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DMC 5 is great. I just wish i wasn't trash at being stylish.


Finished Gears 1-4. Definitely 2 > 1 > 3 >>>> 4 imo. The characters in 4 are so sarcastic it's actually infuriating and ends so abruptly.


I'm getting an urge to buy an Xbox one just so i can play Gears 1-3. It's like why brain? I already have enough games i haven't beaten.


Yo Lickers are terrifying. Legitimately the first time i've audibly gasped in fear playing a video game in ages.


You know sometimes i can't believe KH3 is actually just 2 weeks from release. it's like i'm expecting a rug to get pulled out from under me.


Merry Chritmas! Have a good day and make sure Krampus doesn't get you.


Who is a good character to try if you've never played a Smash before?


2018 has been such a long year.


WTF is Bethesda on? Scams people who dropped $200 out of their canvas bag then goes "Unavailbility of materials". Mate it's canvas. I'm pretty sure we've been making that stuff since the BC's.


I've beaten RDR2. The game is great and Arthur Morgan is a genuinely amazing character amongst great characters. It definitely took a bit to hook me but when it did it hooked me hard.


Finally Piranha Plant has made it to Smash. Sad the Grinch didn't make the cut but oh well.


I like RDR2 but not as much as i thought i was going to. I don't know. I'm still only on chapter 2 but i just have this nagging feeling in the back of my head.


I'm on holiday in Florida. I have one question.Is the toilets having lot's of water in them a normal America thing? If so why? The first time I saw a toilet bowl I thought it was clogged.


I know this is asking to get spoiled. But why do some people struggle so much to avoid spoiler? I don't actively avoid them and rarely get spoiled.


I watched Anohana this weekend. Now i can't stop thinking about it. Seriously it's been quite a while since an anime has got so stuck in my head.


Can spiders actually lift 10 tons. If not does that mean man can lift 10 tons.


Is Dead Cells on the Switch good?


Is Skyrim on Switch any good?


Oh by the way i got a Switch last friday. Here's my friend code if anybody wants to add me. I also remember somebody mentioning a list or something. SW-2147-0337-5905


You know some people are a bit wary that Cyberpunk is first person. I personally am now 100x more interested. I want more first person RPGs.


I enjoyed E3 this year. Not many huge surprises but i felt like that was going to happen. Microsoft was best in terms of showing games. Still don't really want an Xbox one. Sony was ok. I like they showed gameplay but that room change destroyed the pace.


I just want to ask. I wasn't the only one baited by that From Software trailer at the post Sony show? For a split second i was so sure Bloodborne 2 existed.


So Sonys conference was exactly what i expected. Middiling mostly showing more of games already announced. Death Stranding will definitely never come out on PS4. 6/10


I think Sony is probably just going to have a middiling conference this year. It'll probably mostly just be already announced games.


Not a fan of Bethesda's conference this year. Lots of akward moments. They kept waiting for applause which drives me nuts. Quite a bit of filler. F76 sounds interesting. Starfield,Doom:E and TES:6 were just logos pretty much. Oh and a mobile ES game. 5/10


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