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Well shoot. Besides Bloodroots being only $2 on the eShop, Mechstermination Force is only $2.39!!! Link in comments.


Giveaway: Transformers: Battlegrounds (NA- XB1, Steam, NSW)

Welcome folks! It's been awhile since I've popped my face up on the ole front page. Wes really needed a night off (he works hard for y'all), so I'm here to bring you some Transformers action (strategy)! We have a copy for Xbox One, Steam, a...


I'd like to take a moment and thank 2020 for bringing back people doing Borat impressions. Nothing brightens my day more than walking into work, and hearing "My wiiiiife" and "Very nice" used out of context, and done poorly. Thanks you cunt of a year.


Such a dork. He always falls over before he attacks.


Watched Love and Monsters. Delightful little popcorn flick. Nice dose of optimism too. I recommend it. I think its the first 2020 movie I've watched too.


Caturday? Caturday. Ollie and Mabel finally started getting along the past couple weeks.


I was playing GI Joe for like 2hrs, and he came and sat on my arm. No more play. Pets.


Tuckered out after a long day of climbing my fucking legs. At one point he hung from my testicles. Little kitty almost got thrown. Thankfully, I have some control and just set him down, after removing his claws. I may have then screamed 'Fuck' very loud.


People who ignore strawberry are trash people. Chocolate is boring af. Its already already everywhere. We don't need it in our ice cream, unless its an accent. Gimme something with fruit, or dessert inspired. My favorite right now: Mint Cookies n Cream.


Oh fuck yes. Hope this turns out better than Nethack: Legacy. Man, this brings back memories. Someone get me a yoohoo, and the sound of methed out adults fighting and fucking in another room. Good ole childhood.


In these times, its so nice to see vandalism that isn't focused on class, or race. Fuck you orphans. Who ya gonna call about it? Not your parents.


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