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Ahh, the dreaded double-post happened. So here is another video I was going to share tomorrow.


Rest of the world (I'm looking at you Europe), don't let this happen to you.


Dicey Dungeons is getting a limited Switch Physical Release from Super Rare Games tomorrow. I know a bunch of fans of the game here. Apparently the game also got DLC, which I didn't know.


Am I weird for thinking this looks kinda worse than the original? Feels like they made everything darker to show off the RTX, but doing so gets rid off the experimental chamber feel. Reminds me all the BoTW mods that kinda destroy the original art style.


I like the new Anarchy Series mode in Splatoon 3, even if it can get super stressful. Less sure on how I feel about Anarchy Open barely gets you any points (at least at the start). Either way, the road to S+ has begun.


Think I gave myself a crick in my neck from playing too much Splatoon in an awkward position. Time is eating away at my body. Also, I'm apparently terrible with the Slosher in handheld. Just could not get a handle of it.


I have come to realize that one of my biggest pet peeves is when people think saying respectfully absolves you of the mean thing you are about to say. Which means I really should stop trying to talk to people on the internet.


Sometimes I feel like Capitalism is trying to kill my love of Video Games. Pic unrelated?


I hereby decree, that along with Switch Pro rumors, Metroid Prime Trilogy Remaster and Wind Waker HD Switch reveal rumors may no longer be uttered in the Lands of Gaming.


Ahhh, I finally got my Splatoon 3 digital code from BestBuy! In addition to being late, they decided to send it in an email full of malformed html text that went directly to my spam folder. Now just need to get through work and I can finally start playing


Wohoo, an anime got announced for Sōsō no Frieren! I highly recommend it and think it's one of the most interesting fantasy tales out there. Just the manga's take on Demons makes it a worthwhile read in my opinion. Plus the art is no sloucher either.


So BestBuy still hasn't sent the digital code for my Splatoon 3 pre-order. I'm sure there is a stupid reason why, but until then, I can only share this article Hard Drive wrote about how the queen's death affects the Splatoon 3 launch day meta. Its dark.


Happy Star Trek Day to the fellow fans (sure it is the biggest news of the day). Some trailers and clips are out now. Strange New Worlds still looks good and Lower Decks still funny. Just trying to not give myself any hope for the last season of Picard.


Pumped for when this comes out. Rian Johnson movies always good for an unexpected surprise or two.


When looking up some stuff for a comment I was going to make on another post, I learned that there is a fairly long and well researched DragonBall wiki article for "Panties" . I'm honestly kinda impressed by the amount of work that went into it.


This West Coast Heat Wave is killing me (especially with no A/C). Can't fall asleep at night, dying from headache during the day. We are so fucked with climate change. Though kinda feels like preparations for the desert Splatlands. 3 days to Splatoon 3.


Getting more and more pumped for Gundam: Three Houses.


Got bored at work and was wondering why there aren't mote Rie Matsumoto anime (Director for first season of Blood Blockade Battlefront). Didn't find a good answer, but apparently they did make a dope Pokemon music video for Bump of Chicken.


So commenting on FP has become a Sisyphean task. I love the site and want people to get paid, but the repeating full screen ads that are impossible to close are driving me insane. I would die happy if I never had to see Harley Quinn on a swing ever again.


Witch From Mercury Prologue now officially up with Subs. Watch it and get scarred and excited.


Didn't realize the Cyberpunk anime is coming out so soon (Sept 13). It looks like the typical Trigger visual insanity (NSFW trailer in comments). But the real question is when will we find out that Aliens were behind it all?


I forgot how much fun Splatoon can be. Tri-color battles are suitably chaotic. Not sure on the new weapons or mechanics. Never really used to the dodge spin. And while Splatanna was fun, I was truly terrible with the bow. New specials are dope though.


Super pumped for Splatfest tomorrow and sucking at all the new weapons. Only downside is my body is breaking down. I would swear I have covid, based on what feels like a forever cold, but every test I take says negative.


We do not deserve this man.


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