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For those who know about the David Jaffe Metroid Dread drama, this video made me laugh.


Metroid Dread Poster Re-stock. http://ninten.do/6011XF27l


Still no gameplay, so will just continue to hope Rocksteady can pull this off.


I know this gen Xbox can be viewed as big success with game pass, but not gonna lie, the fact that it feels like the console exclusive release people are most excited for so far is this Xbox mini-fridge is hilarious.


I believe thanks to the power of the community's terrible Metroid "puns", my Dread Special Edition escaped FedEx hell and arrived at my doorstep. So pumped to start playing tonight and I thank y'all for your service.


I'm just getting super fucked by Target and FedEx. All I want is to play Metroid Dread, but they can't bother looking for my package until I wait 14 business days.


The shipping gods have spurned me in regards to Metroid Dread and Switch OLED (even after sacrificing all those virgins), but at least I got new Psych movie details. Pumped for Nov. 18.


The real final Smash character was the friend (and enemies) we made along the way.


I feel it is against the Geneva convention or something that my company expects me to work when Metroid Dread is just around the corner.


Finally back home after four months, and before I even unpacked my clothes, I made sure the gaming comp got its software updates and started installing Deathloop.


How I be sliding into y'all's DMs.


Netflix plans on making a Witcher spinoff for kids. Give your pitches, but at this point, nothing is off the table.


Not enough Ein. Also wished they kinda went a little more original. Neil Gaiman's The Sandman trailer in comments.


I need to stop letting people trick me into thinking/hoping Metroid Prime Trilogy Remaster will show up in a Direct. But hell yeah for Bayo. I would have also taken a second Astral Chain.


If you check out Star Wars Visions, I do not recommend doing Japanese audio with English subtitles. The subs are just closed captioning of the English audio and there are a lot of points where they don't line up well.


Star Wars Visions is a lot of fun. Especially cause it has characters that just know the truth.


Nintendo. I'm all in for Metroid Dread, so please stop spoiling things for me.


I know the sequels are decisive (to put it lightly), but I unabashedly love all things related to The Matrix. Hope this turns out well.


One thing that came out of the Tripwire saga was CliffyB tweeting on how Gears of War was a criticism of the Bush administration and the Gulf War. From what I barely remember of Gears, I guess I can kinda see it, but at the same time, not really...


Damn, not Michael K Williams. Always loved him in whatever he did.


Hot Take Alert: I'm all for China's online gaming limitations for kids. I think everyone should do it so that I can confidently know that when I get my ass kicked online, it will be due to adults and not be reminded of time's ever growing toll on my body.


Always love me some Alfred Molina.


If this reaches the level of first Clone Wars animated series, then I say animated is where Star Wars should stay.


Damn it Gamestop, if you are going to pass off used games as new, at least take the time to shrinkwrap them again so I can live in ignorance.


Hell yeah! Konosuba is getting another season. About damn time.


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