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Apparently the secret to defeating the double tempered Bazelgeuse is 1. Make a hammer out of those two Diablos you had to kill to get an affinity booster. 2. Teach yourself how to use a hammer. 3. Hit them both in the face as hard as you can.


There’s a Monster Hunter complete. I think it ended right at the time I was done with it, too, which is just great game design.


I’ve known for a long time that the Wild Arms soundtrack plagiarized at least one famous western theme, even if I didn’t know which songs they were. Until today. Migrant Bird of the Wilderness is a just-barely-not-identical version of Ecstasy of Gold.


Just killed my first Kirin, and I’ll be pleased to never have to do that again.


As far as I’m concerned, Bazelgeuse can go fuck himself.


I find that my favorite arguments, the ones I feel the strongest about and argue with the most vigor, are about the most trivial shit. Case in point: The most mediocre hot sandwich is better than the best cold sandwich.


2 Truths, 1 Lie: I don’t care for this game. I’m not a fun person. I helped the Mothman kill Bigfoot.


Follow-up to previous excitement about the Under-Night tutorial: The veteran level tutorials get into some really high-level concepts and adequately teach option selects and safe jumps. I think the higher level ones lack the nuanced approach of the lower


Holy crap, the new Under-Night’s tutorial system is probably the most robust start-from-scratch tutorial I’ve ever seen. It explains the things absolute newbs always have problems pretty much perfectly.


Edit: World Record! There it is. My official submission for the Joule any% speedrun record. It’s not my best run, there’s a lot of sloppy stuff, especially early, but it’s the only one I had time to get on video until I get my own recording equipm


I’ve resurrected my Ed for SFV Season 3, and it’s apparently pissed off my training partner. I’ll take that as a win.


Hey, it turns out I posted a completely blank qpost but now it’s not empty. Have a good night, folks!


New personal best for the Mighty Gunvolt speedrun. This is ingame time, true speedrun time in the comments.


DBFZ has Goku casually remarking the fact that he’s died so many times and it elevates the whole thing to a heavenly state.


Well, it looks like that Beta was for a good cause, since I can’t get a lobby to work at all for FighterZ. Sigh. Maybe tomorrow.


Well, that’s Iconoclasts done. I think it’s pretty special, but I have one question about a late game event that I won’t post here for obvious reasons. Very happy with it overall, for sure.


I officially have my route for a Joule speedrun in Mighty Gunvolt Burst. I think she’s the most interesting, since she has the ability to break the game occasionally and you have to find the right places to do it.


I love Beerus in FighterZ, but I feel like he doesn’t work with how they set it up. Using the orbs is awesome, but the dash goes straight through them so using it is a nice way to tell your opponent to punch you in the face.


For the second time in my life, I’ve requested my food to be as hot as the restaurant will make it, and for the second time in my life I learn why I hadn’t done it before. I still whole-heartedly recommend it to anyone who needs a life-affirming meal


Hard to tell from the Beta, but DBFighterz is really clunky so far. I was achieving greater success after switching to the auto combos, which isn’t good for my enjoyment. Hopefully being able to get into the lab with the real game will improve things.


Watching through the week’s Colbert runs on DVR. and I’m pretty confident I heard his band playing Bombing Mission from Final Fantasy 7. Very unexpected.


I’m learning Jam in Guilty Gear Rev 2 now and I feel like my fingers are going to fall off.


Final Film of 2017: Dunkirk. I wish I knew why it made me bawl like a baby.


Whoa, when did Momodora: Reverie etc. come out on PS4? Well, if you have $5 in your wallet that you can’t stand, you can’t do much better than that game, a Metroidvania if it was also Dark Souls starring a cornucopia of waifus.


Finally got around to playing the Indivisible backer preview and I think it’s going to be something special. I loved Valkyrie Profile back in the day and this seems to be the ultimate update to it.


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