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Weslikes...ah hell with this..Amazon just informed me that my Sega Mini has shipped and that it will be here tomorrow!!


Weslikes...ah hell with this..Amazon just informed me that my Sega Mini has shipped and that it will be here tomorrow!!


Final Fantasy 7R will have a 'classic' turn based mode...sweet. Oh...and Im sorry Moze but Im a FL4K man now..


So I hate to be that guy but as of yesterday the ads on the front page are starting to get super aggressive... :( P.s. also cocks


Borderlands 3 is pre-ordered and the countdown has begun, I'll be playing as soon as the clock rolls over on Thursday if anyone wants to join up, well except for Soulbow cuz you know...poor(xbone) poor fellow..


I definitely added a couple ranks to my weeb level today, I can't stop watching Kings Avatar on Netflix. After this I'm going to have to hunt down the anime series..


Has anyone watched Kings Avatar on Netflix? I highly recommend it...


Has anyone watched Kings Avatar on Netflix? If not, I highly recommend it..




Decided to grab Torchlight 2 for the PS4, seeing the Runic Games logo come up brought a tear to my eye...time to kick butt with my Outlander...


Cat bard is best bard..


Ha ha ha...Mecha Grunty.. I love this guy...even has his own theme song...lol


Picked up .hack//G.U. Last Recode on the PSN sale for 12bucks... And I'm loving it so far..And yes I played the stuffing out of .hack back in the day..So it's like coming home..back to The World I go!


Does anyone know what the ship in the middle is? I'm stumped..


One of my regulars brought these in to work for me today. :)


A pic from my birthday night out...It was a fun evening :)


It's my Friday, the only thing that stands between me and three days of pure sweet gaming is a 9 hour shift. TIME TO G-FUEL UP!!


Well all my characters on normal mode in Diablo 3 are up to level 70 now. Only a couple more trophies to go for platinum. Also anyone who is interested in a Gem of Ease rank 25 I'll be more than happy to donate it...leave your PSN name in the comments!


On Aug 15th in the year of our Lord 2019 regular dtoid member sp testure fell to the darkness..Remember me how I was before the madness..theres little tim..e..lef it's taking control..oh gods what have I done! NoOoOo..DO YOU G-FULE BRUH!?!


Today...is my birthday! The big 40.. not as scary as I thought. I learned a lot in the last decade and I spent most of it with you wonderful people, love you guys and gals..time to try out the No Mans Sky update :)


Happy late Birthday to Kerrik and GajKnight! Leo's rule!!


Decided to fire up the Beat'EMUP Bundle for a bit today and I never really got a chance to play Armored Warriors in depth and oh my God I love this game so much!


Remasters, remakes, spiritual successors... if there is any game developers big and small listening on the vast interwebs, a sequel to this is all I want before I shuffle off this mortal coil..


I made a new friend last night with great taste in tattoos :)


It's that time of the year! :)


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