On OSP: The best Fallout mods of 2018
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This is making me actually want to play Rivals. I’m not super into the smash style fighters, but I love Shovel knight and he looks super fun.


If any of you decides to play Simon Belmont over Richter Belmont, we can no longer be friends.


G is the goddamn best. Edit: President of the world!


I had a sublime ruby kit-kat today thanks to a good friend and only learned what the hell that meant when it was done.


Goddamn Tuesday parades always make life difficult. I just want to get a drink, damn it!


The writing in Olberic’s 2nd quest has truly sold me on the game. Not the story itself, but the little bits of info about weaknesses that Cyrus’s inspections give you on every member of the town is so simple but effective.


Preliminary Advanced Gungeons and Draguns thoughts: it’s not a ton easier, but it seems like keys and money are more available as you go along. It’s still not a guarantee that a floor will actually have any keys, but it’s more common to see them out


Level 32 Critical Vexen absent silhouette taken down. That was quite the puzzle to solve, I’ll tell you hwhat.


I forget how great Kingdom Hearts 2 is on Critical mode. You really have to approach the game completely differently and it makes it feel so much more fresh and exciting.


Ant-Man and Wasp: Pretty good. Paul Rudd is a national treasure.


Well. I’ve now beaten as much of challenge mode as I think I can stand for now. I guess I’ll come back to XC2 when the story dlc hits, but I think I’ve said this before. The game just scratches a specific itch for me. Any game like that for you?


I finally remembered my old solution for ads that cause the page to crash: I just report them and the page no longer breaks under their considerable weight.


Well, there’s New Game+ on Xenoblade 2 done. Time to do challenge mode for now, maybe some of the bosses, who can say.


This tier chart has confirmed my darkest fears about Blazblue Cross Tag: I’m very bad at it.


I know it gets a lot of hate, but I absolutely love how trippy the opening of Kingdom Hearts 2 is.


So, to recap: RE2 Remake and Kingdom Hearts 3 are the same week. Anthem, Metro Exodus and Days Gone are the same day. Fallout 76 is basically the only game coming out in November this year. It’s gonna be a weird year for gaming.


Was that a fucking baby powered flashlight!? Kojima!


I got to meet Mitt Romney today and all I can say is, I got to meet Mitt Romney today.


Me: Would a game like Anarchy Reigns do better in a post-Overwatch world? Also me: There’s no way people would tolerate the majesty of its soundtrack today.


These editorial ads are a bit jarring when clicked on, but I can respect the fact that they have 69 comments.


Wild speculation about E3 with a coworker today. Best crazy idea so far: Paper Mario/Rayman Legends crossover.


It seems someone saw fit to make a free-to-play Final Fantasy Tactics analogue, and that fact is very bad for my well-being. In fun news, here’s a picture I made for the sake of a bad joke some weeks ago.


I did not realize how much work this Dante event was in Monster Hunter. Four bosses who you have to slaughter 7 times each to get the full set and weapon feels excessive.


Well, there’s a God of War done. I think it really is the Nier: Automata of this year for me: A game that I was excited for but not really optimistic about that surpassed my expectations in every way.


Ugh, these Muspelheim trials are getting me worked up. I just wish Atreus didn’t keep saying that quip before each attempt, and other petty grievances that are exacerbated by my frustration.


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