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Thanks to some Sage advice form our resident Gundam boy, I passed on new Gundam Breaker and decided to get Divinity original sin 2 Definitive Edition. And I am definitely not regretting it. Also have some Pusheen..


So with the latest PlayStation Network flash-sale I am very tempted to get new Gundam Breaker, has it been patched well enough to make it worth my while?


I'm enjoying the hell out of this...And the soundtrack is great as well. Can't wait to try the local co-op this weekend :)


I would just like to give a shout out and thanks to my main Taco! I'm going to be playing some Vertical Drop Heroes tonight... :)


So hello games release a patch on the 27th that fix the bunch of stuff, and then in the developer notes it was going to address exocraft next. And I was like oh neat I can't wait for that a couple months down the road. They dropped a patch today...awesome


My favorite time of the year has arrived :)


I can't stop... I need an intervention, please send help...


My PSN is sp%20... somehow It got really mutilated in my last post. Feel free to add me and make sure to comment that you're from Destructoid please :)


Welcome home old son...welcome home.. Also my PSN is sp%20 feel free to add me ;)


Update I just decided to get her regular PlayStation 4 slim, I went for the limited edition blue one, it's so pretty. That way I can play Dragon Quest 11 on Sunday! I'll just get a pro somewhere around the holidays :)


I was not aware that there was a PlayStation 4 Pro new, shortage. GameStop has none and they don't know when they're going to get any. Amazon wants $533 for a new one, fuck that...


Just wanted to say thanks to the Tyrant of Tacos.. I won my first contest!


So I'm going to be getting internet again for my apartment soon, is 60 megabytes per second enough? Or should I go for the 120 package? I want to get back into playing Warframe and anthem...cheers..


Rest in peace Burt Reynolds, you are Legend.


So where in the world can I add my email address under preferences? I'm terrified of being skipped over for a contest from the Tyrant of tacos.


Good afternoon my favorite trouble makers! Its my birthday! So have a little fun today for me ;)


I hope everyone is having a good day! The Heat Wave finally broke in Portland Oregon and downtown is going crazy. Now if you excuse me ladies and gentlemen I need to get my metal on!! https://youtu.be/mSW9c2jb7DU


This reminded me of Angie22 ...also I need this in my life..


Happy Birthday to my fellow Leo peeps!!


Metal Monday! This is a medley of a bunch of Final Fantasy 4 songs that all flow together with lots of guitars!


Was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to re-watch the BattleTech cartoon. Surprisingly it's still pretty entertaining. Now I have to go dig up MechWarrior 4 mercenaries and go blow some stuff up!


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