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Sitting here waiting for the other shoe to fall as panic starts to set in. It feels like the beginning of the end. "I hope the world explodes, I hope that we all die and we can watch the highlights in hell I hope they're televised." -PUP


Hypothetically speaking, if one were to buy AC new leaf, & professor Layton MM preowned from Gamestop what would be the likelihood of receiving the cases for these games? Do they pretty much throw away all 3DS cases? Thanks.


Youtube's new policy terms state they can delete any account they want that isn't "commercially viable". This could include your account. If they start deleting accounts won't that effect the amount of subscribers big channels have? It's total BS.


Here's one Undeniable reason the Switch is superior to the PS4!


I was gonna post Congratulations Smack & Katy by reggie and the full effect and make a joke about Peanut butter but I just noticed PUP released a new video from their upcoming album so here it is.


I think the Gamestop website crashed. Everybody wants that $17 God of War.


I feel like this Spyro Remastered collection is going to blow it. Luckily I own Spyro 1 & 3 on disc so now I'm considering either buying a used copy or downloading #2 for PS3. Might as well save the space on the HDD on PS4 def no reason to buy physical


I have a question for any UK D'toiders: How is healthcare in your country? There is this belief in the US that "socialist medicine" provides people longer wait times and lower quality healthcare. Is that true in your experience? continued in comments


Sometimes I find a video like this and I realize the world isn't such a terrible place.


"The Reptilians are looking down on us" - Tim Heidecker(impersonating Alex Jones) 2016


What if the sales of Shenmue 1 & 2 Remastered actually hurt the Sales of Shenmue 3?


Here's a picture I drew maybe 2 or 3 years ago. It's kind of a joke but Billy Mitchell was the first person to play "a perfect game of pac man". In this day and age everyone is getting exposed for the pieces of shit that they really are.


Anybody play HQ? There was a question tonight about Occam's razor. Thanks to Occams Electric Razor I got it right. Thanks Destructoid! (I basically guessed though cuz I didn't know that was a real thing) Edit: Occam's Electric Toothbrush


I'm considering joining the PC master race. Any suggestions? I know almost nothing about PC games & hardware also.


"Stop eating all the candy, the essence of a goddamn toddler sitting there picking at crumbs like a grave robber."



Is Cuphead ever coming to PS4 or Switch? Also I haven't played a video game in 7 days (besides playing Colors 3D on 3DS, but that doesn't count).


I'm thinking of buying the new Weezer album. The whole thing is on youtube though. I own every other Weezer album except Raditude. Happy Friday everyone! Have a safe weekend.


I've decided to take a break from gaming since my right hand started hurting on Saturday (probably tendinitis) after playing Luigi's Mansion on 3DS. No Big Deal. I'm waiting for Thanksgiving to get here so I can get some VG deals.


Finished the eerie stairs last night in Luigi's mansion 2. I wonder if anyone who works for Nintendo has ever seen one of brentalfloss' videos. They probably hate him. SPOILERS IN THIS VIDEO


Wow, just watched Gordon Hayward of the Celtics break his leg in the NBA season opener (on youtube). Do NOT search this video if you are squeamish. Oh yeah and SPORTS! (I dont watch American Football, or baseball, plus the US didnt qualify for the WC)


Its hard to walk through all the places that your life used to be in so you thought you'd shed a layer maybe try on some new skin ur friends are all imaginary ur shrink stopped answering her phone so you decide to make incisions at ur home while ur alone


Received my AVS in the mail today. The HD NES system that plays Nintendo carts, and it doesn't work :( I preordered it on New Year's eve last year and it finally arrived today. Gotta love that high quality production value that China gives ya


So has that Super Mario 64 online multiplayer game been taken down yet? I finally have a day off from work today! I think I'll play Ms. Pacman all day.


My 10 year old ipod looks like it's on the way out. I'm not too happy with the quality of it despite the fact it's 10 years old. An ipod touch is $300 for 128GB. I'm only going to use it for music. Is there an alternative to ipod?don't want smart phone


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