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I don't know if it's considered spoilery, but I had my first encounter with an Elder Dragon in Monster Hunter World. More in the comments in case of spoilers.


I'm trying to wrap my head around that anatomy and it's not working.


Games for change (an organization I only just learned exists) made a counter video to the White House's violence in video games video.


I'm beginning to think that the reason they kept postponing the Switch's paid online stuff is because Smash was getting internally delayed.


Against all odds, my dog seems to be recovering well. Further details in the comments.


I think the best part of the Direct was hearing a Nintendo representative say the words "Fractured, But Whole" out loud.




Guess I'm buying Okami again!


Destructoid can be like a warm and fuzzy hug sometimes. Thanks for being so great everyone, and thanks to everyone who offered comforting words, hugs, or someone to talk to in the comments of my last qpost.


Yesterday was one of the most terrifying days in my life, and I feel like I need to yell about it at no one in particular. Story time in the comments. It might be a little sad, so if you don't want to deal with that then you should avoid it.


The Transall Saga and LaTerry's Nostalgia

Over a decade ago, when a young LaTerry was in 6th grade, a teacher read a book to his class. This teacher, whose name I can't remember for the life of me, picked a book to read to his students for probably half an hour each day. Somet...


Sega did a stream for their new Shining game and it looks like it's trying to out anime Xenoblade Chronicles 2, but this time with dragons, lots of dragons. Basically it really wants to be my game of the year.

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Heel-Turn: Kingdom Hearts

[Every time I see someone talk about Kingdom Hearts as an outsider looking in, I'm always blown away by this massive pile of bullshit. The subject of this promoted blog's choice for heel-turn will surprise you, unless of course you've been ...


I played Monster Hunter Generations with Sr. Churros for a few hunts. I was worried about going back to an older MH, but it's still a lot of fun, if a bit clunkier than World.


The guy who created Harvest Moon/ Story of Seasons is making a new game called Little Dragon Cafe. It's basically harvest moon but you also run a cafe and get a baby dragon at the start of the game to raise. I need.


Alright, they uploaded the Broly trailer... huh? Did they upload a gif to YouTube? What is this?


The news of Bardock's inclusion has pleased 16. Source: https://twitter.com/alpha00zero/status/965120453621829632


I love stumbling onto a new monster that I've never seen before. Seeing the Radobaan rolling around for the first time was such a treat. What even are you? A pile of bones? I'm going to wear you!


I finally finished my heel turn blog. Here is a sneak peak, a picture that I took for the blog but then didn't end up using. All of my Kingdom Hearts games (and a shadow plush). The blog will be up tomorrow morning.


Best Buy sent me an email saying that my package got delayed by four days. I have come to expect this from them, so it wasn't a big deal. Then I checked the mail and my package was there. I don't think they have any idea what they're doing.


If you would care for some feels.


The FFXV twitter just tweeted some Valentine pictures and that wasn't fair. This is too pure.


My brother got this poster at the mall due to some sort of promotion that was going on and just casually handed it to me when he saw me and I can't even.


There are (very specific) rumors that Spyro is getting the Crash treatment with a trilogy remaster. Link in the comments.


Worth staying up this late.


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