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I like warships..of all different shapes and sizes. but funnily enough I've never searched YouTube for warship stuff. Yet today out of the blue a channel pops up...it learns.. *Drachinifel* it's very technical and British, just the way I like it ;)


Well Minecraft Bedrock Edition broke my experience grinder. Nothing spawns in it anymore. But on the other hand it looks so good on the PlayStation 4 Pro. Seriously sexy stuff..


Happy Friday the 13th boys and girls!


EDIT: I might have been a little Hasty there, I think there's a bug in Torchlight 2 that when you start a new hardcore character whatever is in your shared stash will be there. Like a snapshot..This requires more testing...


Platinumed No Man's Sky Today, which I earned by just playing the game. Well except the survival trophy though, that one was a pain in the butt. Also I heard new Dtoid policy is for every Platinum you get Wes has to come over and give you a lap dance. :p


Nice to see Sony finally get with the program, because well.. Minecraft Bedrock Edition is freaking incredible...


Theres Creepers in Torchlight 2!?! I must have missed this when I played through this years ago. Or was added afterwards. Either way pretty funny..


Omg.. how was I not aware of this? I am so glad I stumbled across this today. I hope play Rabit sees this oh, it does so many improvements and modifications I can't even begin to list all of them. It is awesome!


Soo... I have to admit I'm one of those people who put a couple hours into route B lost interest. But now I'm going to power through it and get to Route C which I hear is pretty good stuff. Also..my Lord Im finding a lot of dead YoRHa today..free stuff!


There is a Dying Light and Chivalry crossover going on right now. With swords,costumes and shields... I love these Developers..


So Torchlight 2 just surprised updated. I hope it fixes the transmuter on Console. I will check tomorrow cuz I'm a bit tired right now.. :)


And that's Borderlands 3 done and dusted...for now ;)


Oh my gods, there's an English patch for this game now!? And I conveniently have a 3DS now, oh happy days..


No man's Sky gets another major update on this turkey day. All sorts of cool stuff. But what I like is if you have an item stored in your high-capacity backpack and you harvest something it will go straight to it.. and ship class upgrading!


Was that a friend yesterday and he's like hey I've got this old 3DS do you want it? The battery is not the great, missing The Stylist, and only has a 2 gig memory card. Oh and only one game. I was like sure, 2 hours later I'm playing Pokemon, the best one


Just thought I would post about this channel, it is absolutely hilarious spoof on Final Fantasy 7 and has some really good music on there as well.. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5j80D9V7lqZI-tK6mqcno5liPaLt9dAv


Hey Doods!! Nis America just dropped a new theme and a couple avatars for the PS4...and it's free dood!


I know it's a popular game to pick on but I LOVE Dragon Age Inquisitor, the story, the setting, character development and tactical battle goodness. Now if you will excuse me I need to go listen to Sera and Dorian pick on each other and tease Cassandra..


Pretty....oh so pretty...And soon to be very very deadly. Time to go station hopping for upgrades...


Went on a galaxy portal expedition today and picked up this little beauty. Tomorrow I'll upgrade the crap out of her and think of a proper name. S38+T12 Fighter ;)


I found Cactuar's distant cousin in No Man's Sky :)


Thank you Wes! You sexy 🌮 you! I feel like a winner!


When I saw the classification on this planet, I just could not help myself. I am a terrible human being...


Stardew Valley free content update 1.14 will be coming to PC Nov 26th! Consoles to follow a couple weeks after. Also if you use Google Play go vote for stardew in the user Choice Awards! There sitting at number 4 with 12 days left to vote..


For all you Dying Light fans, here is the docket code for the dragon breath bow if you don't feel like doing the community event. 龙之息 just copy and paste! It was a promotion in China and it's still valid cuz I just redeemed it myself ;)


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