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I have an internal struggle, I want to pick up Diablo 3 on Switch next month as I have not played it before and I can play split screen with my brother. But I see the PC version is pretty cheap now and it is more likely the better version. What do?


This was a great E3 for me this year, I have so much to look forward too. In particular Cyberpunk 2077 and Resident Evil 2 remake (This game defined my early teens back on PS1).


E3 starts today. My prediction for EA's conference is they will introduce a lootbox the audiance needs to buy and once opened will reveal 1 random game that they will show a trailer for. Fifa and Madden have a 90% of dropping.


Ion Maiden has become my favorite thing since Breath of the Wild. I wanna share some of the secrets and easter eggs I have found but I'll keep them as replies to this post for people that don't want the potential spoilers.


Have now completed the Ion Maiden early access campaign. Can't wait to see the thousands of graphics the full version promises. Also gonna probably play it again in a bit.


Dark Souls remastered has been the best news I heard all day. The original game has my favorite world but boy does it need an update.


Just finished reading the golden age arc in Berserk manga for the first time (haven't seen the anime either) and wow that was something.


It has just passed midnight here in the U.K Happy 2018 all


Everyone's writing up big elaborate blogs to talk about their GOTY, I'm too lazy for that so here is my top 5. 1. Xenoblade Chronicles 2 2. Zelda: Breath of the Wild 3. Mario Odyssey 4. Resident Evil 7 5. Divinity Original Sin 2


Merry Christmas Destructoid community


My copy of Yakuza Kiwami arrived and looking forward to finding that 10 billion yen all over again. Just wanted an excuse to post my collection


Anyone remember the failed RED ASH kickstarter? I just got the anime I backed and it was actually pretty good. That was a nice surprise this Monday.


Need to step away from Splatoon 2 for a bit, had the worst losing streak I ever had in anything ever.


I've been having a real Gundam kind of day today. I grabbed Gundam Zeta for my blu-ray collection, started on a new Gunplar and now it seems they are bringing the new Gundam VS to the western market.


Snagged Persona 5 today a day early after work, played for 3 and a half hours but must go to bed. I'll just say it's good so far. 10/10 would play the start again.


I'm stumped both my PS3 and PS4 have suddenly stopped showing an image on my TV simultaneously. I have swapped all the cables around, tried different ports, done resets but nothing. My Switch and Wii U work fine it's just my PS consoles doing this?


I think what I love the most about this new Zelda is that it's a challenge reminiscent of the classics. It doesn't hold your hand and you have the freedom to go anywhere. Even waypoints aren't necessary despite being open world.


My day yesterday, got up, showered, brush teeth, went to work, got home and had dinner, played breath of the wild for five hours straight until my phone's reminder demanded I go to bed. I still snuck in a bit more though. Help this game has consumed me.


Switch friend code SW-0363-6388-3999 if anyone wants to add me.


I'm loving Zelda so far. It's everything I want in an open world game and the focus on puzzles is very appreciated. I haven't felt this keen to explore a wilderness since probably Twilight Princess.


Woo brother says my switch is waiting for me at home now. Damn this whole having to work for a living thing getting in the way.


Courier says my switch will be delivered in 2 hours. I'm at work just watching it go to my house.


Since I'm British and didn't get a vote I'll just watch the meltdown instead.


My copy of Mighty No 9 arrived today and wanted to drop my thoughts on the game. As a fan of all the Mega Man games from Classic to ZXA and everything else, all I have to say is yeah it's pretty good. Sticks to the classic formula well and is fun to play.


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