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The eclipse was pretty cool! Everything got like the sun was setting at around 2:30ish. It was definitely noticable. The weirdest part though was how noticeably cooler the temp got, it went at least 10 degrees F cooler before heating back up.


Just got back from the county fair country concert, thereby fulfilling my fatherly obligations. It's 1:06am. Well I can say one thing. It has definitely been a day. But I am happy my daughter is happy. Now back to more busting my ass moving tomorrow.


I am at a county fair in Ohio. At a country concert. I am in enemy territory. Alot of Jeebus praising going on here


Just inaugurated our new house. Yup I made a jobbie.


The salted caramel cookie from Outback Steakhouse is probably the best damn dessert out there. It is SO good!


We are back in business! And Steve Bannon resigned (got fired)


My wife is doing a great job painting our family room!


If only this wasn't so painfully accurate.


My thoughts are with all of the people in Barcelona and Spain itself because of the idiotic terrorists that killed 13 and injured 100 people from 24 countries. May the perpetrators die a horrible death or rot in jail for the rest of their lives.


This is why people say women are inferior to men. Damnitall


Man, do I love the Steak 'N Shake Frisco Melt! With a strawberry cheesecake shake of course.


I just read an article that showed where last month the Switch outsold the PS4 and the Xbone with Splatoon 2 being the most sold game. Wow, good job Nintendo!


I just want to say thanks to Seymour for his thought-provoking blog. Cheer up and keep on fighting the good fight!


Because of our move my gaming is going to be pretty non-existent. Which is a shame ONLY because the COD WW2 beta is coming up (my move takes priority obv.) and it looks like I might miss it damnitall. Oh well, that's just the way it goes sometimes.


Just got finished with our house closing. That was alot of signatures man. Now to painting and the dreaded move. Luckily this all happened during my work's 5 week shutdown.


Just in time for my weekly cult horror film night.


In our new house I am wanting to put up the painting Nighthawks (1942 by Edward Hopper). I was hoping to get some recommendations for places to buy it that are reasonably priced yet a decent quality. We plan on getting it framed locally.


What a day! We got a couple of really cool Zelda drink glass sets, bought some paint for our new house that we are closing on very shortly, got some delicious donuts from our local bakery and also at 10:00am scored this gem: (can't wait to play it!)


I got two sets of these glasses to match the other two Nuka-Cola sets I have. All of them go together for our kitchen as apart of my "sophisticated geek" set. They are high quality and heavy, which I favor. I like them! Thank you to my loving wife (wilf)


#Darksiders3 #Ishityounot #Walmartcares I love this site and check it constantly throughout the day. It brings me joy and every other emotion. It's a joy to see the camaraderie and the community togetherness that it all entails. Thanks Dtoid. Also, cocks


Amazon has the Corrin (Player 2) amiibo for Super Smash Bros. in stock right now. I expect they won't last long. Link in comments.


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