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Big Chungus!?


Yo Kingdom is so good.


Lockdown gang how's it going?


The Project Scarlet announcement was pretty underwhelming. I was expecting an announcement of the name at least.


The Project Scarlet announcement was pretty underwhelming. I was expecting an announcement.


I hate it when i find a tv show i like and then find out it got cancelled.


Watching a TV show go up in flames is honestly my favourite thing.


Oh my god the GOT ending leaks are going to be right. God help us all.


I'm quite late on this but Into The Spiderverse is amazing. The soundtrack is honestly one of the best i've ever heard and the animation is beautiful.


I broke out laughing at the end of the latest GOT episode. Great production values but woo boy is the writing bad.


I'm sure Endgame will be great but i'm just going to wait till it's out on Blu-ray. Can't stand cinemas.


Holy shit Notre Dame is burning down.


Are 4k tv's getting cheaper? Because i just checked and i saw a 55 inch for 440 which seems pretty good.


I get Sekiro now. It's pretty good. The dodge button is the biggest enemy in the game.


So i don't know if i like Sekiro. I'm probably just a scrub but mini-bosses are just draining my will to play the game. I'll keep trying obviously but currently i think Sekiro might have me outclassed.


Can't wait for Sekiro to be out so i can distract myself from the omnishambles that is my Government.


DMC 5 is great. I just wish i wasn't trash at being stylish.


Finished Gears 1-4. Definitely 2 > 1 > 3 >>>> 4 imo. The characters in 4 are so sarcastic it's actually infuriating and ends so abruptly.


I'm getting an urge to buy an Xbox one just so i can play Gears 1-3. It's like why brain? I already have enough games i haven't beaten.


Yo Lickers are terrifying. Legitimately the first time i've audibly gasped in fear playing a video game in ages.


You know sometimes i can't believe KH3 is actually just 2 weeks from release. it's like i'm expecting a rug to get pulled out from under me.


Merry Chritmas! Have a good day and make sure Krampus doesn't get you.


Who is a good character to try if you've never played a Smash before?


2018 has been such a long year.


WTF is Bethesda on? Scams people who dropped $200 out of their canvas bag then goes "Unavailbility of materials". Mate it's canvas. I'm pretty sure we've been making that stuff since the BC's.


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