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So after binge watching the second series of Castlevania I decided I need some more vampire action in my life and I highly recommend Sirius the Jaeger...good stuff...


I need moar!!!! A couple scenes in the last few episodes hit me right in the feels.


Just finished the quest 'Adventurer from Another World' in FF15..holy crap..what a blast! What a great crossover event from FF14!


So I have a crazy urged to play some older DS games, so I think I'm going to buy a DS XL2 later today. Anybody have recommendations for a good flashcart? I want save states and cheat engines, the works. My modded PSP has spolied me rotten...


Happy New Years to all my mates across the pond!


Happy Birthday Soulbow! You filthy Seige player! ;)


So I can't change my name back to its usual, it keeps saying whoa there security is important. It's not like I'm trying to change my password or anything. Thoughts?


Wes Taaacccooo'sss!!! Thank you for X-Mas card, I'm your spirit animal now ;) P.s. the hand-drawn Destructoid robot was a nice touch...


Merry Xmas, You beautiful bastards!


Look what I got early for X-mas! Matches my shirt :p


I just want to ride my Chocobo...all day long...


Merry X-Mas....to my self! Bahaha..damn that book is a beast. Oh and hey PSN..stop it with the sales! You can't tempt me anymo..oh look Risk of Rain and Death Road to Canada on the cheap, curse you!


Just got back from seeing Bohemian Rhapsody with my lady friend. Oh damn what a movie, had me tearing up here and there. I am definitely going to rock out to some Queen this evening :)


Hey there all you Switch owners oh, I know you're all jamming out to the new Smash Brothers but tomorrow Everspace: Stellar Edition releases and you should all do yourselves a favor and get it if you like open roguelike space action!


So Bulletstorm...holy shit what a fun game... some of the dialogue between the characters has me laughing out loud, repeatedly :)


My new shirts from Teepublic that I ordered on their Black Friday sale have arrived! I know one in particular that will excite the Mecha boi ;)


So I'm about 5 hours into Final Fantasy 15 boys night out, and yeah I'm completely hooked. Once I got used to the battle system I am freaking loving it. I'm glad I waited so long to pick it up with all the extra bonus and DLC stuff. :)


Time to relax after a long day's work, also I can't stop playing Everspace and that damn Gundam game..


Time to relax after a long day's work, also I can't stop playing Everspace and that damn Gundam game..


Omg...I love this game! Thanks to Sir Sounders for the advice! Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition rules!


Let's get this party started!! ( unfortunately I have to wait till I get home from work)


I have to admit I am really digging Everspace, not only is it a really well-made space action roguelike. It's actually got a interesting storyline to boot...I'm completely hooked...


So today I picked up Everspace Stellar Edition, the THQ Humble Bumble 2, and I ordered Gundam Breaker 3 Break Edition..


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