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I am the mother fucking LIGHTING LORD!! Seymour was right...with a few extra dashes from Hermes I felt like a GOD!


I mean is it really that hard of a choice? Besides we all know Dusa is where it is at! Also this is my 369th post....nice...


Fallout 4 may be a trash fire when it comes to the main storyline but it is fun just to explore. Also I do love the opening title theme.


Happy Birthday Fuzunga!


Threw this build together on the fly and it worked out way better than it had any right to. Open with Trippy Shot with a immediate Hellfire orb. Orb goes boom..hilarity ensures. Lightning Rod cleans up anything I missed or if I'm busy somewhere else :)


I learned this the hard way...


Get wrecked scrub...GET WRECKED!!!


Cleared Hades today with all weapons! Spear with Flurry Jab, Tempest Strike and Support Fire is very entertaining. Time to bring on the heat, and start unlocking some hidden aspects.


Another clear today in Hades! One weapon left to clear with to get that sweet 10 Titans blood bounty. Then it is time to work on unlocking some more hidden aspects. I already got the spear done. Also took my icy death beam build to the next level :)


This got a chuckle out of me..


Today I was curious if you could clear Hades with a Cast build...yes, yes you can.. Demeter is too much fun..


Seymour was right, the fists are a blast and a half. Fooling around with Aspect of Talos, combined with Tempest Flourish.. Fun!


First clear in Hades today! Cleared with the Adamant Rail, a splash of Chaos stuff. Also drunken dash, and lots and lots of loving from Demeter.. Hammer upgrades include increased fire and the one that boost your special by 300% that can hurt you.


Caused a ruckus in Hades today. I'm starting to like the spear, with the right boons and Hammer upgrades. Also.. Thesus is a little bitch..screw that guy..


Hades progress update: unlocked all the infernal arms. Really digging the Adamant Rail. Made it up to the styx and got wrecked, poison can piss off. Also learned today the boon system is a little deeper than I thought it was. Nice.. pic unrelated..


Day 3 of being on the no smoking train, I don't feel so good...lol. I'm getting through it. Been distracting myself with some Fallout 4 playing.. also am I a bad person cuz I'm interested in that anniversary edition of Skyrim? Pic unrelated..


Quitting smoking has been on my things to do list for quite a while. I always find a reason to postpone or procrastinate but Riffraff and Soulbows have inspired me. I'm getting on that train starting today. Also... #Caturday..


Sean Lock passed away on August 16th. He was a brilliant man and a fantastic comedian. I am absolutely gutted.. Rest in peace good Sir..


Well I got Hades today and to see if all the hype was warranted. Yes...yes it was. Luving it...


Today I become the age where I should know the answer to life, the universe & everything. Well.. I'm not quite there yet but I do know that gaming is more fun to share with family. Luv you guys.. Bday movies: Robot Carnival, Memories with yummy cider!


I dedicate this meme to my g fuel swelling forbidden bromance Soulbows!


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