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A near perfect condition sealed Super Mario Bros. launch game has sold for over $100,000. Man, that's just crazy.


So, I'm on third shift, 10:30pm to 6:40am, six days a week. WILF just started a job that's 8am to 6pm. I go to bed after she leaves. Kids go to school 7am, picked up at 2pm. Can one of you pick up my kids so I can get sleep and not be a zombie?


WWE, TNA and WCW star Booker T is suing Activision because Prophet in Black Ops 4 and Booker's persona G.I. Bro have similarities. SHUCKY DUCKY QUACK QUACK


I called in to work last night because everything was iced over from freezing rain when it was time for me to leave. Later on in the night it rained hard and it rose above freezing which melted the ice with a slushy mess. Now it's iced over again. Fuckkkk


Oh yaaaaa having Tim Horton's don'tcha know


GameStop in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland is giving away free brand new copies of Fallout 76 to anyone buying a used Xbox or a PS4 controller. Damn, I really think it is just sad what has happened to my favorite franchise. They fucked up bad.


Proof that Gundy broke my heart concerning Final Fantasy.


It's been a few days since I've been out of my blood pressure medication. I feel like shit.


This is hilarious, if not ridiculous. Seagate is making a officially licensed 2TB external hdd for the PS4 for the low low price of $89.99. Forget that you can get a Western Digital My Passport 4TB external hdd for about the same price.


You know you're in for a world of hurt when it's so bad they cancel mail delivery.


Protct your pipes over the next two days folks! The ones in your house too.


Didn't really get to put in much gaming time last year. Oh well. But I had a blast of what time I did though!


With Dragon Quest XI S being released this year in Japan, they have announced that it will have cutscenes and dialogue (and hopefully quests) not found in the PS4 or PC versions. Man, I am looking forward to this, even if it will probably be awhile.


GameStop is cancelling some of the Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle orders because they apparently oversold them. Those affected do get a $25 certificate though. I know I would be pissed.


Hey, want a smiley face reticle dot? It can be yours for only 200 COD points in Black Ops 4! That's only $2! What a steal!


*Searches up Kingdom Hearts on my library's website*.......holy fuck what am I doing


If you are inclined to do so, by all means go outside and look at the moon for a while away from as much lighting as possible. It's stunning. (My pic is horrible)


I'm interested in Kingdom Hearts, but is it a clusterfuck of a story like some have said? I heard it's hard to make any sense of it. I'm more concerned about the gameplay and how intuitive it is.


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