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Cobra Kai is the best kind of stupid. Binged season 3 and it was a blast. Basically if an 80s movie were made today.


Based on that last Podtoid episode (still sad), binged all of Schitt's Creek. Definitely worth the praise. Two things: 1. Can't decide what's more impressive between the Levy Family's eyebrow game or comedic talents. 2. Everything Catherine O'Hara.


To end the year on a nice note with you degenerates, wanted to give a shout out and big thanks to Dennis Carden. Your vinyl posts hooked me up with a bunch I didn't know about (Cowboy Bepop, Undertale). Wallet is dead now though. #thankstoid


I wish Sakurai would present everything. Such a ball of joy. Also, that tournament player shade had me dying.


Even on the final chapter, Chainsaw Man always managing to surprise me. Possible spoilers in comments.


Just like with me in bed, I feel the Game Awards blew their wad early with Smash. I can't remember anything else being remotely as exciting (excluding the Community burns).


It's my favorite time of year, where I curl up on the couch under a warm blanket, open up that box of wine, and shit on the Game Awards with the rest of the Community. Bring on the cringe. P.S. Actually doing hard liquor since I hate wine.


Can we talk about dat ass on Hestu? Also, Hestu is the joy I need in 2020.


So news is Halo Infinite delayed to Fall 2021. It seemed like it needed it, which is good. But man, Xbox is really betting on a 3DS type turnaround for the Series...series.


For fans of The Boys or Visual Effects. And as I've said before, they must have a crazy fake blood budget.


Today's Giving Tuesday, where charity donations can get matched. Also, from an older post, I donated $750 each to AbleGamersFoundation (3x match) and ExtraLife (2x) in honor of the Destructoid Community. Thanks for those who helped pick the charities.


Bummed I missed out on this dope 2001 Mondo poster. Clockwork Orange poster by the same artist in the comments.


Anytime got recommendations on gaming chairs? It sucks there is no way to try them out easily, even pre-pandemic.


The voice acting in Super Mario Sunshine is hilarious.


It is Giving Week at my company, where they match charitable donations, and I've decided to donate $1500 bucks in honor of the Destructoid Community. But I need help in deciding which charities to give to. Full details in comments. *Last Bump*


A very happy birthday to Chris Moyse. Probably the only Destructoider whose Anime Gifs folder I would not be scared to look into.


I don't think eating an entire cookie cake will counteract the sadness I feel for the state of the world, but I'm still going to do it.


Water shut off to the apartment so no choice but to hydrate on alcohol for all of today.


Meant to post this on Halloween, but forgot. Also, this new Danny Elfman song is going to accurately represent how I feel these coming weeks on either outcome.


If you've been on the fence, here is a fitting trailer for Chainsaw Man.


I wonder how much The Boys has to budget for fake blood.


#warfu is all fun and games till someone gets shot. No one likes feeling sticky, even if it is great for the skin.


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