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I have to get up in 3 hours. Send help.


For the gentleman's gentleman that needs a good [email protected]$%@ so it can %$#@$ twice the size of #$%## and then will ^^%%## all up in her $#$%# at the size of a $$#$%. Just for the guy on the go who has to catch some flights and get his %$#$ done right. Penis.


She has 8 total piercings now, 6 more to go for her setup. She put back in a few of my old ones I haven't had in YEARS. It kinda hurt lol. We both have alot of tattoos we want to get done, but that is pretty long term lol. Love this woman of mine!


Parmesan garlic zucchini with wings. Thanks WILF your phenomenal!


I think I'm excited for the future. That is all.


I need to be in the water more often, it can be fun!


Date night at Black Dog Pub with mixed berry cider!


My son is just...... I'm gonna kill a bitch


I haven't been this less interested in gaming since the the three year break I took from 2011-2013. Meh


Pretty sweet sunset at Wilf's birthday concert. A nice moment.


Happy 42nd birthday to Wilfoftheblues! I'm taking her to a couple of drive-in concerts this weekend, and I took her to the beach last weekend. Trying to give her a great birthday week.I took her to a Waffle House for lunch, one of her favorite places.


Here is my baby trying out her new skills from med school. I had a hard time staying focused.


Holy shit it finally cooled down some! (Yes, I'm completely serious)


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