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I just puked all over my work and got sent home early. Fuck you creamy cilantro lime salsa, but hello early weekend off.


Wes. Its your birthday. May it be happy. Or some shit. I don't know, I fucking despise you. Or do I? Yes. Yes I do. Don't ever question that. Heres a picture of fish tacos that I've mailed to you.


New Chevelle 3/05/21!!!! Squee! Can't believe how good they still sound without the one brother on bass.


I never thought I'd see a goddamn MDickie game on a console. Crazy shit. Gotta get this asap. He makes some bad/but good to great stuff. It has demo on the eshop too! Review link inside.


I was singing a horrid song about beef pussy in my opera voice, and didn't realize my son was still on zoom with his teacher. Went on for a minutes, dropped an Arbys reference... yeah. A BEEF AND CHEDDAR MEANS CHLAMYDIA, OH LYDIA, WHHHHHHYYYYY HAVE YEEE..


Yo. Monster Sanctuary is straight crack. Didnt think I'd get hooked so hard.


My switch owning, traditional roguelike fans: Alchemic Dungeons DX is awesome. It sits nicely next to Quest of Dungeons, Tangledeep, and Shiren on the system. Its a fast one (think Cardinal Quest, or QoD), and very crafty. Been glued to the screen. $8.


Built my final SD. Behold the Wing!!! Got my first HGs coming on Friday. Excited.


Juice, Ive known ya too damn long buddy. Not a lot of Dtoiders I go so far back with. Which means, I truly hope you have a great birthday. Its been so nice to see you get hitched (to an amazing lady), and have those babies. May today bring joy and smiles.


I'm fucking gutted that I got into this 2 months too late. One of my favorite designs, and its a premium. They don't sell these in stores either. You miss it, you miss it. Fucking SMH.


Wonder where they sliced this piece from? Ham pocket ahoy!


eShop Alert: Cosmic Star Heroine is $3 rn. Night Trap is too, and Rive Ultimate is $2.


Monster Hunter Stories dropped in price on Android. Only $5 now. Link in comments.


I don't even know what to say about everything going on. So yeah. Penis.


It hasn't even been a fucking week. I've already had personal problems. Multiple celebs are going down. One of my favorite patients just died from Covid too. I'm calling it early. Fuck 2021.


Finally has a release date: Out the 29th! Been really looking forward to this on Switch. Hope it turns out good.


Well. Fully staffed tonight... but still got my hand broke. Something g ain't right in my left hip either. Its getting to be time for me to ride a desk finally. Look at my swollen ass dick beater. Slammed in a door twice, due to not having a proper QR.


About PhilKenSebbenone of us since 9:50 PM on 04.21.2009

Formerly known as Miguel Martinez. A total piece of shit, and burning in hell now. He was almost 38 and old, and one of your former Community Managers. He will never be Andy Dixon, but thankfully he will never be Wes either. He probably hates you as well (He's lying about that). He loves the cock though. He used to run The Low(er) Tier, he podcasted (and was on PStoid, led by dudes in pants) and got into development and then fell out of it. He says he enjoys nothing (his fat ass loves tacos though), but his known interests (besides games) are: reading, cooking, dying, hiking, playing with his kids, yelling at old(er) people, collecting various urine samples, stalking Smurfee, bad MSPaint work, thinking about working out, itching his bare butthole and seeing how long he can go without smelling his finger and Batman. He loves old school cars (Chevy), football (Packers & Niners) and of course: Vidya Gamze! You can see him all over the net with the same username, but mainly over at The Takeout.

His favorite games as a wee lass were: SMB3, Gunstar Heroes, Commander Keen, Blake Stone, Doom/Quake, Excitebike, Anything from Sierra/Lucasarts and MK. Now days he barely has times for games. Keen on TBS and Roguelikes still though (Spelunky ftw!). The replayability makes his dick hard. He also is known to be playing FPS online and headshotting your ass. He's always down to game with anyone, so feel free to hit him up on whatever you see I'm on. He's been on Dtoid quite awhile now (almost 10+ years) and has been involved in numerous off the radar things like contests, recaps, Community Managing, fucking dogs and spreading his AIDS. You could find him lurking mainly in the forums (fucking RIP), or on Communitoid, but yeah. Now he's a simple qpost whore. He also checks for spam and spreads his love here and there in cblogs and the fp. He loves you sick bastards. In a sexy non-sexual way. Mainly sexual. You ever need help, or an ear to vent to, DM him.

He is also on that thar Tweetarr @MikeMcPhil. Feel free to hit him up, He is always down to chat or lend an ear to someone in need. Or he'll send you some horrific or weird memes. Your choice.

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