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The difficulty modes in Final Fantasy VII Remastered are widely out of balance I think. Like, easy and classic are a pretty good cakewalk, the focus is on the story. On normal there are bullet sponges everywhere. What I seen of hardmode, Goddamn. Or not?


I'm not sure what this is yet, but I already like it.


Okay, the sun is out, with rain clouds, and we are having flurries. Yup, this is Indiana.


Damn, this game is unreal. Resellers are really twisting the screw atm. Luckily there is digital, and it will go on sale the same time it takes for the next part. It is without a doubt my GOTY. After this I might just have to play IV for the 1000th time.


Bunny of the Damned, God of the Eggs, has excepted my sacrificial offerings and gifted me with his love wand. May he return to hades and never be spoke of again. The trauma.....so many....the eggs...the eggs....


Damnitall does Final Fantasy VII need a photo mode, if any game does.


Nintendo says not to use alcohol and disinfectant wipes and such to clean your joycons, because it will fade the color. I found out the hard way a bit ago when two of my sets ended up getting scuffed, and while I repaired the scuff, the colors got faded..


Why am I having Mister Rodgers in the background, and what the fuck nightmare is going on here


IBM is launching a free training course next week and forums to train people to code COBOL so they can help run various state's unemployment systems which are decades old. It might be a decent job for folks that are wanting it. It is something to look at.


Please don't post any pics of Final Fantasy on the Qposts for the time being, keep it in the comments. There are alot of us who don't want anything spoiled, to go in blind, no matter how trivial. Thank you! Bumpy bump... it's been so many years for this..


Even the trophies for Final Fantasy VII are pretty.


For those that do not know, the physical release of FF7R has two discs, one for data only, and one for play. I didn't have to download anything, just an install.


State governments are looking for people who can program COBOL because most of their mainframes still run on it. With state sites continuing to crash from so many people filing for unemployment and such, their decades old systems are buckling. Link below


Damn girl really wants to get into Final Fantasy VII.


This is pretty cool to get more peple into Mario and Nintendo, but I can't imagine the pain of impaling my barefoot on Bowser's horns while putting a kid to bed if I had a little one. It would be quite exquisite.


Welp my state locked down even more, only allowing grocery stores, pharmacies, banks, gas stations, and basically essentials to remain open. We were allowing certain retail stores to remain open, like hardware and such. Should've been done a while ago


Happy birthday Admiral Ackbong! May you have a decent birthday, and thanks for being such a great calamari.


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