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Am I doomed? Am I gonna turn into that guy that lingers around reddit just to downvote people?


If they really want to simulate the PS1 experience with the PS1 classic, they should have your save files corrupted every now and then.


In case ya forgot, we're supposed to be here for each other


At what point have you beaten a fighting game? When you play through with one character? All characters? Or are most fighting games simply not designed to be "beaten"?


Am I the only scrooge who wants to poop all over the battle royale craze?


Managed to downsize my collection by getting rid of near 200 games. Feeling good about it. Some involved deleting digital games that I knew I would never play. It was tough to do but my collection is tighter and more focused on the type of games I enjoy


Irony. The Xbox One is gonna be the “PS3” of this generation


Guys, I’m sipping on a Leffe Belgian blonde ale and playing Dirt Rally, racing through the Waldaufstieg German countryside, and I got my trusty co-driver calling out the dangerous turns. I’m feeling like a worldly gamer and shit


Remember when the head of Xbox Phil Spencer said that story driven games don’t have the impact they used to have? Well he can take the sales figures for God of War and shove that games-as-a-service mentality right up his ass


Holy smokes everyone. GOG has officially released one of my favorite racing games of all time. Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. I played this game for many summers on my PC back in the day. Who else is stoked for this???


Maybe Bluepoint Games is at work on a Drakengard trilogy.


Guys, I’m down here in Boletaria all by me lonesome


Anyone else starting to think the virtual console isn’t coming to the Switch just like how the PSone classics never made it to Ps4.


All I want is good PvE and all I get is zombies. Maybe I should start biking more...


Sometimes news and opinions, even regarding games, can drag you down. So here's a little optimism. The amount of newer isometric games to be excited about is astounding. I'm thinking of Alienation in particular, but there are many more


If anyone wants to play Ace Combat Infinity before they shut down the servers in March, hit me up. I need three other people


Do you want more games like The Order: 1886?


I need help from my fellow racing game fans. I’ve had my ps4 for a year, and the only racing game I’ve played is Riptide GP Renegade (which I do think is great and highly underrated). If you would buy one racing game for the ps4, which one would it be


My friends don’t quite get it. I like hanging out with them, but I like being alone even more


Did the latest FF15 update remove the clip of Ignis placing the food down whenever you make camp?


Thinking how awesome would it be to have Metal Gear Solid ported to PS4. Then I thought about how Nintendo received the only “HD” version of Metal Gear Solid back on the Gamecube. If Nintendo announced that Twin Snakes was coming to the Switch...


Piling sidequests on my plate


I wonder if Vincent Valentine turning into Hellmasker (aka Jason) is possibly an homage to Kid Chameleon?


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