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That Randy Pritchford/Kevin Hart sequence was sooooo awkward.


Are there not going to be front-page posts for E3 streams anymore? Shitposting on the streams is basically my favorite part of E3 at this point.


It's official. Netflix's Castlevania getting a "spinoff" that will star Richter Belmont and Maria Renard. Link in comments.


I just realized I need to stop being lazy and get my Disqus working on the front-page so I can participate in my favorite event of shitting on E3 streams with the rest of the community. Pic unrelated.


I don't have much faith in Netflix's live-action Cowboy Bepop, but it's been confirmed Yoko Kanno will do the music behind it, so at least we'll get some bangers out of it.


A weird part of me likes to think Jewel's "Foolish Games" is actually about a Game Developer she is now disappointed in. Maybe Blizzard. Or Bioware. Or Bethesda. It's a long list.


Looks like Gundam Seed is getting a film sequel that takes place after Destiny. Looks like time to get the liver ready for the "Take a Shot Everytime Kira Jesus Yamato disables a mobile suit" drinking game.


Loved Prey (2017). Though near the end I did feel so overpowered that I could just rush through most sections. Can't wait for Deathloop, as been a big fan of the Arkane games.


June 24: Netflix finally releases Godzilla Singular Point worldwide. I hope y'all ready for some Jet Jaguar action.


Super Biased Seasonal Anime Shout-out: To Your Eternity (Crunchyroll). The manga it's based on is a fav of mine. I think it's a super emotional, interesting fantasy epic (without most typical anime tropes). If you decide to watch, skip OP/ED, as spoilery.


The animation team for the last season of Castlevania just went all out. I don't think I've seen such good action animation out of an American-produced TV property since Legend of Korra. Semi-related: The title for this vid had me dying.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Vivy: Fluorite Eye's (Funimation). Others, like NeoTurbo, already shouted this out, so you shouldn't really need this post. But to add two things: 1. I liked the first few episodes enough to get a Funi sub. 2. Has Nier influences


The author of Chainsaw Man tweeted this drawing he made of his idea of Captain America (according to machine translate), and I love it. Also, if it was drawn in regards to the themes of Chainsaw Man, it makes hell of a lot of sense.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Zombieland Saga Revenge (Crunchyroll). Sequel to a show I'd never have thought I love as much as I do. Plus 1st seaso has the most memorable starting episode scene ever for me. Best clip I could find of it, though missing bits.


Been super addicted to Ghost in the Shell recently. Such a great universe, and I just love me a good philosophical cyberpunk show, even if it can get super confusing sometimes. Plus, love me dem Tachikomas.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Odd Taxi (Crunchyroll). Don't let the cute animal look deceive you. If this story were made with real people, it'd probably be a hit HBO show. Extra shout-out to community member who first brought it up or I'd have missed out.


Seasonal Anime Shout-Out: Megalobox Nomad (Funi/Hulu). If you miss 80s/90s anime, this show might be for you. First arc hit especially hard for me, being a kid of immigrants. Plus, has best op/ed (in comments) pair of the season for me. Is a sequel.


Seasonal Anime Shout-out: Those Snow White Notes - Crunchyroll The story is predictable, but damn is the music really good, especially if you're a Shamisen fan. At the least, worth just watching clips of the music parts.


Just found out that Paul Verhoeven (Robocop, Total Recall, Starship Troopers) has a new movie coming out. Saw the trailer, and oh man, not what I was expecting. Posting in comments cause super NSFW.


Watched Mitchell vs. the Machines cause it is produced by Lord and Miller (21 Jump Street, Lego Movie, Spider-Verse). It is dumb, family fun that I legit laughed at points. Animation is great too, even if it doesn't hit the amazingness of Spider-Verse.


After watching Another Round (which I enjoyed), watched The Hunt (2012). The viewing experience wasn't ideal (commercial breaks), but holy crap was that movie good. Mads just at his peak.


Looking through QToid today, and all I gotta say is some (all) of y'all need Jesus.


Is the vaccine supposed to make my balls tingle?


Looks like Netflix's Castlevania is ending with this season on May 13th. It's a damn shame, though supposedly they are considering another series in the universe with new characters.


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