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So Nintendo's not joking. They're actually increasing the price of Switch Online by 150%, with zero upgrades outside of N64 and Genesis games? No fucking way dude. Time to set sail!!!


It's a hollow and humbling feeling when you finally realize, the people you care about the most don't really give a shit about you. They smile and small talk, but when push comes to shove, I may as well not exist. Samus isn't the only alone these days


As I play through Metroid Dread, I keep thinking to myself, "I REALLY hope this game sold well". Fans have waited so long for this game, it's actually delivered, and it'd be a damn shame if we don't get more of these.


Finally taking down an EMMI is sooooooooooo fucking satisfying. Every. Damn. Time.


Hit a wall in Symphony of the Night, then happened to stumble across the giant clock secret. This freaking game....


Is Sora "canonically" the strongest Smash character? We saw Sephiroth one-shot pretty much the whole roster plus Galeem. Cloud wrecks Sephiroth making him the strongest, but Sora's beaten them both....Sephiroth twice. That's the power of friendship!


Does this mean Mario will be the secret boss in the next Kingdom Hearts game?


Bro, we're gonna get Kingdom Hearts music in Smash. If we get Dearly Beloved, I'll cry actual tears 😢


I am ONE HUNDRED PERCENT cool with Sora. I fucking love Kingdom Hearts, and if I couldn't get my dream Geno pick, Sora is the next best thing.


My Symphony of the Night impressions a few hours in? The soundtrack is kind of a fucking banger


For this October, im playing Symphony of the Night for the first time! I've been craving something retro, and the Advance Collection inspired me to finally play it. There are some games that don't take long showing you why they're beloved. Great so fa


I'm actually fine with Martinet not playing Mario. His Mario voice, as iconic as it is, really isn't suited for extended dialogue. Recasting was the right choice. I just hope that if Mario uses a catchphrase like "Let's a go!", it's Martinet's voice.


Nothing beats the Bayo 2 design for me, but the Bayo 3 design is still top tier!


The Last few Directs have all been pretty damn kickass. I can't remember a recent one that's disappointed.


Just caught up with the Playstation showcase. It was pretty good, if incredibly safe. I'm honestly cool with that. These are the games I bought a ps5 for. Project Eve and God of War were standouts for me. And Tchia looked way too cute. Surprised me.


Have you ever played a game you just couldn't finish, no matter how much you enjoy it? I've been playing Tales of Vesperia on and off all year, and i have no complaints. I've thoroughly enjoyed it! But ever since I put it down, I have no desire to fini


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is in my personal running for GOTY. I haven't been that engaged with a video game story in a very long time. And not just that. It looks great, has a fantastic soundtrack, better characters...surpassed all my expectations


Yooooooo! This last case of the Great Ace Attorney Chronicles! 2 games worth of threads all coming together! I'm speechless!


Also, Herlock Sholmes is a fucking treasure! He's got the best investigation technique, the best dialogue, the best animations, the best music, and he's behind the scenes of almost everything. I'd say he's become my favorite Ace Attorney Character


The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles have been an absolute delight. I'm nearing the end and I can't believe how the game continues to surprise and keep me engaged. I've laughed, I've been wowed and caught off guard...this may be the Greatest Ace Attorney!


Why are there ads IN THE MIDDLE OF MY SCREEEN????!!!!!!!!! And when i click the arrow to remove it, surely it goes away, right? It doesn't take me to the ad site? Lololololol


Just finished case 3 of The Great Ace Attorney 2. This game is soooooooooo fucking good! Thus duo of games might just end up being my favorite of the series


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