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Had my 2nd injection the other day. The deed is done


For anyone who cares enough I'll leave my own impressions on Balan's Wonderworld in the comments after spending the day with it.


What's in the box? Vincentdante edition


Happy Birthday Occams and Jasondm300. Hope you have a great one


Oh man I know I said I would wait for a discount but this must be a world record. It's a price I'm happy to pay but with this speed I wonder if I should wait to see if it will go any cheaper lol.


Yay the PS3 patches are slowly returning https://forum.psnprofiles.com/topic/105801-no-patches-for-some-ps3-games/


Yass just sucessfully completed a Nintendo Switch Joycon stick replacement proceedure at long last and now I am finally drift free :D


With the great PS3 purge also goes that half-assed Silent Hill HD collection. While I still retain my PS2 discs I'm actually kind of torn on putting that one on the shopping list.


Wow ever since I joined [The Council] I have become a rich and successful playboy billionaire. Thanks [The Council]


Update. My council application has been approved


Y'know the PS3 is one thing but killing the Vita store is a bit of a low blow. Although I don't own one the tragedy of Papa Sony's abuse for it's son has not escaped me.


The PS5 has arrived and I'm absolutely in love with the controller. The haptic feedback they were advertising really works and is leagues above the Switch's "HD rumble" Astro's Playroom is great too.


The Switch is 4 years old now. That's as old as the Wii U was when the Switch was announced.


It looks like the Sinking City has been pulled from Steam again.


If we are showing off our Gunpla then mee too.


Just bought and installing Hitman 3, that's my weekend sorted.


10 days late but my new years gaming resolution is to cut out pre-ordering in my life. Exceptions might be given to collectors editions or (outside of gaming mostly) things that I know will sell out (e.g. a hotly anticipated omnibus).


Last year was yesterday... that is all


Happy 2021 from the UK. Oh god.. OH NO EVERYTHING IS WORSE! America listen carefully, the real threat wa


That's DQ2 done and dusted. I know it's the black sheep of the franchise but looking back on it I kind of liked it. The difficulty at the end definitely left an impression at any rate


Welp servers are down for tomorrows big patch. RIP polygon mountain 2020-2020. As of tomorrow you will become a real mountain.


It's payday and I decided to grab Cyberpunk on PC. I mean I'm still excited to play it but let's see if I regret that choice. I hear the PC version has the least number of issues however.


If you're on PC and struggling with Cyberpunk then this fix is for you (link in comments)


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