it, and I checked it out, holy shit it is... interesting to say the least. Anyone getting it?


I want a The Outer Worlds update damnit! E3 get here already.


Hey folks, I am wanting some input on a new router for my home. I had it narrowed down to the Netgear R7000, but some of the reviews are making me a bit leary. Any recommendations? Link in comments of the router I had in mind. EDIT: Thanks for the input!!


IT'S ALL LIES... wait... where is my testosterone script?


At least the Russian bots have big tits.


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