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This week I watched Case Closed with the Sis. It was actually an alright show. I was kind of bummed out that Jimmy just didn't reveal his identity to Rachel. I like the idea of the hotblooded karate master teaming up with the cool headed detective.


I've been working on a long blog about sequels for a little over a month now. I'm a little over half way, but I still have to proof read the entire thing... then I need to find nice pics... also playing with the idea of making custom titles...


Not a big anime serial fan, but when I visit my sister on the weekends I allow her to attempt and turn me to the dark side. This week we watched through Yona of the Dawn. Kind of meh on it, but the ending song is very nice.


We go a couple decades without Indiana Jones killing Nazis on our Cinema screens and everyone forgets their the bad guys. Here's a friendly reminder.


Watching my sister rage at Dragon Quest Builders. Siting here writing a blog and all the sudden the F and C word is being screamed at the Tv. I tell her to take a deep breath and be calm...


Posted my #BloggersWanted: Overcoming Fear. I you haven't yet you should really check it out and learn how little Giff was terrified of a Sonic game. Remember folks I write for Faps and or McDoubles... ooh Mcdoubles.


Overcoming Fear: Deep Blue

It's impossibly deep! You flail around, hoping in vain that you tread enough water to stay afloat. Despite your best efforts you can't keep your head above the water and begin your slow steady descent to the bottom of the seemingly end...


Spending time with my original SNES. Kind of bummed I couldn't find a mini since there are a ton of game on it that I've never played before. Thankfully though I do own the undisputed, quintessential game for the SNES already. Slash is such a punk!


Man it sucks living in a small rural town :P I'm hearing all these stories about stores having 50+ units but here in the land of chicken crossings and cow manure we get 3!! I bet everyone would be happier with a new SNES. Instead we all look like this.


The Wii Shop closing is kind of the reason I never buy anything digital. Despite having gone through at least 3 Atari 2600s it dose not change the fact that the game carts I'm using are 40 years old and still work perfectly fine.


Mr Fix it makes things right! I was really considering doing a piece on Busy Town as my #BloggersWanted post. I'll put it on the shelf for now, but in the meanwhile bask in the genius that is Mr Fix it!


Bwahaha. 2 front pages and 10 followers. Soon all of DTOID WILL BE MINE TO COMMAND! TO CONTROL!

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So what games have you guys and gals beaten this September? I've only been able to add two to TurboKills defeated games list, with Otogi Myth of Demons and Jurassic Park Operation Genesis both on the classic Xbox


After a few detours with the New Jurassic World Game and Carmen Sandiego, I'm back to working on my "There Should Have Been Three Blog" I really wanted it out by the end of the month but have fallen behind. Time to Power Bomb this puppy!


Alright Kevin put away the sad puppy pictures. Schooled: How Video Game's Greatest Thief Became The World's Greatest Teacher. Check out the C-blogs folks!


First World Problems: I've gone by the name "Giff", with a hard G since I was in the third grade. But ever-since the meme era folks pronounce my name as JIF and asked if I'm named after internet images. Blast you Steve Wilhite!


Note to self: Singing aloud to my workout Mix,while jogging at the park will get me some side-way's glances. (Cough) Let's try that again :P


Big thanks for the Front Page Promotion. Even Bigger thanks to whoever proofread my grammar. When it comes to commas, colons, and semi-colons I pretty much close my eyes and hope for the best. I'll comb over the blog and try to learn from it. Thx again!

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The forgotten games of Xbox

[If you ask Sony, they'll tell you that no one cares about backward compatibility. But Microsoft? This is one thing they get. Help Michael Griff talk about some hidden gems from the original Xbox that you'd like to play on your Xbox One...i...


I just wrote an new blog explaining my excitement for Jurassic World Evolution. Check it out! I kept it down to one page for your viewing pleasure.


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