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When you go back to an old blog and realize all the comments have been deleted. https://giphy.com/gifs/reaction-LSmULmByAQHQs


The Journey was long and annoying but the basement is finally in good enough shape to get the games and comics set back up. Here's to no more disasters till the New Year!


If cleaning up the basement from the flood wasn't enough of a headache, I was woken up over the weekend by a cop. My 60 year old mother has gotten herself a DUI. Guhhh I need a vacation.


Its been a whole week since I've been able to play a video game or read a comic book. I don't know if I'm gonna make it!


It's been two days. Den is still mess, the house was built in the 1940's and it seems the pipe work has just about had it. Unfortunately there is the Gifford rule of never calling a professional. We got this!! (psss somebody call somebody!)

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Overcoming Fear: Deep Blue

[Feel like you're drowning in spooky blogs yet? Well too bad! Michael Giff walks us through yet another horrible video game water level, and the shockingly simple way he was able to overcome his fear of it! Dtoid is always looking for cool ...


Toilet running, shower flooding, and Cat falling through the ceiling... so how's your Halloween?


Dinosaurs will always get a good yelp out of me. Whether its Jurassic Park, Dino Crisis, or even King Kong; the size, strength, and army of razor sharp teeth would always leave me screaming like a little girl (Regina would be embarrassed).


Unintentional Jump Scare, FFX broken glass: Is there no quieter way to cue a fight? Nothing worse than being low on health and MP as you're making your way to a save point, when all the sudden the sound of broken glass cuts through the air.


The RockKrock always freaked me out. Only making an appearance in Donkey Kong Country, these Kremlings, with their impervious skin, lighting fast speed, and demonic red eyes, always made a trip to the Stop Go Station a exercise in anxiety.


When I'm unhappy with a rough draft and that pesky voice inside my head tells me my writing sucks.


I've been looking for this for such a long time... but it's soooo expensive ;_; Guess I'll have to keep playing my fighting games on an Xbox pad.


The long bloody tale of Fei Long and me (Story in Comments)


This is actually going to be the first year that I have not played through Lost Odyssey since its release in 2007(spending more time on my backlog). A grand, sweeping, turned based, RPG adventure. I really wish they still made em like this.


This week I watched Case Closed with the Sis. It was actually an alright show. I was kind of bummed out that Jimmy just didn't reveal his identity to Rachel. I like the idea of the hotblooded karate master teaming up with the cool headed detective.


I've been working on a long blog about sequels for a little over a month now. I'm a little over half way, but I still have to proof read the entire thing... then I need to find nice pics... also playing with the idea of making custom titles...


Not a big anime serial fan, but when I visit my sister on the weekends I allow her to attempt and turn me to the dark side. This week we watched through Yona of the Dawn. Kind of meh on it, but the ending song is very nice.


We go a couple decades without Indiana Jones killing Nazis on our Cinema screens and everyone forgets their the bad guys. Here's a friendly reminder.


Watching my sister rage at Dragon Quest Builders. Siting here writing a blog and all the sudden the F and C word is being screamed at the Tv. I tell her to take a deep breath and be calm...


Posted my #BloggersWanted: Overcoming Fear. I you haven't yet you should really check it out and learn how little Giff was terrified of a Sonic game. Remember folks I write for Faps and or McDoubles... ooh Mcdoubles.


Spending time with my original SNES. Kind of bummed I couldn't find a mini since there are a ton of game on it that I've never played before. Thankfully though I do own the undisputed, quintessential game for the SNES already. Slash is such a punk!


Man it sucks living in a small rural town :P I'm hearing all these stories about stores having 50+ units but here in the land of chicken crossings and cow manure we get 3!! I bet everyone would be happier with a new SNES. Instead we all look like this.


The Wii Shop closing is kind of the reason I never buy anything digital. Despite having gone through at least 3 Atari 2600s it dose not change the fact that the game carts I'm using are 40 years old and still work perfectly fine.


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