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High Tides Devlog 5

Hi Destructoid, it's been a while. Currently, I'm enrolled in DAE (digital arts and entertainment) in Belgium, and it's keeping me crazy busy. But this semester I and my team are making a party game set on a pirate ship. And since I'm writi...


show don't tell

Shooting Nazi’s in the face with a shotgun is pretty damn fun right? How about shooting Nazi’s in the face with two shotguns? Twice as fun? Yeah, that’s how math works,… However it may be Wolfenstein the new order was a damn good ti...


It's been a while since I've been able to post regular stuff cause of resits. But I wanted to share this ship I designed for my examn tommorow, wish me luck :p


Holy shit, stop what you're doing and start listening the new letlive album, just trust me on this one.


Hey destructoid, it's been a while. How've you been?


been struggling with writing lately, and telling things how ki want to tell them. Feels weird, anyone who’s got any tips or something, that don’t require me to sit through long texts of “improve your writing”. Also here is a peanut.


Evolve stage 2 Review

In a ballsy move Turtlerock tries to redeem Evolve by going free to play. You may remember Evolve, that game littered with DLC but lacking actual content, excitement and fun. I always thought Evolve would be better suited as a free to ...


I think this really was the way to go for Evolve, let's give them a round of aplaus.


Gamertags the good, the bad and the cringy

Over the years I’ve collected quit a number of used gamertags. Some were nice, some were stupid, most of them were stupid when I come to think of it, and some were just such a cliché it makes you literally cringe. So today...


So today I was thinking a lot about Isis and war in general and how we can all fix it. I found nothing played some metal and booted up Pay day2. A productive day it was.


Are we too harsh on Call of Duty: infinite warfare?

Maybe you would like Call of Duty to start making modern first person shooters again? Maybe you remember a time that you had a yearly world war II game to look forward to. It seems like ages ago that you were able to look forward to th...


Theory vs practice (guess who’s back edition)

After weeks of exams, exam related stress and other stuff I’m finally back to blogging. Just for today I wanted to take a look at some games that are like me going to college, it seems great in theory but in practice it leaves a ...


So I'll be of for the 4 days of walhalla called Graspop, see you when I get back. Stay metal destructoid!


So I drew this thingy for my exam of preproduction, thought I'd share with you all.


Racism and watchdogs 2

So watchdogs 2 has been announced, and personally, I was quite impressed whit how much they seem to have lightened to mood from the original. A lot of people however where pretty upset. These mostly took issue with the new protagonist ...


anyone who wants to have a laugh flavoured with a fairly disgusting undertone, Jim's got you covered. http://www.thejimquisition.com/watch-dogs-2-and-the-steam-users-who-hate-black-people/


half way through the exams, only three more and I can get to writing again.


grab the masks and load the shotguns, PAYDAY 3 CONFIRMED!!!


seems Starbreeze studios now owns the full rights to the pay day franchise, which is an awesome franchise play it now, please don't muck it up.


Sniper AI with no fucks to give

It’s a beautiful evening, the stars are out, people are gathering in the streets, diners and local pubs, while you watch them from a distance through the crosshairs silently whispering Bang. You secured the best spot on the rooft...


finally got around to seeing Dawn of justice


just came across this thing I made for my final assignment tv last year when I still did journalism, (I'm the camera guy, and editing). enjoy, if you're dutch at least. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2mW-iOEXkpM


Herd culture

There will be no funny intro, mainly because I’m not a very funny guy. But now that this turned into an intro of its own, we can get on with whatever gibberish I’ll be writing today. We’ve all experienced some kind of...


of course uncharted 4 has microtransactions, why wouldn't it.


Shotgun AI with nothing to live for

Today I’d like to take a moment to think about the kamikaze’s of the 21st century, the modern day berserkers if you will. I am of course talking about shotgun AI. You see, unlike other AI, the shotgunners are the guys you ...


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