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Rocking some FF:12 ZA... Saga Frontier R releases next week. Then a month following that Mass Effect LE and then in June Legend of Mana R. Damn it is a fine time for remasters..also.. MOAR FUEL for the fire!!


Limo was right that the void would claim us all...The VOID CHICKEN that is!!!


Good afternoon my pretties. I am looking for recommendations for a decent gaming keyboard, it doesn't need to put on a light show. It could be mechanical or not. Just something reliable and comfy to game with. Also FF12: Zodiac Age has consumed my soul..


So the physical edition of The Saga Frontier R from play Asia has been canceled. The switch version is still available for pre-order. Also the Legend of Mana R is getting a collector's edition but only in Japan. Comes with li'l cactus plushie. :(


PSA: This is for all you Stardew Valley console players. I completely missed this but it was only added in 1.4. There is a door in the kitchen of Pierre's and Caroline's place. Go through it on a sunny day with Caroline having a minimum of two hearts :)


It has arrived!! It was well worth da monies :)


Subnautica completed and a platinum! Can't show the screenshot because contains minor spoilers. A very enjoyable game pop up and all. One thing I will suggest is to stay to the end of the credits. (there not to long)


Happy Birthday Mr. Bass!!


Well thanks to Torch and the rest of you troublemakers. I purchased my first gunpla! Also playing a bunch of Gundam Breakers 3 might have had something to do with it. Char did nothing wrong! (my 'big boi' cactuar included for Chrono)


Well Lex posted about SilverHawks and that got me thinking about the Bionic 6 cartoon. Just a random late night post. That is all..


Acquired Persona 5 Strikers yesterday and put 4 hours into it today. Can confirm that it is awesome... They put some serious love and care into this, and it freaking shows. Those sweet sweet menus..


I consider myself lucky that I live in a city with a couple of independent Video game stores still kicking about. I scored the fancy FF12 strategy in near perfect condition. Should come in handy for my Zodiac Age run in the near future. Cept the job part.


Well now...#indietoid you say? Then I shall plug my favorite space game Starsector! It's still in development but it's current build is hundreds of hours of exploring,designing ships and blowing stuff up! Also has a very healthy modding community..


God bless Canada.. 🇨🇦


Had some Amazon credit kicking about so I ordered...MOAR FUEL!! This flavor is absolutely delicious. Is Milord Soulbows pleased?


I will finally be getting to play the Stardew Valley update tomorrow. So looking forward to it! Quick question should I start a fresh game? Or is that island for mid to late game? Also I didn't know they had merch! Here's the link...I want this Shirt.. h


I know watermelon is pretty much considered one of the best flavors, but damn I have to say Nemesis tea gives it a run for its money! Time to FUEL UP!!


Been playing some Titan Quest of late and decided to try out a Ritualist. Which is basically a pet summoner class. Chris-sama would be proud! Also the Sylvan Nymph is a complete maniac. When she actually does her job..


It's finally arrived!! Yaaaah! My PSP is getting a make over tomorrow :) Also sorry for the picture quality, the camera on this phone is crap. Once it's all done I'll take a picture with my proper phone and find some Wi-Fi to upload it..


John Barrowman knows what's up... <3


Damnit Soulbows! Keep your weird Canadian fetishes out of my breakfast aisle! You sick moose pegging bastard!


Senpai noticed me!! Praise be to the God Emperor! Heh.. he is definitely one of my favorite authors. Bit of background, he was asking advice for shows that he and his kids could watch of the same quality as Airbender, I suggested Hilda on Netflix :)


Happy Birthday Sir Juicy Juice! You can pulp my orange anytime ;)


Had a bit of extra pocket money and since it is spoken of so highly by some of the regulars around here. I picked up Streets of Rage 4 and.. My gods it is pure beat'em up goodness. Also it is poetry in motion. Screenshots just don't do this game justice.


It's been too long my old friend. Time to FUEL UP!!! Also Divinity Original Sin 2 has to be one of my favorite RPGs of all time now and I think I'm only halfway through it.


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