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On Aug 15th in the year of our Lord 2019 regular dtoid member sp testure fell to the darkness..Remember me how I was before the madness..theres little tim..e..lef it's taking control..oh gods what have I done! NoOoOo..DO YOU G-FULE BRUH!?!


Today...is my birthday! The big 40.. not as scary as I thought. I learned a lot in the last decade and I spent most of it with you wonderful people, love you guys and gals..time to try out the No Mans Sky update :)


Happy late Birthday to Kerrik and GajKnight! Leo's rule!!


Decided to fire up the Beat'EMUP Bundle for a bit today and I never really got a chance to play Armored Warriors in depth and oh my God I love this game so much!


Remasters, remakes, spiritual successors... if there is any game developers big and small listening on the vast interwebs, a sequel to this is all I want before I shuffle off this mortal coil..


I made a new friend last night with great taste in tattoos :)


It's that time of the year! :)


I'm loving these Pusheen and Final Fantasy XIV collaborations :)


If these actually became real, I would buy them all day one!


There's a great article that came out about 7 hours ago on BBC about influencers. BBC News - 'Influencers pay double': The ice cream truck defying Instagram freebies https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-us-canada-48873551...


Series 3 of Stranger Things kicks off at 12:01a.m.(PST) I can't freaking wait!


Been feeling a bit nostalgic of late, so I decided to go through the Outer Limits The 90s series. My Lord, the show still holds up. Amazon has all seven seasons :)


Good afternoon.. Looking for something interesting to watch while you have a snack or cuddling your life size Wes..I mean waifu pillow? Then check out this series on Amazon Prime..retro goodness!


Greetings fellow Inquisitors, the 2.0 patch for Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr has gone live on PC and oh boy it's a complete overhaul for the game. I can't wait for this to come to the consoles.


Greetings fellow Inquisitors, the 2.0 patch for Warhammer 40K Inquisitor Martyr has gone live on PC and oh boy it's a complete overhaul for the game. I can't wait for this to come to the consoles.


Been playing the new DLC for Borderlands 2, I'm loving it! I know it's a clever ploy to make me buy 3 and it's working...


I do get thirsty out in the wasteland..


Now that I have been able to put a few hours into Rage 2 I'm quite enjoying it. Chris was spot-on, it's just a fool around and do whatever you want game. And sometimes that's all I need :) Also I'm loving the driving mechanics..feels so good...


So my day is finally done, I'm just about to fire up Rage 2 for the first time and I see some add-On's..Rage Coins,an in-game currency to purchase cosmetics,gear and other new content..With real monies...They kept that real quite..Maybe it's not so bad.ug


My HD Video Converter came in yesterday. The PS2 lives again! Time for some Sub Rebellion,Front Mission 5 and time permitting Wild Arms 3.. Also cocks :p


For the Grand Vizier! Dance party!


PSA.. With today's final update for Enter the Gungeon they also added a free Dynamic theme you can download :)


I know it's not everyone's cup of tea but I am enjoying going through Borderlands 1 again. It has a different tempo and feel compared to 2.


So I am liking Warhammer 40K Inquisitor oh, they've have put in a lot of effort patching the PlayStation 4 version. As bong said jumping in for a couple missions here and there is just fantastic. Or perhaps just an afternoon of mindless killing? :p


Another PSN sale is upon us. And I keep eyeballing Warhammer 40K Inquisitor, but the internet is really mixed about it. Does anybody like it?


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Dicey Dungeons"Can Terry Cavanagh do no wrong?"


Ion Fury"Bombshell's redemption"


Age of Wonders: Planetfall"Aiming for the moon, landing among the stars"


Witcheye"I spy with my little eye"


RAD"For once, truth in advertising"


The Blackout Club"An endearing mess"


Omega Labyrinth Life"Pushing the envelope...with your breasts"


Metal Wolf Chaos XD"Are you a bad enough dude to be the president"


Forager"Time keeps on slippin'"


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Jedi Academy needs more


Someone tried hacking my YouTube account twice Unfortunately for them you physically need to hit a button on my phone to log Take that random person from


I remember the 11th being a really tough day for me and apparently today is the end of the not missing memories of the last week Im just not sure how I got here from Also I feel like Im behind on my BoB (Ill post it soon)


Whats going on with the CBlog pictures? I first noticed this from Pliskens Pics dont display if you enter them via the right side of the They seem fine if you enter through the CBlog page


Tau cant mele-

Jetter Mars

After over a year, I decided to pop back in Wild Guns Reloaded and holey forgotten how hard this game But Ill be damned if I dont mention how fun it Time to git


Todays dailysketch, I feel very sleepy for some reason so I didnt get much time to put into -__- zzzz


Mucho Mucho bueno!

Jinx 01

Sorry I havent been around much lately guys, been a little tied up <3


I want to take the time to sincerely thank each and every one of you who have helped to pull me and my family through a very rough Your generosity and kindness has made a huge difference for Youre all the



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