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Starts up Final Fantasy 14 after a 3 year gap. ... I don't remember what I'm doing...


Game UK have PS5's up but the site is being sluggish right now


Man my PS trophies are chock full of 1%-3% games I borrowed from people over the years. I normally don't care but it's tempting to start it over for PS5 if I didn't actually own one digital title.


That Harry Potter game looked interesting. I want to hear more on that one.


Monogatari is top tier anime but I intend to supersede both Anothony and Bass and post the best OP


Well if we are sharing, I didn't exactly buy a new board game but I did get a goddamn organizer for Gloomhaven.


Nintendo has just reminded me that Mario Galaxy came out in 2007. That's my feeling old moment right there.


As a Breath of the Wild fanboy I love that it now has three games surrounding its lore. That is all.


FYI: Gamexplain reported that Mario 3D World on Switch will have online co-op. That's a nice upgrade


Alright I finally made it to the final fight in Fate Go Solomon. The 2nd arc and endgame content is just around the corner this won't be too hard... oh...


Gonna share my town with everyone. Post yours in comments and I will visit.


Oh boy the rumour mill is buzzing, so allegedly Suicide Squad has been in development since 2016 and is going to be about hunting down the Justice League. Pretty safe rumour, I can see that happening considering what Waller's like.


Predictable next character for sure but Clint compliments Black Widow well I guess. Next character reveal will most likely be Black Panther or Ant-man if I were to wager.


The SMT3 and SMT5 news has made me very happy. I will be looking to pre-order both of those.


Game idea: Silent Hill 1-4 remade "REmake2" style (also competently, this is Konami so we need that disclaimer).


Jesus Christ I finally cleared camelot in Fate Go, saying it is hard is an understatement. Also what the fuck was that Mordred fight? Fuck you game. (meme not my creation but relatable)


PSA there is an open beta for Mortal Shell on the Epic Games Store https://www.epicgames.com/store/en-US/product/mortal-shell/beta


Uurgh so confession time. I am actually looking forward to the Avengers game purely on the branding (anyone who has ever seen me comment about a comic book know what's up) and will probably pre-order it. I HAVE BECOME THE ENEMY.


Fuck Activision Blizzard. What a scummy company, that is all.


Happy birthday Dan. Have a good one


I'm pretty convinced the translators for the Switch Dragon Quest remakes were high as a kite.


I was wondering, as a "what if" imagine if the PS5's final design was leaked ahead of it's reveal. Would people have believed it was real or would they look at it and think it's just a fan mock up? (Only to be shocked come the actual reveal).


PSA: anyone who got the Xenoblade CE and is new to the game wanting to go in blind the artbook does spoil what I would consider some significant plot development. Just thought I would give a heads up trying not to hint anything.


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