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Syphon Filter 3 Concludes the PS1 Storyline

In the beginning of Syphon Filter 3, Lian Xing parks a van on the streets of downtown Tokyo. It’s nighttime and raining. Gabe Logan exits the van and enters Hotel Fukushima. Lian tells him that she prepared room 413 by leaving hi...


Gabe and Lian Are Hunted in Syphon Filter 2

I wouldn’t want to be enemies with Gabe Logan. It’s bad enough that he’s short-tempered. The fact that he’ll kill you is even worse. WIth this in mind, let’s take a moment to reflect on the choices that Th...


I started a cohost @Sharu but I will still linger around these parts. I don't post often as it is, but I still love this site.


This is for anyone looking to back up their Cblogs. Deets in comments.


Hiya, folks. Life update in the comments! Spoiler: it has to do with writing code


I search FFX gifs in my phone and I see many faces of Willem Dafoe


Sending love to all of you.


I know I'm enjoying an open-world game if I don't mind skipping fast travel.


I haven't been gaming these past few months for various reasons. But tonight I hooked up my PS2 for the first time since moving to a new state. I picked out six of my favorite games, and now I'm remembering why I love video games so much!


Peace Walker is the Bite-Sized Metal Gear Game

  I woke up this morning around 5:30, which is a late morning for me. I threw on my clothes, scraped ice off of my windshield, and drove to the donut shop to pick up some sweets for my roommates and me. And of course, there was co...


If I had to play one Game Boy game this week (any generation) what should it be?


Over the weekend, I partied up on PSN with an old friend. We loaded up the Sega Genesis Classics Collection and played Crack Down and Gain Ground. Neither of us had played them before, but both were a lot of fun. Highly recommended for fans of old games.


Oh, heya everyone. I haven't been around in awhile. I hope everyone is well! I also wanted to extend a fun little offer. My copy of R6 Extraction came with two buddy passes. If you're on PS4/PS5 and you're interested, please let me know in the comments!


Just an update. My dad and I are safe from Ida. They're estimating no electricity for three to four weeks and no running water for five days. But we're fine and we were much more fortunate than others. No damage to the house thankfully.


Hurricane Ida is heading towards my home. My family is still deciding whether or not to evacuate. Also, I know there's at least one other Dtoider who lives in the region. So if you're also affected by this storm please be safe.


Just wanna say hey everyone. Here's John Coltrane


Just popping in to say thank you Dtoid for being my favorite form of social media.


I had to record myself giving a speech for my communications class and all I could think was, "Wow, I'm weird." Like, I really am that weird monotone voiced guy.


My Thursday night music choice: Seneca by Tortoise


Am I blinded by nostalgia? Or was SSX3 an incredible game all around?


Welp, I'm super into Final Fantasy Tactics


About Sharukurusuone of us since 3:44 PM on 02.26.2016

Hey there, and welcome to my small corner of the web.

This blog is mainly inspired by a few of my oldest friends, a group of guys who I still play games with online.

Here is a list of my favorite games, in no particular order:

*Mega Man Legends
*Mega Man Legends 2
*Ace Combat 4
*SSX Tricky
*SSX 3
*Way of the Samurai
*Splinter Cell
*Star Wars: Rogue Squadron 3D
*Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer
*Syphon Filter
*Syphon Filter 2
*Syphon Filter 3
*Midnight Club
*Age of Empires II
*Roller Coaster Tycoon
*Return Fire
*Metal Gear Solid 1-5
*Final Fantasy VII
*Final Fantasy IX
*Final Fantasy X
*Gran Turismo 2
*Bushido Blade
*Freedom Fighters
*Rainbow Six: Siege
*Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
*Dead Space
*Dying Light
*NieR: Automata
*Sniper Elite 4
*Il-2 Sturmovik: 1946