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I'm not sure if this has already been covered here, but between October 25th and November 3rd, if you buy Red Dead Redemption 2 at GameStop you will get $100 off a new Xbox One S or Xbox One X. It is a sweet deal if anyone has been on the fence.


My Lords and Ladies! It's time for Lord Blood-Rah's Nerve Wrackin' Theater. I'm actually at work right now, so I'm missing his show. But I'm not doing shit and he has a YouTube channel, so it's time for White Zombie (1932). Starring Bela Lugosi! Huzzah!


I'm right in the middle of working almost 5 weeks straight in a row. Unfortunately I haven't played my beloved Dragon Quest XI in a few days, and it kind of sucks. My new dept. and 3rd shift is going good, but damn sometimes I'm just wore out. PS4 when?


A man was addicted to lunchmeat. He had to quite cold turkey.


Thanks for all of your hard work around here. And for your hard work on the contact list. I have so many friends on psn that I otherwise never would have had. Come here for a snuggle! #Pandatoid


Three more hours until my shift ends. As far as it being my first night on third shift, it is going good so far. I'm also back in my old job, just on thirds. I must say, I expected much worse and I might just make it. Thank you so much to my wife.


While I'm being quite skeptical about it, The Walking Dead: The Final Season is getting completed by Skybound Games, (parent company is Skybound Entertainment). They are going to try to use the original devs, but that will be pretty difficult. Link below.


My Lord's and Ladies! It is now time for Nerve Wrackin' Theater! Tonight, it is the classic Nightmare Castle (1965) with the beauty queen Barbara Steele. A great movie. Now watch something smoopy!


Happy birthday Mike! I love your posts, and I hope you find some joy today.


Soulbow has successfully recruited pawns for his evil bidding. I fully expect the locusts to start swarming any second.


The best birthdays was when I was a kid. There always was a particular gift that really stuck out to me.


I have a gaming laptop I'm interested in selling. It's six months old and just like new. Details in comments.


Any favorite 2-in-1's with a pressure sensitive pen anyone recommends. Mainly for art, craft projects, embroidery software, Cricut software, etc.


Does anyone here had any experience with a Microsoft Surface Pro? Thinking about selling my laptop and buying one, so I am curious of anyone's opinion on it. Or maybe the Dell XPS?


Good news! Telltale is courting to have a company hire it's laid off staff to finish The Walking Dead. They seem to be doing good for those people. Episode Three is nearly finished, so it could definitely can be done without too much hassle. Link below...


Next week I start 3rd shift in a the Quality Department. It's stressful, but once I get the hang of it again I'll be fine. My hours will be jacked up though. It does help out with our having only one vehicle though.


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