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Taking Wilf to her surgery. Can you tell which bag is mine?


Loot day part 2. Gotta love the postal service running on Sundays. Big box! More fun!


Loot day! I have the Kiwami steelbook that I received from a fellow D-Toider a long time ago and the Kiwami 2 steelbook coming in 3 weeks. Kiwami 2 was a bit of a bitch to get without being outrageous. Vanquish looks like alot of fun and oh yeah Bayo!


5 more hours and I have two weeks off. Yay!


Anyone else getting that new Animal Crossing Special Edition Switch? It's so fucking cool!


Is Nintendo Online required to access any of the features in Animal Crossing: New Horizons? I am SO looking forward to seeing my old friend.


The Playstation forums are shutting down! They have became a great resource over the years for anytime I had a problem or question that just wasn't answered anywhere else. Such a shame. Sony says just use the Blog, Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. Fuckers


Just got back from the KISS concert here in my city. They were full of energy and definitely played their asses off. Really tight. The show was fantastic. It was my son's first concert, and he really enjoyed it.


Tom Nook, make me your bitch. I am thirsty!


I just read where the new Modern Warfare patch is 51 gigs. Good God this is insane. The next generation console better have a internal hardrive greater than 1Tb, otherwise the ssd doesn't matter much when almost all of the games will be on the external.


Thanks to the Best Buy price match guarantee, I just landed The Division 2 for the PS4 for 5 bucks. Plus free shipping woot! I was thinking it might be fun to play with my son.


I got a good deal on these, now let's see what the fuss is all about! I read a shit ton of reviews.


This is just wrong. It would seriously fuck me up hard.


Kotaku has a nice article about how you can buy the Animal Crossing Dock and other accessories from the Nintendo Japan store, and if you live in the United States, how to get it shipped to you. Link in comments. There are a few steps involved however.


I had a dentist cleaning earlier, and thank fuck I had no issues. Getting teeth worked on is the worst! The Mandalorian is fucking awesome, really well done. I love all of the guest stars, and it has so many little things that really make it shine.


On the day I've been looking forward to for a long time, of course my signal is wonky. Because of course it is.


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