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Finished MHW finally. It's a very good game. I have some minor nitpicks but that's it really. Glad i bought it. Oh Nergigante is a little bitch though.


You know as i chase a monster down while it whimpers like a little dog. I start to wonder if my insatiable lust for slightly better gear makes me the real moster.


If anyone wants to kill monsters together. My PSN is g2zillasnipez. Why it's that is because i'm bad at naming things nowadays. Little kid me barely stood a chance in 2007.


Yo Monster Hunter is pretty good. Thank god i have a week off.


Is Monster Hunter World a good entry point to the series for somebody who has never played an MH game?


Meh all i really want is my Dark Souls 1 remaster.


Eh. It looks interesting but $69.99 starting price is a bit much IMO.


Oh i'm excited to finally play DS1 again. I'll probably have to do it on the PS4 version though.


Yo i love shitting on EA but a stock drop of 2 and a bit percent doesn't mean much.


Oh shit Spelunky 2. Pretty good Monday all round.


Wolfenstein 2 is great. I quite enjoyed the story as well. Can't wait for the third one.


Spoiler alert: Mario wins


Yo that Animal Crossing phone game doesn't look very good.


Dude Made in Abyss was so good. It's rare for an anime to just pull me in like that lately.


Dragons Dogma is pretty good. Should have played it sooner.


I bought a PS2 and three games. Sorry PS4 but your backlog will have to wait. I have to go either destroy or vindicate my nostalgia.


Who would win in a fight 100 human sized Hitlers or 1 chicken sized Mecha-Hitler?


God i hate having to be financially responsible.


Ok i'm buying a Switch.


Ah well looks like Sonys run of awesome confrences is finished. Had to happen eventually.


Can't wait for the Xbox one X1 in 4 years time.


This election is weird.


I'm going to be an uncle to two kids now. What a way to start my day. Wasn't expecting that.


I've fucked up my foot and have to hop everywhere now. Bloody Monday's.


Finished Nioh. Enjoyed it but their's something stopping me from loving it.


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