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Shit I missed leading a revolution. Sad day.


Is Sony Japan dying a surprise? Weren't there last 2 in house games Kanck 1 and 2?


That Six Days in Fallujah game is going to be a shit show.


Expanse is a real good show. That is all.


Well Cyberpunk is still crashing every 2 hours so I'm going to play Mankind Divided instead. Deus Ex has always looked at the more interesting side of Cyberpunk anyway imo.


CDPR fucked up directing refund complaints to Sony. Essentially asked for the the game to get pulled.


Please Keanu stop asking what makes somebody a criminal in 2077. I don't know. Downloading a car maybe?


OK so I'm just going to stop playing Cyberpunk for 6 months because it's crashed twice now on my PS5. I see people comparing it to W3 but honestly this is in another ballpark of glitches and issue. At least that game didn't crash on the PS4.


George RR Martin is the GOAT of shit that doesn't exist.


The reviewer who revealed Cyberpunk 2077 has a pretty good chance to cause seizures did CDPR a solid. Imagine if that had gone out live and caused major seizures. Would have been the Porygon episode of gaming. At least now they can patch an option in.


I am tired.


But seriously what the hell did they do to Peters face in the new game. He's the only character who looks worse.


People really seem to think it's easier for an American company to buy a Japanese one than it actually is.


Good job America.


Big Chungus!?


Yo Kingdom is so good.


Lockdown gang how's it going?


The Project Scarlet announcement was pretty underwhelming. I was expecting an announcement of the name at least.


The Project Scarlet announcement was pretty underwhelming. I was expecting an announcement.


I hate it when i find a tv show i like and then find out it got cancelled.


Watching a TV show go up in flames is honestly my favourite thing.


Oh my god the GOT ending leaks are going to be right. God help us all.


I'm quite late on this but Into The Spiderverse is amazing. The soundtrack is honestly one of the best i've ever heard and the animation is beautiful.


I broke out laughing at the end of the latest GOT episode. Great production values but woo boy is the writing bad.


I'm sure Endgame will be great but i'm just going to wait till it's out on Blu-ray. Can't stand cinemas.


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