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Quick question: any suggestions for cripy wings (like, some flour and mix of spices) with some glaze? Found some, but if someone knows any good ones, tip me babes! I am exploring some possibilities... unless I get sick.


Two news: for 2018, I'll abstain buying any video games (board games are acceptable tho). Second: I just finished Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines as Toreador. Good game. Next stop: finish the unfinished runs of other games. Luv u Dtoid <3


Of all games that are in my backlog, I feel the most sorry towards RPGs. I like the genre so much, but in the end, they take relatively long time to finish... and I'll run New Vegas for nth time instead.


Trucktoid, tell me: genre(s) you love but suck at it so bad? Mine's in the comments.


Remember kids: you can always incorporate your ranked matchmaking experience to CV. In lines like: "Experienced with operating in teams of six and leading them as well as resolving hostile word exchanges within a team".


Okay Destructoid, voice can make or break a person. Okay, not necessarily, but I am curious: how do you guys sound? Of course I'll start and your voices won't be used in nefarious ways - unless it's more amusing that way.


As (almost) pure Dota 2 fangay as man can be, Heroes of the Storm is pretty legit game and I've been enjoying it quite a bit lately. Two-point-oh really did wonders to that game and that's not just because of the loot they give out.


I feel like this is the easiest way to greet community. Greetings, Destructoid. Feel free to ask irrelevant and interesting questions, since that is how humans get to know each other, right?


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