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Heads up to backers of Shantae; the codes for the Ultimate Edition on Steam are here. Mine was at least.


I can now confirm that Dad of War will qualify for the Band of Bloggers, in case someone who is already playing it wants to participate.


Japanese Octopath Traveller trailer. Hopefully we'll be getting an English version of this soon. It shows off two new characters.


The internet will occasionally produce something so stupid it circles back to wonderful.


I was at the last boss in a game on my Vita and the memory card became corrupted. I've tried everything, but it seems that all my data is gone. Even worse, I can't seem to format the memory card, so I have to use my older smaller card now.


An actual picture from the set of Detective Pikachu.


I am aware that this is just pandering to my pokenostalgia, but I am also aware that it is working really well.


The Upvote bot upvoted one of my comments after it was only two hours old instead of two months old like usual, and I'm pretty sure it has moved onto the next stage of its master plan.


It looks like Etrian Odyssey X, the final 3DS Etrian Odyssey, is going to launch in Japan in August. I don't know what they'll do with the series after the 3DS, but hopefully they will keep it going.

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I did a thing.


The Band of Bloggers has returned. Check out the blogs to find out what that means and how you can participate. It'll be fun!


Amazon has that "Buy with 1 click!" button. I was browsing a page on amazon and tried to push the button above that (look at different editions) and the page finished loading, moved my screen down just enough that I ended up clicking the buy button.


I sent my brother a text about the Spyro remaster and this was how he responded to me.


Wes is trying to convince me to revive Band of Bloggers. Is there anyone out there that wants to join me and help come up with themes for each month and stuff like that?


It looks like the terrible Steam port of Chrono Trigger is actually getting patched.


It looks like Broly has an unblockable combo that is incredibly difficult to escape. Link in the comments because half of the time Qposts eat up links and spit them out without a shield.


Why I Still Love Final Fantasy 13

Or, It's Okay to Enjoy "Bad Games" Before we start, it is important that I admit that Final Fantasy 13 is a bad game. It's a little bit terrible. It has so many problems. Final Fantasy 13 is what Torchman thinks about your waifu. Squee...


Went to see Ready Player One on a whim and it was a lot of fun. Extended thoughts in the comments.


You know, I thought that DToid would be a safe haven. A place where I could reliably not run into minions. How could you?


I don't know if it's considered spoilery, but I had my first encounter with an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter World. More in the comments in case of spoilers.


I'm trying to wrap my head around that anatomy and it's not working.


Games for change (an organization I only just learned exists) made a counter video to the White House's violence in video games video.


I'm beginning to think that the reason they kept postponing the Switch's paid online stuff is because Smash was getting internally delayed.


Against all odds, my dog seems to be recovering well. Further details in the comments.


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