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In an unexpected twist, I got my Bob blog up a whole week and a few days before the month ended. Get it, because the prompt this month was about subverting expectations?


Band of Bloggers: Unexpected Majima

In our little community here certain games are very popular. You'll stroll into the quick posts after a game release that everyone here has been looking forward to and you find people gushing about the new game. This qpost gushing has ...


Because so many of you guys talked about it I ended up buying the splitpad for the Switch and it is a life changer. Due to joycon drift my Switch hasn't really been a handheld device for a while, and it can finally be that again.


A new Hatsune Miku game came out on Switch (in Japan) and there is an option to change all button prompts to PlayStation button prompts because the series was basically PlayStation exclusive until now.


I love Crash Team Racing, but the online is kind of garbage and drove me away from it. My brother did a test to see if the online had gotten better since we played it last year, and the answer is no.


Marvel v Capcom 2 is celebrating its 20th anniversary and is going to be at EVO and all I can think about is this


My secret santa gift arrived, only a little late, but still full of heart and Christmas cheer. Yes that is a picture of a dog included with the gift, and yes, I love it.


Band of Bloggers: What a Mystery

When I initially wrote the prompt for Band of Bloggers at the beginning of this month, there were a lot of games that I was exctied for that I wanted to write about. A new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer just dropped, and that has me in...


I took some of your advice and took most of today off of work to just relax and write, so you can expect a new blog from me soon. I didn't think I would be able to write a BoB blog this month, but I managed to get one out just in time.


Oh hey guys, you don't mind if I use this qpost to vent a little in the comments do you? I think I need a little bit of a venting session.


Spicy Take: The Byleth reveal was a successful reveal because I just bought Three Houses. I probably wouldn't have if Byleth wasn't in Smash.


I got Charmander in the Mystery Dungeon demo, this game knows what's up.


Hey March, can you calm down a little? FF7R, DOOM, Animal Crossing, Nioh 2, Persona 5 R, and now Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. Please stop.


Seeing all these Nintendo Direct Predictions made me think that one had actually been announced.


A new year also means a new month, so of course there's a new Band of Blogger's theme up as well. Give it a look and consider participating. Also, if Disqus could stop being broken, that would be awesome. Not really holding my breath though.


Band of Bloggers January 2020 Theme

Happy new year! 2019 is gone and it can't hurt you anymore. That's 2020's job now, but we can all hope that 2020 will be good to us, that we'll make resolutions and actually keep them, and that all the things we're looking forward to w...


Band of Bloggers: A Brother's Gift

SquareEnix used to occationally pair their lesser known titles with a demo for the latest Final Fantasy title in order to bolster sales. I could only find two times that they did this, but there might have been more. In order to boost ...


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone!


Nintendo understands my true value!


Last night they announced that Green Day would be getting songs in Beat Saber and I don't think anyone cared, what they should have mentioned was the 90 degree songs where the beats come at you from over the place. It's so much fun.


A retailer added a listing for Dragon Quest Heroes 1 and 2 on Switch and I am hopeful, but this rumor has happened so many times already.


Hey everyone, we've got a new Band of Bloggers prompt over in the cblog, along with a new member of the team writing the prompt. Go check out OmegaPhattyAdic's new theme for December.


It was surprisingly easy to find a dragon related padoru. I shouldn't have doubted.


Band of Bloggers: Seiken Densetsu What Now?

Some of my earliest gaming memories stem from the Super Nintendo, though I never actually had one until the SNES Classic. I had friends who had the SNES though, and I still remember going to their homes to play Super Mario World. My br...


I've been really enjoying Pokemon Shield, I love the new Pokemon designs, and I think knowing hardly any of them before going in has made the experience so much better. I'll put some more thoughts and some gushing on the comments.


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