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South Park came out Tuesday. Best Buy says it won't be delivered until Friday. It is almost Thursday and it still hasn't shipped. Well shit.


This is absolutely gorgeous. I got it from a very nice co-worker who is an avid gamer. Oh! It's my 700th Qpost. I just want to say that I love this place, especially because of its community and how weird it is. Thank you to everyone for being here. bumpy


Even though I pre-ordered South Park: TFBH on October 13th, Best Buy still hasn't given me my $10 rewards certificate. Is it because they haven't shipped it yet?


We just lost our doctor of over 10 years . The nurse just said he was no longer in the practice and it was very sudden. It's very shocking and I'm bummed because we all really liked him, he had a fantastic rapport and our kids went to the same school.


I just happened to see this Star Wars PS4 Pro edition up for sale, and I think it is pretty damn cool. I don't need an upgrade, but I sure do like it. Link in comments.


So Best Nuy has decided that I won't recieve my South Park game until Friday, wtf :/


So with Redbox soon starting to having Switch game rentals, that is super great news. Sweet! Of course, I would have to actually own a Switch. (Edit: hopeful national rollout soon)


South Park, COD WWII, Battlefront 2, L.A. Noire, my goodness is the year ending with a bang for me. A South Park sequel, a (finally) WWII fps, a story mode (finally) Star Wars fps, and a remaster one of my favorite games L.A. Noire. Oh happy day!


So on my 2tb hdd on my PS4 I only have 219 gigs left. It should hold South Park, COD WW2, Battlefront 2, and L.A. Noire. Luckily I will be able to get a much larger external hdd in Feb. I thought it would take me longer than 2 years to fill up 1.77tb.....


I had a hard ass day at work. It didn't help my prankster of a coworker freaking got me thinking I got in trouble with the plant manager, who is the boss of 4,000 people. Didn't tell me until 2 hours, while I'm worried about my employment.


The Best Buy exclusive bonus for preordering the South Park: Fractured But Whole game (besides the others like a free copy of The Stick of Truth) is a really cool beanie hat. I really like it, I will finally be able to shovel snow and be debonair.


So I google for the release date of L.A. Noire because Amazon still doesn't have it listed, and apparently Best Buy, Target, Walmart all have it listed. Prime is really losing it's value. Thank goodness for Best Buy Gamers Club! November 17th baby!


To mark the 30th anniversary of The Princess Bride, select theaters will be showing the film October 13th and 18th. I adore that film.


If anyone fucks this up, I will have Angie22 cut them.


Is anyone planning on getting the South Park game? I preordered it, however I will only be able to play it at night when the kids are in bed, or when they are gone for a bit. At least until I can get a tv in our bedroom (haha).


A person that tends to think more logically by now knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Trump is not mentally fit for his job, and this story just kind of cements it for me that he is not mentally stable either. (Increase in nuke arsenal Link in comm.)


Not exactly well rated games, but at 10 dollars apiece I can't complain. Mass Effect came from Amazon, while the other three came from the GameStop 4 for $ deal. I still have Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare coming.


My wife is an amazing person and I love her deeply. That's all I got.


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