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I don't know how any of the mechanics in Pac-Man 99 work, but managed to win one. Definitely better than SuperMarioBros 35, and maybe on par with Tetris 99.


Sheesh, that Attack on Titan ending...


I'm getting destroyed by allergies.


Started off my day bursting out laughing at this gem, even though it should make me sad that a governor is channeling 90s summer camp youth pastor.


Re-watched Takashi Miike's remake of 13 Assassins last night because of the Ghost of Tsushima film news. Such a good movie. What other Samurai film recommendations do people have (other than the usual Kurosawa)?


Watched the new Mighty Ducks show, and it made me think of they don't really make underdog sports comedies as much. They are dumb and predictable, but I always get a kick out of them. Though I worry if they made one today it would involve Fortnite.


As someone who has never played DOTA, the Netflix anime was ok. It was nowhere near as good as Castlevania, but better than god awful Blood of Zeus. Main problem is the show's story/lore is confusing as hell.


A while back, someone shared this trailer to Jiu-Jitsu, which has Nic Cage. Well, it's on Netflix and I watched it. I'm pretty sure everyone who made it just woke up from a coma since the 90s and were like, let's make an action movie. My opinion: Skip it.


God damn it. I managed to mostly avoid spoilers to Prey (2017) for four years, only to get spoiled when I finally started playing it because I looked up why mirror reflections were non-existant (unrelated to spoiler). Really enjoying game so far though.


So the internet managed to survive the Snyder Cut. Maybe there is hope for us yet. Full Disclosure: Haven't watched it, probably won't unless it's on a plane.


Does anyone else's brain automatically remaster old video game memories? I recently went to watch some YouTube videos of Robotech: Battlecry on GameCube and my mind was like wait. Where are the volumetric god rays? The ambient occlusion? The ray-tracing?


Boss Level is a dumb but fairly fun action movie on Hulu. It gets a little slow at parts, but I still enjoyed it.


Finished Doom (2016). Definitely worth the praise. I'm probably going to hold off on Eternal based on everyone's mixed feelings plus DLC still coming out. Favorite Gun: Gauss Cannon with Siege Mode or Super Shotgun. Least Favorite Enemy: Spectre/Pinky.


Oh shit, found out that Crunchyroll just got s-CRY-ed. Shocking First Bullet bitchesssss.


ApeOut #IndieToid Also cause someone from Destructoid gave it my favorite alt name of Hotline Harambe.


Never has a game more actively gotten in the way of me trying to play it than CoD Warzone. Just fuck off on so many levels Activision.


Ughhh, they Fortnited He-Man for the new show.


Y'all are some good looking motherfuckers. But main reason no selfie from me is I haven't had a haircut or shaved since the pandemic started, so any uploaded photos is likely to get me flagged on some terrorist database.


I'm excited for Splatoon 3, but I don't know how you can improve on the perfection that is Marina. Pearl's ok too.


No More Heroes 3 might be worth it just for the box art alone.


A little sad that yet again no announcement for Metroid Prime Trilogy. But more sad that new Direct reminded how much I miss Iwata.


Ohhh shit, a new Nintendo Direct coming tomorrow at 2pm PST. Time to get the body ready.


100% Bowser's Fury. It's fun and there are some interesting concepts. The world has some great style, but kinda feels like Odyssey leftovers. After all the movement options in Odyssey, it has kinda been tough to go back to the older 3D Mario movesets.


Stuck at work when I want to be watching the new WandaVision and playing Bowser's Fury.


3D World Keychain on Nintendo Rewards.


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