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Estou recebendo molho esta noite! (I hope Google translate did not mess this up too much)


I can't remember who it was but somebody knows a good place to get a great deal on a new 2DS XL? I don't even care if it's used as long as it's in good condition. Edit: my friend says go for the 3DS XL...much better..


So it has been a couple months since I've wandered over to romhacking.net and Holy Crab Apple's there is an English patch for Metal Max 3!?! Time to break out the 3DS :)


Just want to give a thanks to treasure cat, after a conversation I went exploring and found the 2012 version that I never played that has lots of cool updates...Time to adventure!


Well with no end in sight for the lock down in the good old USA cause people are....trying to kill us all with there brand of stupid I decided to kick off watching Bleach from the beginning...366ep should keep me busy for a bit :)


The Alliance I belong to on Phantasy Star Online 2 is pretty great... their sense of humor is eerily similar to a bunch of other online wankers I hang out with :p


I'm living in a real life dystopian future game! It's nice to see what's been going on in Portland is starting to catch peoples and the media attention. It's gone beyond the pale here...stay safe folks...


Praise the fuel,consume the fuel,become the fuel!!!


A appropriate song choice for the times :)


Good afternoon, I hope everyone is doing well and I love you all.. this community keeps me going. And now to ruin this tender moment with...yes.. you were right Lord of GFuel Soulbow watermelon is awesome...


Minecraft nether realm update and Risk of Rain 2 artifacts update on the same day? Oh yes please!


Happy Birthday PatBateman!! You're definitely my favorite Pat on this site, now that I think about it you're the only Pat I know. I wonder what happened to the rest..


Just throwing this in here for fun..


Time for another fun-filled adventure on Phantasy Star Online 2!


I was just thinking about this game a couple days ago, since RTS has seem to be back on the rise. But I could never get it to run well and I was hoping someday Gog would release it, and what the hell it was last year? How did I not know about this!?


Somebody used my ID code today! Cheers to whoever that was!


So they are aware of the Windows 10 issues with PSO2 and are working on them. Also here is my Player ID 10693441 use that when making a new account and we both get loot! Oh and I'm on Ship 03: Thorn


Well my city is on fire, Portland this is not the way...stay safe everybody..


Do you even Fuel bruh!? I really like the sticker and the fact that it showed up five days ahead of schedule. Time to Fuel up!!


I'm still getting used to Windows 10 and I learned a valuable lesson today. Don't try using the Windows Store if you have a VPN running. It really doesn't like that, well at least not for me. Oh well.. Phantasy Star Online 2 is downloading...yah!


Just posting this here for a certain someone heh heh...


Well I wanted to download Phantasy Star Online 2 for tomorrow but I keep getting you'll need the Internet for this error code 0x800704cf. I tried a few online Solutions but no dice. Anybody have any suggestions?


I thought I could start pre-loading Phantasy Star 2 online today. But I can't find it anywhere on the Microsoft store Page. Just stuff for Xbox..


For bong...and the Emperor!


G-fuel is having a buy one get one free Memorial Day sale going on... I ordered fruit punch and watermelon, dear Lord what have I done...


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