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Me after another 40hr work weekend. Honestly dont know how long I can keep up these 72hr weeks. Place has a month and a half to close, but damn I'm so exhausted and sore. Getting really deep into depression again too. Fucking hell.


Thanks to Occams for letting me borrow these. That fight was over real fast.


I gotta stop throwing those off overpasses.


Giveaway: Unexplored: Unlocked Edition (Switch NA+EU)

Ladies and gents, I'm happy as hell to present this giveaway to you all. One of my favorites from Steam this last year, I present Unexplored: Unlocked Edition for your Switch! The game goes portable with all the DLC from the PC version, and...


9pm PST. That's the time I'mma be dragon deez ballz all across your faces.


Playing Dead Cells, while listening to Papa Roach's Dead Cell, and eating old cum.


Dead Cells is so fucking good. Been playing it all night on Switch. So fucking good. Just fell in love with shields and parrying.


Valkyria Chronicles 4 demo for my Switch? Yes please. EU account. Guess its releasing on all regions slowly tho. I didnt want to wait.


I made the mistake of buying Hollow Knight, Yokus Island Express, 20XX, and Dead Cells all at the same time. So. Much. Goodness, and DC isnt even out till Tuesday. I dont have time for all this goodness. Fuck these games are all great in different ways.


Happy fetal evacuation day Kerrick and Gaj. One of you is a pile of shit, and the other is Kerrick. But I do hope you both have a great day, filled with things and people you love.


Giveaway: Monster Slayers (Steam)

This one has been a long time coming. I was originally supposed to run this giveaway over a year ago, and it slipped. I slipped. I am truly sorry to everyone involved. That said, this game is fucking awesome. I am truly lucky to be able off...


Giveaway: 20XX (Steam, XB1, PS4, Switch)

Well this is awesome. Folks, the lovely people at Batterystaple Games have been gracious enough to gift us with a number of copies of their awesome game: 20XX! We have two PS4 copies for NA, two PS4 copies for EU, two copies each for t...


Guy Feiri gets a lot of (deserved) shit for his doucheness, but he seems a swell guy. Volunteering and feeding folk at the Carr fire. His restaurant wasnt bad either. I recommend the Bro-det.


My buddy got psvr and I played Megaton Rainfall on it. I never paid attention to this game, but holy shit. And it's coming to Switch! I personally couldn't stand the VR (motion sickness), but the scope of the game? Holy fuck. Perfect review in comments.


Giveaway: Star Traders: Frontiers (Steam)

Ladies and gents, I have another fine game to lavish upon you! Courtesy of the folks at Trese Brothers. Releasing tomorrow (Aug. 1), is Star Traders: Frontiers. The game will be available on Steam for $11.99 (20% discount) until August...


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