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Woo just fixed my old 3DS which had a broken circle pad. Between this and fixing my drifiting joycon I'm far more confident opening these up now.


FYI Nintendo Treehouse are streaming Metroid Dread


Nintendo just pulverized the competition for me. I didn't expect so many great announcements.


Geoff Keighly explaining how E3 didn't want him to host so he made his own event with the publishers directly and this isn't technically E3 is kind of hilarious.


I've watched that Elden Ring trailer a few times now. There are many scenes giving me strong Bloodborne vibes. I'm beyond hyped for this


Coming into Nier Automata from Nier replicant, the jump in quality from Platinum games is like night and day difference.


I now have all 5 endings in Nier Replicant. I also now own a copy of Nier Automata I can jump right into. Though with that said what the fuck just happened?


Trying to post in the new "Watcha been playing" thread saw me making a new disqus account because disqus refused to recognise my old account info or let me change my password for some reason and then marked my post as spam as soon as I did. Well I tried.


Wow, a future prediction that actually has a chance to be accurate.


Was Reptilian Menace in charge of that Sonic Direct? I got to know?


The fact that DQ12 was announced to be aiming for a simultanius worldwide release at time of announcement is a pretty huge deal. Usually it's not even certain if we will even get the games.


Yeah! Been looking forward to both of these.


My copy of Nocturne (I'll miss calling it Lucifer's call) probably won't be here until tomorrow. I'm tempted to do a Pixie and double dip for Steam release until then.


Completed route B now in Nier. Almost completed route C as well as it's now really quick to just run through apparently. Good game, I've enjoyed the extra story beats that were added.


Oh hey new PS5 controller colours are coming. Not going to lie that red one looks great


Got ending A now on Nier replicant and I see what the fabled NG+ gimmick is about. Very interesting.


Time to get in on the Pokemon snap uploading. I did the Ichi, Ni, Kevin meme.


Birthday present from my brother. :)


Had my 2nd injection the other day. The deed is done


For anyone who cares enough I'll leave my own impressions on Balan's Wonderworld in the comments after spending the day with it.


What's in the box? Vincentdante edition


Happy Birthday Occams and Jasondm300. Hope you have a great one


Oh man I know I said I would wait for a discount but this must be a world record. It's a price I'm happy to pay but with this speed I wonder if I should wait to see if it will go any cheaper lol.


Yay the PS3 patches are slowly returning https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/105801-no-patches-for-some-ps3-games/


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