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PSA: anyone who got the Xenoblade CE and is new to the game wanting to go in blind the artbook does spoil what I would consider some significant plot development. Just thought I would give a heads up trying not to hint anything.


I never did show off my new rig now that it's all finished. Ryzen 3600, RTX 2070 Super and happily for me not a HDD in sight :)


Disqus seems broken again (shock and surprise), it's only highlighting the same 4 replies/upvotes that I have been seeing for a few days now.


So Ghost of Tsushima is pretty much off my want list but Origami King looks good to me so I will take that instead.


I've knocked off two JRPGs from my backlog at once with Dragon Quest 1 and Final Fantasy Adventures completed. Dragon Quest was great. Adventures eh not so much but I attribute joycon drift as the bane of my existance with that game.


Thank you for all the birthday wishes guys :)


Whoever translated Dragon Quest 1's Switch port sent me on a wild goose chase (spoilers in comments)


I have turned 35 years old now. I got some homemade birthday cards from my parents today which was very nice of them and a home made birthday cake.


I want to thank everyone who gave feedback on the PC build I posted earlier. It was good to get second opinions to consider and I did some extra research on suggested alternative parts. I have ordered the parts now and look forward to building it :)


Finally saved up enough cash to get a new PC build ready in time for Cyberpunk (and play AC at tolerable framerates) what do you guys think of the build I am planning? https://uk.pcpartpicker.com/list/QZFff9


Happy birthday Absolutfreak. Hope you have a good one :)


Happy Birthday Gus. Have a good pun errr one.


If there is one game I regret not being able to play it is From Software's Déraciné. Just being a From Software fan and it just generally looking pretty cool. If it came to PC I could probably justify getting a VR headset along with Half-Life Alyx.


I used to compare Boris Johnson to Trump alot but credit where it is due at least Johnson is taking lockdown and the whole situation seriously. I don't like expressing political opinions online but Trump seems to be a bigger bellend than usual with this.


The deed is done, eggs for the egg god. Now Lord Zipper is appeased but the sacrifices were too high.


Turnip prices in my town are 557 for the next 1hour and 20 minutes. Anyone who wans that price I'll leave my gate open for that time while on afk. I fucked up by selling them yesterday lol. - 7GR9V


Got a new villager named Static the other day and now I think I finally know what it means to have a favorite villager


I have just beaten RE3 Remake. It wasn't bad, I enjoyed it well enough. First hour or so starts off on a really strong note. But slowly devolves and ends in a very dull and terrible final area unfortunately. Also Resi Resistance is just crap.


I have decided I'm going to stop discarding my spare bunny day DIY recipes and offer them here for anyone missing them. Going today is a Bunny Day Stool which I imagine alot of folk have but the offer is there.


Oh hey The Resident Evil Resistance Beta is out, along with the full thing.


I have opened my gates once to you all once more 6GD9R


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