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Happy belated birthday to Inquisitive Ravenclaw and Nathan D!sorry I'm late... but hopefully you had had a good day!


Here are some links for people wanting the Red Dead PS4 Pro bundle... (In comments)


Dragon Quest just keeps on getting better. 40 hours in, and I have yet to get a glitch or framerate issue. Absolutely nothing taking away from the atmosphere or it's wonderful graphics. The soundtrack is great, and certain parts take cues from past games.


A 12-year-old boy with nueroblastoma had a wish come true thanks to Bethesda. He was too ill to travel to the studio so Matt Grandstaff came to him, with a copy of Fallout 76 and a prototype of the Power Helmet Edition signed by Todd Howard. Link below.


A really nice first day of Autumn. Next up: bad horror movie and then Dragon Quest! I hope you all are doing well!


I just read that The Walking Dead's Final Season will be over with the second episode, which is out next week. The skeleton crew left at Telltale will work on the Netflix Minecraft Story Mode project. I have enjoyed their games, and it's a real shame.


A 21 year old man with osteosarcoma, a terminal bone cancer, had a wish to play Smash Ultimate before the release date because he doesn't have that long to live. Nintendo made that wish come true. Story link in comments.


Fitting in with the Capital Wasteland, Mojave Wasteland and Commonwealth, the Fallout 76 map will be called "Appalachia". Not too bad. It also looks like weapon durability is returning.


Happy Friday! It's almost the weekend and I hope you can make it through. Play some games, relax, and touch butts.


So I had to leave work early because I had some Dere level bathroom issues. In fact, I was there for one hour before I left. It really sucked. Definitely not embarrassing. Nope. Not at all. I'm better now though, thank the maker.


Nintendo Switch online has already been hacked. It was hacked within hours, and that's pretty impressive. I'm pretty sure Nintendo will figure out a way to brick your console if they think you hacked it however. Link in comments.


I have found out that in Dragon Quest XI the monsters can be the same exact type, but have different strengths with different experience points, and give the reward accordingly.


After today, some things will never be the same.


Just landed Paul McCartney floor seat tickets for June 3rd 2019. Holy shit! They sold out in minutes and the site got clogged up, had a scary moment, but landed them. My father-in-law is crossing it off of his bucket list. Oh... and fuck Ticketmaster...


It's wonderful to see that Metal Slimes are still up to their same ass-fuckery.


Cellphone users probably will soon get a Presidential text that users can't opt out of, in a test of an emergency notification system. Damn it, can't avoid him no matter what I do.


I love games that have a day/night cycle. Especially when the enemies become more powerful, and towns folk change.


Assassin's Creed: Odyssey has gone gold.


Dragon Quest XI is just a pure treat. 20 hours in, and I have just begun. I am loving exploring every nook and cranny. This is probably the best in the series, and that's saying alot. It is everything I hoped it would be. If your on the fence, DO IT.


I guess the Switch will require weekly online check-in to play NES games, and if your subscription expires your cloud saves will be deleted. Way to fuck your customers over Nintendo.


She needs to go down. This is way out of line.


Oh man I can't wait for this. One of the first cities will be Indianapolis, which means my city will hopefully not be too far behind. I'm looking forward to it! Link with more info in the comments.


The Vita is getting a firmware update. Holy shit. What's next, a Playstation 3 update? Miracles can happen! I'm sure they added some wonderful things.... ☹


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