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Amazon has a bunch of nerd stuff in stock right now. Link in comments for the weak.


Here is what I saw on a guy's car bumper in front of me while leaving the work parking lot. Sorry I couldn't get a picture, but this will have to do.


I just got Battle Chasers: Nightwar for $5.99 (80% off for ps plus users) on the PSN Best of E3 Sale. Pretty fucking good deal. They have alot of great deals right now, until June 19th.


Damn, the gloves have come off after yesterday. Comcast just put in a $65 BILLION all-cash bid for 21st Century Fox. Your move, Disney. Yay mega corporations! We all win! Nothing bad can happen now.


My son is mowing our yard while I'm out here making sure he doesn't kill himself with the mower and also having a cold one with Britney Spears. 'Tis Good


Best Buy and Amazon both have Xbox Game Pass for 50% off again, a great deal if you're into it. I love that with Xbox you can download them (and NOT stream with a lot of lag). Sony just needs to get with it with this and backwards compatibility.


In other news, today is when Net Nuetrality is officially rolled back. The Senate voted to overturn that douchebag Ajit Pai but House never held a vote, making it largely symbolic. Several states have brought their own laws to keep it so who knows. Link.


Wow that crowd reaction for the The Last of Us 2 trailer was fucking awful. They literally groaned. Not off to a good start Sony. Of course the banjo solo didn't do it any favors.


Amazon has the XBox game pass subscription 50% off riggt now, if you want it it will go fast!


The Dragon Quest XI: Echoes of an Elusive Age Edition of Lost Time (whew) is decently priced and looks great. It ships in September and it doesn't charge you until it ships. Plus the Square Enix Store double checks with you before you get charged. Huzzah!


Holy fuck is that Power Armer Edition of Fallout 76 expensive. Fucking wow!


Oh man! We just just got back from a great night at our art film cinema center for our yearly visit from our late Saturday night horror host Lord Blood-Rah. He hosted the cult 1962 classic Carnival of Souls. It's a great movie, check it out. Pics below...


Sony has tons of hardware and software deals for E3, including a limited edition PS4 slim. A frontpage article covers the psn storefront, and here is a link for a bunch of other deals....


J.J. Abrams' production company Bad Robot has partnered with Chinese company Tencent and Warner Brothers to launch Bad Robot Games. His Bad Robot production company partnered with Valve to produce Team Fortress, so they aren't rookies. Link in comments.


Just came from Target for some meds and as usual I strolled through the video game section because it's fun. I was genuinely suprised at what I saw....


70 Japanese games that have have been lost for years have been discovered in a 67GB folder named "DO NOT UPLOAD". This a pretty interesting article, and pits private collectors versus preservationists. Link in comments.


Ubisoft CEO says the next generation of consoles will be the last and then everyone will be cloud gaming. Dr. Evil is indisputably a douche but some of his past controversial comments actually came into fruition so is this likely? Link in comments.


Far Cry 5 is $39 on Amazon right now, a 33% discount. Link in comments .


Sex robots won't save loneliness, or so the studies say. THAT is why we need AI. So our sex robots can talk dirty to us while fingering our asshole... then we won't be lonely. Link in comments.


The Red Dead Redemption 2 dlc lineup is fucking insane. Plus the Ultimate Edition with a steelbook is a GameStop exclusive. And the Collector's Edition with no game ala Battlefield 1. Waiting for a sale then.. with BB GCU on top of that. Fuck that noise.


Got Wilf her pain meds today, muscle relaxers, ice machine, and she is doing way better. It was a fucking rough ass weekend. After being a week out of a total knee replacement with no pain meds, she was in the worst pain of her life. In complete agony.


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