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Happy Birthday Sir Occams! You are the cliffs that the turbulent sea of cocks breaks upon!


Hmm... where the hell is Starbound for the PS4? That is all...


Clubbing it with some of my friends😁 (I'm in the middle)


Happy slightly late Birthday Jiraya! May this year shower you in new collectibles!


Hello you glorious people's! My phone has been off for the last month due to being unemployed, I've got it back on for the meantime. Damn I have missed you wankers! :)


I am cornering the cardboard Market...


Merry X-Mas Dtoid! Stay turnt!


Finished all of Stranger Things...and just wow. The story,characters and the music. The freaking music... just incredible. Go and watch it you beautiful Dtoid peoples!


Happy Halloween!! Stay safe And raise a ruckus!


Took my PS2 apart today and gave it a good cleaning. And a little bit of a makeover. Very relaxing..


As I was putting up my new Zac poster I wondered..'would pero fap to this?' :p


Was on a budget this year so I decided to go strategy guild hunting (you can never have enough). Not a bad haul I think. Also the Crisis Core and Bioshock guilds still have there pullout posters in them. So going on my walls tomorrow.


Two hours into the expo...will post more later... p.s. I am awkward as hell in pics..


Tomorrow...the fun begins. So damn excited..oh and if there's any fellow Dtoid peeps attending leave a comment or send a pm. Would love to meet some of you in the scary real world.


My haul from Gamestop's get four games (9.99 and under) for 20 bucks...Pusheen thrown in for fun.


Everything's on fire and its raining ash in Portland.The Zombie apocalypse can't be to far behind...


Stressful day... so while at my friend's house I downloaded the last 12 Dtoid fight videos I missed (damn data cap on my phone) and threw them on my ps3. Its D-Team and cocktail hour and or hours!!


So following in classic ye ole tradition, I just like to say I love you all. Yes I've been drinking, but I tried to explain dtoid to somebody tonight and they just didn't get it. They did mention the word 'gamespot' and well...fuck me. Cheers...


Five hours till the eclipse starts and I am lucky enough to get 99% totality from where I live. Really need some sleep...but to damn exicted!


Its my birthday Monday and your all invited to British movie night!(Attack the Block and Snatch) If you live the Portland,OR area then come drop in and say hi! Embers, Broadway & Couch 8 till midnight,21+


Unpopular Opinion: I don't like CoD, Battlefield whatever and coffee. (Its all about the tea)


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