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Hey folks, I am wanting some input on a new router for my home. I had it narrowed down to the Netgear R7000, but some of the reviews are making me a bit leary. Any recommendations? Link in comments of the router I had in mind. EDIT: Thanks for the input!!


IT'S ALL LIES... wait... where is my testosterone script?


At least the Russian bots have big tits.


Ace Combat 7 is $39.99 on Amazon right now. It is pretty good deal for those on the fence.


There are three new free Dragon Quest avatar bundles that just popped up on the Playstation Store.


Bethesda mysteriously put three placeholders on Amazon for standard, deluxe, and collector's editions of a unknown game. The video in the placeholder was a Fallout countdown type clip. Probably a Fallout 3 or New Vegas remaster. Links in the comments.


That feeling when you get to go home early from work on a Saturday.


A Fallout 76 player put over 900 hours into the game, reaching level 450, and legitimately playing a game he obviously loves gets banned by Bethesda for literally having too much ammo. No matter which game, banned for playing fairly is fucking bullshit.


A professor has found his childhood Apple IIe in working condition in his parents attic. On the floppies he found a letter from his dad, games with the saves intact, and all kinds of goodies.


I won't have a day off until March 3rd. I'm not complaining, but damn it will be tough. My PS4 is getting neglected! Oh, and the wife and kids too (jk)


A near perfect condition sealed Super Mario Bros. launch game has sold for over $100,000. Man, that's just crazy.


So, I'm on third shift, 10:30pm to 6:40am, six days a week. WILF just started a job that's 8am to 6pm. I go to bed after she leaves. Kids go to school 7am, picked up at 2pm. Can one of you pick up my kids so I can get sleep and not be a zombie?


WWE, TNA and WCW star Booker T is suing Activision because Prophet in Black Ops 4 and Booker's persona G.I. Bro have similarities. SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK


I called in to work last night because everything was iced over from freezing rain when it was time for me to leave. Later on in the night it rained hard and it rose above freezing which melted the ice with a slushy mess. Now it's iced over again. Fuckkkk


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