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Well shucks, I might have just bought P.N.03 (GC) and Defender (PS2)


Lost in The Corridors of Wolfenstein 3D

I boot up my PlayStation 3, and I'm greeted by the warm sound that accompanies the load up screen. I press X to cycle past the standard "health and safety" warnings that always wait while loading up this machine. Every time I turn on ...


For all of you Final Fantasy IX fans. *Edit, you most likely have to turn the captions on yourself.


Reading the comment section from the Days Gone review, and I'm backing into the hedge like Homer Simpson.


I gotta say, I really dig the MK11 trailer with the Ice Cube song.


I'm searching for a quote by a Japanese dev, something along the lines of, games in the West today are either AAA or indie. There is no in-between. Can anyone help me remember the source?


@Wes Tacos values his morning poop. If you want to troll him, troll his morning poop.


The current Jeopardy champ is a beast. I wonder how long is run is gonna last.


A quick shout-out to homeoftheblues. He sent me some sweet Halloween-themed Destructoid stickers. Thanks dude!


Here's some Sekiro grind music


Happy Birthday Admiral! I still hope you write us a Star Wars blog some day!


I really love the Aeons in FFX.


You guys are gonna hate me for doing this, but when I buy my Switch I'm limiting myself to three games. What three should I get?


I'm at that point again where I only want to play older games. It happens to me at least once a year. I'll lose all interest in current games and start turning back to the classics.


Maybe you guys can help me understand this. I'm reading about Dead Cells on Steam, and it is listed as a Metroidvania that is procedurally generated. Wouldn't procedural generation be the opposite of a Metroidvania game?


I was looking for something quick to play before going to bed, so I booted up Rogue Squadron 3D from GOG. One of my all time favorite games. It never gets old.


Every time I turn on my PS2 I remember why it's one of my favorite consoles. Here's to another playthrough of FFX.


Heya guys, thanks to all who joined in on the PS4 game giveaway. You guys are rad and I hope you enjoy the games.


I want Sekiro to be good because I want you guys to be happy.


Playing Battlefield 4 with a friend but getting separated into different teams, then meeting up with said friend on the map anyway, just to confuse your own team mates as to why two enemies are just hanging out together...


Guys! I'm looking to give away some physical PS4 games to members of the Dtoid community. Details in the comments...


The Insane Amusement Ride That Is Bioshock

Somehow over the years I managed to remain ignorant about the story, mechanics, and overall world of Bioshock. The only thing I knew was that it contained horror elements, and that it was immensely popular. So recently I played it for...


Since I don't own PS VR, I'm hoping the next Japan Studio game is not VR. With that said, Astro Bot looks absolutely amazing, and I wish I could play it.


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This blog is mainly inspired by some of my oldest friends, a group of guys who I still play games with online. The conversations we have while gaming inspire me to write the things I write.

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