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The Switch is 4 years old now. That's as old as the Wii U was when the Switch was announced.


It looks like the Sinking City has been pulled from Steam again.


If we are showing off our Gunpla then mee too.


Just bought and installing Hitman 3, that's my weekend sorted.


10 days late but my new years gaming resolution is to cut out pre-ordering in my life. Exceptions might be given to collectors editions or (outside of gaming mostly) things that I know will sell out (e.g. a hotly anticipated omnibus).


Last year was yesterday... that is all


Happy 2021 from the UK. Oh god.. OH NO EVERYTHING IS WORSE! America listen carefully, the real threat wa


That's DQ2 done and dusted. I know it's the black sheep of the franchise but looking back on it I kind of liked it. The difficulty at the end definitely left an impression at any rate


I got Albedo on my first 10 pull lol


Welp servers are down for tomorrows big patch. RIP polygon mountain 2020-2020. As of tomorrow you will become a real mountain.


It's payday and I decided to grab Cyberpunk on PC. I mean I'm still excited to play it but let's see if I regret that choice. I hear the PC version has the least number of issues however.


If you're on PC and struggling with Cyberpunk then this fix is for you (link in comments)


Oh man all these performance reports of Cyberpunk are disheartening but made me glad I ended up waiting to get it. I'm still excited to play it for sure but waiting for a patch sounds like a good idea now.


The new zones being advertised look actually bigger than I originally thought.


Avoiding all Cyberpunk threads as of now. I get paid next week so waiting until then.


I just finished the new content in Genshin Impact and the quality of the writing and the direction of the cutscenes suddenly got gud. Why couldn't they have done that before?


Should I laugh? Can I laugh? Am I a terrible person if I laugh?


Friday 13th, 2020 is today finally the day the stars have alligned? (Also Happy birthday NeoTurbo)


Just finished Little hope. It was a good ride and the twist was less predictable than Man of Medan's. Going to try and see other endings etc and looking forward to House of Ashes


Trump claims he won't leave the white house peacefully even if the is outvoted. So if he loses will they televise him being dragged off by the secret service?


I hope Bluepoint Games next remake is Final Fantasy VII episode 1


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