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Almost 25yrs later, and this song still fucking hits my feels. Twenty fucking five years. Fuck man.


Giveaway: Yes, Your Grace (XB1, NSW - NA)

It's good to be king... or queen... or is it? Why don't you enter to win a copy and find out!?! Popular kingdom sim/rpg/decision maker Yes, Your Grace is making the jump from Steam to Xbox One and Nintendo Switch tomorrow (June 26th)! And w...


Ring, ding dong. Ringa ding ding ding dong.


Happy birthday Dan. Hope it's a great one!


Giveaway: RUINER (NSW - NA)

There's not much to say about this masterpiece, that our own Tony "The Italian Tiger" Marzano didn't say in his original review. RUINER is an amazing, visceral, and fun game. One of my personal favorite twin-stick shooters. Now Devolver Dig...


Happy fathers day to all you dads and single moms out there. If the world ends today... well, it's been an honor. Chins up, fresh undies yall.


Happy birthday Garfield. You're a piece of shit.


Giveaway: Colt Canyon (NA only: Steam, Xbox, NSW)

Well howdy partners! Ole Mike here, and I am back with another giveaway for a game that I think is pretty darn neato. Colt Canyon is the title in question, and I think it's quite the banger. It's a top down, wild west, roguelite-ish blast. ...


This. This brings me joy. Very excited for next week.


Hapy late birthday to the fucking man: Gundy. And a happy birthday to my favorite Bateman not named Jason. I hope you both have lovely weeks, strong dicks, and holes to stick em in.


Why the hell not. Kinda scared tho.


Next gen is fucking ugly af. A fucking sub woofer, and a god damn router in a white pimp coat. This. This is how I know I'm old. FFS.


Somebody needs to fucking announce a new Bloody Roar.


It's hard to be positive these days. But we have each other, and we are family. That means the world to me, and helps me push forward every day. Now let's all stand, and fuck each other in the ass with positivity. As a family.


God dammit CA. I can go back out to restaurants. I can go to bars. I can go to the mall. But I cant go to Gamestop to trade some shit in? FWP for sure, but my poor ass really wanted to snag a game. Oh well.


Well, I understand how one of my favorite IPs went to shit now.

[youtube]https://www youtube.com/watch?v=6glExmQadfY[/youtube]


Happy birthday Michformer!!! You're an awesome fucking dude, and I hope it's a good 'un.


Gonna send out the codes from the last round tonight or tomorrow. Heres this months leftovers, those marked with red are gone. Rise, and Jurassic are awesome. I liked Horace too.


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