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Game 4 of 2019: DMCV. Just incredible workmanship. So many twists all the way through, both story and gameplay. Best in the series, no question.


Game 3 of 2019: Mega Man 11, which was a treat. I think the gear system is genius and only needs to be tweaked a bit in future games to not make bosses die instantly.


It only took 30,000 munny, but I finally beat the postcard game in KH3. That was certainly something.


Game 2 of 2019: Kingdom Hearts III. It’s a pretty incredible experience, and I will stop there for everyone still making their way through.


Frozen world is just the best. God, I love this game.


I have always loved the Gummi Ship. This might be my favorite version of it, but time will tell. I gotta get me a cool design.


My first finished game of 2019: Ys VIII, because I knew there was no way I would finish it once KHIII landed. Pretty damn good, I have to say. Longer than I expected, absolutely killer soundtrack, and just a ton of fun to play.


I’ve been considering which horror villain would be best for MK XI, and I think I’ve decided on The Concept of Racism from Get Out.


I’m extremely distracted by the new VA for Yuri in Tales of Vesperia. His attempts at imitating Troy Baker are worse than if they had just completely redone the script with a new guy, doing his own thing. I can now accept new Chie.


I forgot to get into the Christmas spirit until almost exactly the last second, and it’s such an easy change. Merrry Christmas, ya mooks.


I doubt I’ll start playing this regularly again, but I’m pretty excited to pull this lovely lady.


This year’s Symphony of the Night runthrough is all Red Rust. The most interesting thing I’ve learned so far is that the doppelgänger gets cursed by it and can no longer swing his sword.


I fell down an internet hole this morning reading about people who are falsely convicted and how impossible it is for them to get restitution. The best bit of info is that Harry Connick, Sr. was apparently a terrible prosecutor.


Well, I’ve scheduled my Linux+ exam for Wednesday, which should be exciting. In the intervening day and a half, I will welcome any and all Linux questions from all you fine folks, and a handful of you absolute shitheads.


Well, I finished Timespinner and I think I’m overall pretty happy with it. My biggest issue with it is how easy it gets when you learn bombardment as a spell, because then you just crush every enemy for the rest of the game.


Some guy from my hometown was apparently dumb enough to mail not-quite-ricin to the president. At least now there’s one thing it can be known for.


Sometimes it’s good to get a reminder that there are people who think SCUM is the best possible prison system for America. Good and terrifying.


Howdy DToid. Here’s my player info for any of you that want to see what an original Nintendo mobile game is like. Spoiler: It’s a lot like most mobile games.


I got my Chaperone today and have determined that I will hate getting the Ace of Spades quest done because I hate Gambit with a passion. Why do I let you into my life, Destiny? Why do I do this to myself?


For some reason there’s a soda named after the president of Mexico. It’s delicious, by the by.


Well, I just had my Disgaea 5 crash and erase about 3 hours worth of gameplay. So that’s cool.


This is making me actually want to play Rivals. I’m not super into the smash style fighters, but I love Shovel knight and he looks super fun.


If any of you decides to play Simon Belmont over Richter Belmont, we can no longer be friends.


G is the goddamn best. Edit: President of the world!


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