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I think Dtoid needs more board game content. Or I should create it. Ooor whine as my tastes are not fulfilled!


I ultimately don't know how to feel about the acquisitions of Obsidian & inXile, but I want to feel cautiously optimistic - for now. In meanwhile, I'll run my New Vegas for nth time, thank you very much. PS. Happy Father' Day from Finland.


Pathfinder Kingmaker reminded me about the glory of the Magus or Battlemage or Magic Knight, whatever you call it. To celebrate it, I'll create a guild over here for all Battlemagicknights. No purists allowed.


My uni started on Monday. From casual alcoholism to boardgames, I may say: I am happy. It was not employment, but damn good, better than I hoped.


A bit late and it's not really a finished game, but recently, I finally learned how Stellaris works. And despite it's slow pace, it's funz0rz yo.


Today, I finished Pillars of Eternity 2. Needs patches and I'll wait for DLCs to come, but enjoyed it still. My Death Godlike beats your Death Godlike.


So. After the company backed out from internship and getting a long list of "we regret to inform you we didn't pick you for this job" I finally broke my year-and-half unemployment streak... just to return to studying. But I don't complain. No more stress.


I wish Desutroid will review Pillars O' Eternity Two at some point, since I don't want to form an opinion of my own and rely on external sources to make one.


Today, I finished Pillars of Eternity for second time (finishing White March for a first time). My Death Godlike Cipher Scientist from The Living Lands couldn't be matched by anyone! ...anyway, onto sequel ASAP!


RPG-problems: abandoning runs because you're unsatisfied for one or two details. Example: my current Pillars of Eternity run, which I contemplate abandoning to restart the run on easier difficulty, so I can get to second Pillars quicker.


Slight hungover, so let's use that as an excuse to gather information: what are some important and influential inide games? Games which shook the indielanscape? #HamLikesToAskQuestions


What a weird first quarter. From promise of an internship to no internship after all, to new possibility of one to "too much shit to going on, ask later". But, I try to keep coding exercise properly and kill the backlog. Still better than last year.


Today, I finished Tyranny 2nd time (with beating DLCs first time). It's still as flawed as Obsidian's games tend to be, but I had a blast. Maybe I've underestimated it earlier, I think.


Jebus fugging Cribs, GosT is far tighter than I remembered - and I heard him/her/it live originally!


I survived Lan-party and yes, it was fun. Here, have a picture from Western European Forest Mongol wondering the contraption in his hands. #lantrek


What game caused such disillusion for whatever reason that you stopped playing it? Slow development, bad decisions, wrong direction etc.


Today, I finished the second part of Bioshock Infinite's 'Burial at Sea' (finished main game second time earlier and first part of DLC earlier as well). Quite neat, second part being better than first - and more mind-fuckery.


My Thicc-Thursday failed due not thinking clearly enough. I apologize my actions and I'll compensate with pic here. Good night Dtoid, think about thicc in the bed <3


After being over a year unemployed because of being a fucking idiot, I finally secured the first step on REAL WORLD with an internship. Life is good. No finished this time, soz.


Today, I finished Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus. I only found some collectables and did about half of the side quests, but couldn't bother to do the other half. Good game with great characters... yet tad too short and very-fast-anti-climatic-end.


Good evening Destructoid, I will declare today that I'll update my Qtoid whenever I finished a game this year. Today, I finished 'Wolf Among Us'. ... I should've finished the last chapter six months ago.


My dudes. After 3k hours of Dota 2, I quit because of losing one too many over one hour games. Good thing I changed to more relaxing multiplayers, such as Battlerite and Rainbow Six Siege.


Quick question: any suggestions for cripy wings (like, some flour and mix of spices) with some glaze? Found some, but if someone knows any good ones, tip me babes! I am exploring some possibilities... unless I get sick.


Two news: for 2018, I'll abstain buying any video games (board games are acceptable tho). Second: I just finished Vampire: The Masquerade: Bloodlines as Toreador. Good game. Next stop: finish the unfinished runs of other games. Luv u Dtoid <3


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