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Randomly saw Kong: Skull Island, and honestly, it was kinda awesome? Not gonna lie, didn't expect much after Godzilla King of the Monsters underwhelmed, but this movie was great! Makes Kong vs Godzilla even better for me


I like to think that the reason Marvel movies, and the studio in general have so much success, is because at the end of the day, they make you give a shit about their characters. Eternals, aka Fake Justice League, fails at that big time.


Well, I did it. I managed to get back to where I was in Bloodborne. Everything is completely new from here on out. Here we go


The end to Yakuza Kiwami 2 is the dumbest, most ridiculous, macho, alpha male, "there can only be one" bullshit I've seen in any medium in a long time, and I fucking love it. Lol. Its so over the top in all the right ways. I love this series


I've been playing Yakuza Kiwami 2 for days. It's funny. In a lot of ways, this game is mechanically better and plays much smoothet than Zero and Kiwami 1. But what the fuck did they do to the combat? Less options, heat actions are less creative. Weird.


Hawkeye has been a pleasant surprise. I didn't expect Clint's brief time as Ronin (relatively speaking) to play much of a role at all, but it's been a driving force, and I'm glad. Movies can only show so much, so I'm happy this is getting fleshed out.


Finished another playthrough of FF7R on ps5 today, and finally beat the super secret boss for the first time! Spoilers in comments


A little late, but I've decided on my gaming resolution of 2022. It's finally time that I restart and complete Bloodborne. Tried twice before, and didn't finish. This is the year. And seeing as im stuck home with Covid, it's as good a time as any


Tested positive for Covid a couple hours ago. Good thing I'm not a big fan of New Year's celebrations, cuz I'm sitting them all out this year. Take care and stay safe everyone


Just stopping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year! Don't care for the celebrations personally, but I hope everyone has a good night!


The Matrix Resurrections wants to be The Matrix, while also wanting to be a Matrix reboot, while also wanting to be a Matrix sequel, while also trying to be its own thing. It results in a fun, if disjointed and shallow action movie.


The Witcher Season 2 was a pleasant surprise. I found it to be very enjoyable, much better than the so-so Season 1. When I finished the first, I was indifferent to more of the show, but this time, I'm actually excited for more. Well done Witcher!


Don't know who still plays Overwatch these days, but the Winter Wonderland skins this year are fan-fucking-tastic. Best group of skins in literal years.


Kinda shocked. My top games didn't include any first party titles. How weird, lol.


Random though: does anyone actually take the recommended 15 minute break after every hour of game time?


Just finished Arcane tonight. Excellent show, and the wait for more is gonna be tough. Gotta admit though. As great overall as the show turned out to be, I think the first 3 episode arc is far and away the show's highlight. Hard to top that beginning


Finished episode 6 of Arcane. This show is freaking great man. This is Spider-Verse levels of animation and storytelling. Vi might be my favorite. Jinx is insane and i love her. Viktor and Jayce...I get them. Really great stuff, and I'm new to it all!


My Black Friday haul finally arrived! Not too bad if I may say so, and it's nice to see some sub $30 Switch games. Also picked up Katana Zero on a sale as well. Plenty to play, nowhere near enough time. Lol


Finished my Platinum run of Guardians of the Galaxy, and my sub 4-hour Hard run of Metroid Dread. Two excellent titles that rank among my favorites this year, that honestly took me by surprise. Both were a ton of fun.


And the Platinum for Guardians of the Galaxy is done! Still got about 4 chapter left before finishing my NG+ run, but man. What a ride. What a great game. Easily the sleeper hit of 2021 for me.


Happy Thanksgiving to all. And to all a good night!!!!!


Finally saw Shang-Chi. The first 45 minutes are fucking incredible. It's unfortunate the rest of the movie doesn't keep up the pace, but I'd still say it's one of the better MCU movies. Also, this movie throws off serious Mortal Kombat and Avatar vibes


The Guardians 6.5 should honestly live in infamy alongside the ALBW 6.5. Going through a second time, and honestly, outside of some junk, that 6.5 is an absolute miss.


Happy Veteran's Day to all the brave soldiers who served before taking an arrow to the knee!!!


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