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Did... did you guys know that Barret dabs in FF7?


There were Infinity War Smash Bros trailers, so it stands to reason we'd have Endgame Smash Bros trailers.


The guy who made that crab rave video posted this as an April Fools joke, but the joke is that it's real. Crab Champions is a thing that is happening.


The best April Fools jokes are the ones that turn out to be real.


Band of Bloggers: Team Battle

When I heard the theme for this month's BoB, cooperative games I was a little concerned. I don't usually play games with anyone else, and even if they have co-op in them, I usually can't find anyone who would want to play with me. ...


I finally managed to beat Kingdom Hearts 3 the other day and started Sekiro. I loved KH3, but there was a lot of missed potential there. Sekiro is so good. It has its hooks in me, I keep thinking that I'll definitely kill that guy with one more try.


The Zero Escape creator started a YouTube channel for a character in the Somnium Files. The videos are strange and get creepier as they go. The last video posted teases a GDC reveal, so we can expect more info there.


Nintendo posted Fire Emblem: Three Houses main theme on their twitter, which I'll post in the comments. Both, as I've made parallel comments sections.


QToid is borked, so have a Jigglypuff Can Can instead.


I might have forgotten that February only has 28 days as I was about to go to bed, remembering that I haven't finished my BoB blog yet. It is done now, and I am off to bed.


Band of Bloggers: Kirby Kirby Kirby

The theme for this months Band of Bloggers was short and sweet, and so I played a little game called Kirby: Triple Deluxe. Kirby games are usually pretty short affairs, and Kirby himself is a sweet little guy who may or may not be an e...


I want to love the fire starter each gen, and since gen 3 GameFreak has given me many reasons not to. #startertoid


I'm not sure what to think about the starters. None of them really stand out to me too much. The tape on Scorbunny's nose makes me worried it's going to be a boxer or something. The region looks great though.


This whole THQ situation is the most #Darksiders3 thing to ever happen.


If all these rumors about Xbox and Nintendo are true, then a Microsoft rep in Smash doesn't seem all that unlikely. Banjo-Kazooie might finally make it into Smash.


Is anyone planning to get DMC5 on PC and hasn't already pre-ordered it? I have 4 codes from Green Man Gaming for 26% off the PC version of DMC5 if anyone wants one.


In case you wanted something to melt your heart this morning.


More Detective Pikachu, this time with a glimpse of Lickitung.


While I don't have someone to celebrate Valentine's day with, I did happen to sign up to donate blood today, so someone out there will be loved because of what I did today. Also, apparently there is a shortage of blood at the moment, so donate if you can.


My Switch will be downloading stuff for a while.


Nintendo just kept talking about games that I'm excited for. Rune Factory is back from the dead!


They're making a Dragon Quest 5 movie in Japan. It'll probably never come to America or anywhere else, but at least I'll be able to watch it subbed.


It's the fifth anniversary of Twitch Plays Pokemon. Praise Helix!


I walked into the bathroom at work and someone walked out with a coffee pot. The bathroom smelled like coffee and in the garbage there were paper towels that had coffee grounds on them. Someone was very desperate for coffee this morning.


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