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Third party peripheral maker Scuf has come up with a new PS4 controller called the Vantage. It has 4 paddles, shoulder triggers, audio controls, on the fly mapping, and a bunch of customization options. Wired is $170 and wireless is $200. Link in comments


I'm looking forward to Detroit: Become Human coming out on Friday. I really enjoyed the demo. My wife's knee surgery is in two days. We are ready to get it done and over with!


According to a douche politician in Texas the reasons for school shootings is violent videogames, abortion, no God in schools, too many entrances in schools, and not enough armed teachers. Link in comments if you dare to read about a complete idiot.


We are getting closer to her knee replacement surgery. A gift came today! My Queen now has a throne. Yours is on its way Dere.


Welp, we are down to one vehicle for the foreseeable future. Wilfoftheblues has to drop me off and pick me up every day, at 6am to 3pm. She is super happy about it. It also completely fucks up the overtime I can work. I could have worked a double tonight.


I just discovered that Limited Run Games is putting up pre-orders this Friday for Pixel Junk Monsters 2 at 10am EST. The first one was one of the first demos I played on my PS3 a long time ago, and it was a blast. I highly recommend the series. More info


Do something nice yourself. Buy a snack, get a bevarage you enjoy,give your pet some scratches. Maybe just sit back for a minute and just close your eyes. I think a tiny bit of pleasure goes a long way in life. We are just wired that way. Smile.


I was always left out of fun things with my classmates also.


61 people (including a baby) has died as a result of Israeli forces and Trump's decision to move the American embassy to Jerusalem. Thanks bud.


This weekend is going to be excellent. I will be home from work 3pm Friday and will have to go back in at 10pm for 3rd shift. Bleh.


Wilfoftheblues liked my idea of decorating the main bathroom into Fallout. I found a shower curtain, and she is going to embroider some towels. We will also put up some lithographs. I might get a Pip-Boy cup. *squeal!* FUCK OFF PRESTON I NEED TO SHIT!


Happy Mother's Day to Wilfoftheblues, a wonderful mother and wife. I hope you had a good day, I love you.


Happy Mother's Day! I hope you guys called your moms. After all they had to have sex with your father to have you. And most likely they enjoyed it. So wish her a happy day of reminding her you, the end result of her degenerate fornication, loves her.


Dear Luckrequired, you are a gold digging bitch, and your mother is too.


Wilf sent me this. She obviously is patiently waiting until I get off of work. Nope, she isn't looking at Mommy.... she is waiting on me! Yeah....I'm sure of it.


This is the best Chinese I have ever had. This place was so nice! More pics in comments.


"The idea they can charge 15 or 20 bucks for something other games charge a dollar by making it scarce is brilliant" (This kid spends $60 on skins, a battlepass and a dance.) Nothing to see here, just our industry going to shit and yadda yadda link below


Final Fantasy VII got inducted into the World Video Game Hall of Fame! It was the reason I bought my PS1. Congratulations! Dragon Quest XI is FINALLY on it's way in September, I would love to hear news about the remake of VII.


Good morning! Work is hot as hell (turn up tge a.c.!). Is anyone looking to get a 256gb Galaxy S9? My wife is pre-ordering one probably because our S7 phones aren't doing so well. I'm holding out for the Note 9.


The SNES Classic is up on GameStop and Amazon right now. Link in comments. /bump


I just checked out my original save file for Fallout 4 and I have 474 hours logged. Damn that is more than I had for 3 or New Vegas. Now I'm starting a playthrough as a woman. Because everyone likes radioactive jubblies!


Far Cry 5 looks like the open world fun that I love, but I have never played the series. Is it a game for a 1st-timer? I am leery of the control scheme for the PS4. I mean I am not completely useless with complicated controls, but I get frustrated easily.


Found this little darling hiding in the corner next to the dining table. "This is MY HOUSE! Back off bitch!" (And then I rub her ears) "Daaaawwww... I'm sorry. I'm just a wittle sweepy"


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