On PCI: The Crew 2's All of America map forgot Alaska and Hawaii
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Good afternoon my favorite trouble makers! Its my birthday! So have a little fun today for me ;)


I hope everyone is having a good day! The Heat Wave finally broke in Portland Oregon and downtown is going crazy. Now if you excuse me ladies and gentlemen I need to get my metal on!! https://youtu.be/mSW9c2jb7DU


This reminded me of Angie22 ...also I need this in my life..


Happy Birthday to my fellow Leo peeps!!


Metal Monday! This is a medley of a bunch of Final Fantasy 4 songs that all flow together with lots of guitars!


I.....Power Up!!! Bom bom bom..


Was feeling a bit nostalgic and decided to re-watch the BattleTech cartoon. Surprisingly it's still pretty entertaining. Now I have to go dig up MechWarrior 4 mercenaries and go blow some stuff up!


I'm back! Woo! I hope you all have been doing well! Been playing a lot of Super Robot Wars Taisen A Portable to keep me company. (There's a English fan patch out now) That should please a certain mecha fan boi I know ;)


My phone is going to be out of service for a bit. My connection to the outside world. :( I will miss you wankers!


What the hell is going on here, I have gained two new followers in 7 days, bringing my fap power up to nine!


Harvey Weinstein has been charged with rape and other stuff! Woohoo! Took long enough....


I have discovered the joys and horrors of the Dtoid... Discord. As always I blame Torchman...wait I mean thank him... :p


Another school shooting today in America, according to Washington analyst more people have died in school shootings than in the US military in 2018... I need a hug..


My PS4 controller died this morning, my only one. And being unemployed I can't replace it anytime soon. Even though I almost have enough in reserve sitting in my Amazon account, ugh. Not the best Monday...I hope it goes better for the rest of you..


I feel honored this morning that somebody up voted a comment I posted about Rodger Moore over a year ago. Maybe they're catching up on backlog. Either way pretty awesome and it was not upvote bot!


A comment from Rabit brought back the memories of this old-school goodness, truly a pioneer for its day and age...


Since my last Google update I have not been able to post pictures on Destructoid, it's lame. Also it was offline for 3 days and I missed all you guys terribly. Except Torchman.. :p


Happy Birthday Sir Occams! You are the cliffs that the turbulent sea of cocks breaks upon!


Hmm... where the hell is Starbound for the PS4? That is all...


Clubbing it with some of my friends😁 (I'm in the middle)


Happy slightly late Birthday Jiraya! May this year shower you in new collectibles!


Hello you glorious people's! My phone has been off for the last month due to being unemployed, I've got it back on for the meantime. Damn I have missed you wankers! :)


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