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I know its super early to even think about dlc, but I will gladly fork out for AC customization dlc. I want to edit pants, shorts, socks, and shoes. Plus, I need another 200 slots easy. Finally, Isabelle needs an intervention. Shes chugging scotch erryday


If these are bothering yall, say the word. Bonus Winter Soldier in the comments.


Hive Jump (eShop): .99c -Basically 2D Helldivers, but easier to solo. Nice tactical choices between missions too.


If anyone wants. Also working on skate wear.


Found this gem for a single gold coin! Conduct Together on the eshop! Review link in comments.


I'll make a public version available tomorrow. Really proud of this hoodie tho. Just a few tweaks for visibility and fixing the M. Also adding the id logo. Seriously addicted to making clothes.


Day 12: She still wont look at it. Not even when I slap my balls with a slingshot. Dick was so hard too. Just for her. Soon. I swear I'm gonna fuck her till that three stooges hair look right.


I've got a lot of sturgeon, no problem. Now got 2 of these fuckers in a night! Current house setup in comments.


*chucks cake at Goofs dick* Happy Birthday.


Used condoms arent that easy to draw in pixels...


My favorite thing is plotting weird, gruesome murder sites, off the beaten path.


Absorb the sun. Be the sun. Praise. The sun.


Art/Furniture and beachfront update, plus I now have eyebrows!!! #ACtoid


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His favorite games as a wee lass were: SMB3, Gunstar Heroes, Commander Keen, Blake Stone, Doom/Quake, Excitebike, Anything from Sierra/Lucasarts and MK. Now days he barely has times for games. Keen on TBS and Roguelikes still though (Spelunky ftw!). The replayability makes his dick hard. He also is known to be playing FPS online and headshotting your ass. He's always down to game with anyone, so feel free to hit him up on whatever you see I'm on. He's been on Dtoid quite awhile now (almost 10+ years) and has been involved in numerous off the radar things like contests, recaps, Community Managing, fucking dogs and spreading his AIDS. You could find him lurking mainly in the forums (fucking RIP), or on Communitoid, but yeah. Now he's a simple qpost whore. He also checks for spam and spreads his love here and there in cblogs and the fp. He loves you sick bastards. In a sexy non-sexual way. Mainly sexual. You ever need help, or an ear to vent to, DM him.

He is also on that thar Tweetarr @MikeMcPhil. Feel free to hit him up, He is always down to chat or lend an ear to someone in need. Or he'll send you some horrific or weird memes. Your choice.

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