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An update just came out for VOEZ on the Switch. Now you can play it docked.


Alphadeus made me a song for his project.


They finally did a trailer using the english dub.


Me: I should work on my backlog. Also Me: I can add Pokemon Rom Hacks to my SNES Classic!


Happy Birthday Panda!


What Nintendo franchise can be best described as for "Kids and Kids at heart"? Pokemon. New way to play Pokemon? Pokemon MMO confirmed.


Happy Birthday to Wes and Larx! The two of you have helped make my experience with DToid an incredible one, keep on being awesome!


LaTerry's Second Annual Video Game Awards

It's mid January, so that means it's time once again for LaTerry's (now annual) Video Game Awards! The show where I definitely don't just make up enough categories to include all the games that I loved.  I guess I'll talk about so...


Just in time for the blog fixes, LaTerry's Second Annual Video Game Awards blog will be up tomorrow. Discover things like 2017's best waifu, best sense of discovery, and of course, best dragon. Also I've been sick for about 5 weeks now, send help.


The Dissidia open beta is happening. They fixed a lot of the UI, and it looks like you don't need PS+ to try it out.


Chibi Robo is out for blood after what Nintendo has done to his franchise.


My hype compels me to once again binge listen to this soundtrack.


AHHHHHHH!!! Direct is happening now by the way. World Ends With You is coming to Switch!


There are rumors, again, floating around about a supposed direct, but this time they specify that Dark Souls is coming to the Switch. This is one of the titles that I said I would buy again on the Switch in one of my recent blogs. Please be real.


When you get an upvote on a two month old comment and it wasn't from the upvote bot.


Darkest Dungeon is coming to the Switch on the 18th and I can't wait to listen to that narrator again.


I got most of the Witcher books for Christmas and I just finished the first one. It's a collection of short stories, so basically it's all side quests and I loved it.


So this is what it's like to be so sick that you lose your voice. Sucks.


Today is Tolkien's 126th birthday, and so here is Smaug, one of my favorite dragons.


I just entered the final dungeon in the game I'm playing (Demon Gaze) and this music started playing. Things just got real. Let's do this!


Destructoid Book Club Double Feature!

In both November and December of last year the blogs were a little on the fritz, so I didn't write a book club blog in either of those months. The blogs seem to be in working order again, so now I'll do both at once. I'm just going to ...


My very late book club blog should be up momentarily, but once again the site won't let me look at it to see if the images sized correctly, so here's hoping it doesn't look ugly.


In case some idiot on YouTube made your first day of 2018 a bummer, here is a puppy. If you don't know what I'm talking, spare yourself the anger and instead look at this puppy.


It's now 2018 in the mountains. Here is a dragon the internet showed me to celebrate.


Double Dipping on the Switch

Yesterday I got Skyrim for Switch as a Christmas present. I originally played Skyrim on the PS3 shortly after it came out, then again when the Remastered Version came out last year. Now I have it again on Switch, and you know what? It'...


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