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I was listening to my music on random and this song came up. It had been a while and I was reminded how much I love it. Go ahead, give it another listen.


DOOM is coming to the Switch on November 10th, somehow sooner than Skyrim is coming to the Switch.


I convinced one of my teachers to let me play Bloodborne for a homework assignment. Awwww yeah.


While I haven't seen the trailer, and I will do my best to avoid it and the spoilers it apparently reveals, I do have tickets to the midnight showing. The Star Wars hype is real and contagious in my family.


A fiscally responsible person in my position would not buy Stardew Valley on Switch. I am not a fiscally responsible person, clearly.


I'm doing homework, reading my classmates' poems for workshop, when I read one about bees. #beestoid is infecting the real world.


New Japanese USUM story trailer. It looks like there's a lot of new stuff in these games. Looks like a new evil team and the Ultra Beasts seem to have a larger role.


I'd probably never do anything with it, but the RPG Maker Humble Bundle is really tempting. https://www.humblebundle.com/software/rpg-maker-software


I'm finally getting around to playing the 3DS VC release of Silver and oh my goodness the catching tutorial is optional. Why hasn't it stayed optional? No wonder 2nd gen was best gen.


My brother rented MvCI so that we could play it and riff on the story mode. It might be the ugliest thing I've played all year, but we're also having a lot of fun figuring out the game mechanics.


SNES Classic was gone by the time I got off work, so instead I preordered the Fire Emblem Warriors special edition. Maybe someday SNES, but unfortunately not today.


My brother got FF14 and convinced me to do the free trial to play with him. I made myself a Lalafell because I think it's hilarious to see them running around trying to be taken seriously.


Happy birthday Inquisitive Ravenclaw, Nathan D, and EtosiTak! I hope today rocks!

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That's more like it. Why did it take you so long to show us anything interesting?


I've never played Shadow of the Colossus. This picture makes me want to.


The Final Fantasy IX release on PS4 came with a theme and avatars and I am weak.


There's a poster for Ultra Sun and Moon and Lillie is holding a Pokeball in it. This is legitimately the first thing that has made me excited for the games. I loved Lillie's character arc and I want to see what they've done with it now.


My wallpaper cycles through a bunch of pictures of dragons, but this one is one of my favorites. It makes me want to play Dark Souls. #wallpapertoid


I told my brother that Metroid would be arriving late. Not long later he sent me these texts.


Looks like my Samus Returns package has been delayed for four days. It doesn't help that they only actually started moving it this morning according to the tracking number. I'm going to go sit in the corner and cry a little now.


I think that I will go check out the CBlogs. Oh look, one about the liberal agenda ruining video games... I'm sure that went over well.


I'm very excited about everything, but WHERE IS THE ETRIAN ODYSSEY V DEMO NINTENDO?


Somehow or another the Wendy's mascot has been making the rounds as an anime girl. The Wendy's twitter account has discovered and embraced this.


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