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God i really need to give non- action/comedy anime more of a chance. I just watched A Silent Voice and it kinda just curbstomped my heart.


We really do live in interesting times don't we.


You know i'm done with the outrage over microtransactions. People are getting pre-outraged over microtransactions in RDR2 that haven't even been announced yet. I'm not saying they definitely won't happen but like why not wait until you know they exist.


So i've played 15 hours of Persona 5. I forgot how much JRPG's make me terrified that i'm not doing anything right even when i know that probably isn't true.


Oh more good news. I'll hopefully be getting a Switch at the end of May which lines up perfectly with my week off work. All according to my master plan.


Unfortunately i won't be able to ge the new GOW until the end of next month. Fortunately i got Okami HD and Persona 5 to make up for it on PSN. Haven't played either of them so hopefully they'll be fun rides. Just have to decide on which to play first.


I hate Anime licensing. Right now in the UK i can watch Steins;Gate 0 on Crunchy Roll but i can't watch Steins Gate. How does that make any sense. I know there's stuff that probably makes it make sense but still it can be kind of annoying.


Well that was a weird ass Wrestlemania. Definitely wasn't expecting a lot of things.


God i love wrestling.


You know when i first started watching Dragon Ball Super. I never thought i'd be sad when it finished. Oh well time to wait for movie i guess. At least MHA is back soon.


So i've played about 5 hours of Sea of Thieves with friends. It was fun but also ridiculously grindy and repetitive. I don't like being mr sceptical but i wouldn't be surprised if microtransactions were introduced. Definitely not worth full price IMO.




Finished MHW finally. It's a very good game. I have some minor nitpicks but that's it really. Glad i bought it. Oh Nergigante is a little bitch though.


You know as i chase a monster down while it whimpers like a little dog. I start to wonder if my insatiable lust for slightly better gear makes me the real moster.


If anyone wants to kill monsters together. My PSN is g2zillasnipez. Why it's that is because i'm bad at naming things nowadays. Little kid me barely stood a chance in 2007.


Yo Monster Hunter is pretty good. Thank god i have a week off.


Is Monster Hunter World a good entry point to the series for somebody who has never played an MH game?


Meh all i really want is my Dark Souls 1 remaster.


Eh. It looks interesting but $69.99 starting price is a bit much IMO.


Oh i'm excited to finally play DS1 again. I'll probably have to do it on the PS4 version though.


Yo i love shitting on EA but a stock drop of 2 and a bit percent doesn't mean much.


Oh shit Spelunky 2. Pretty good Monday all round.


Wolfenstein 2 is great. I quite enjoyed the story as well. Can't wait for the third one.


Spoiler alert: Mario wins


Yo that Animal Crossing phone game doesn't look very good.


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