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My computer put me through the ringer today. It wasn't recognizing my monitor, then when we finally got it to do that, it decided that my resolution was obviously too high and wouldn't go back. Now it has audio problems and I'm too tired to care anymore.


Steam is going full weeb and has started selling anime series.


Chris Sabat tweeted his support of DBFighterZ on the Switch. https://twitter.com/VoiceOfVegeta/status/877505589060009988


There's a Nintendo Direct happening about Dragon Quest XI, but obviously only in Japan. They've been good about localizing these games recently, but not even bothering to also have the direct happen here is still a bit worrying.


Figuring out how to charge Min Min's dragon arm without throwing has been a game changer and I'm suddenly winning a lot more than I was.


I went online in ARMS, confident in my punchy powers after doing well in the Testpunch. I lost every match. As is tradition, I suck at fighting games.


Mario being able to posses people raises some questions.


Having two Metroid titles announced on my birthday made this the most hype a birthday has ever been.


Oh good, more Amiibo. That's fine, I'll just take out a loan or something, I'm sure the bank will understand.


Calming down from Metroid I remembered that I can play as a T-Rex in Mario Odyssey. I can't even. And as I type this they just announced METROID ON 3DS!


I wonder what I'll get to play first, Metroid Prime 4, Kingdom Hearts 3, or FF7 Remake.


We got another Marvel Trailer, this one with gameplay. Really good gameplay. Unfortunately, we also get confirmed that Black Panther is DLC.


I keep rewatching the Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer and getting more and more hype. This is the Dragon Ball Z game I've always wanted.


Atlas just sent me a bunch of Persona 5 phone wallpapers in an email. They consisted of every datable character in the game and then Yusuke. They know.


I just got a letter in the mail from Gamestop saying that they've been hacked and that my credid card information might have been stolen. As if I needed another reason to never use Gamestop.


That is exactly what I wanted to happen for a Direct. I was expecting Pokken, wasn't expecting Ultra Sun and Moon, nor was I expecting the Virtual Console titles. I am happy all around.


I've been trying to play through some of my Vita backlog, and I got stuck in one of my games, Operation Abyss. There are no guides for the game anywhere online. I knew it was obscure, being on the Vita and all, but I didn't realize it was that obscure.


Sony was using a third party website gofobo to distribute their E3 Experience tickets. The site crashed so hard that it's still gone. The website can no longer be found.


Surprising no one, the site to get the Sony E3 experience tickets has crashed. It crashed hard.


Fire Emblem, I get enough passive aggressive hints about still being single from my parents, I don't need it from you too.


Persona 5 and Dragon Quest Heroes 2 have an interesting coincidence. End game spoilers for both in the comments.


With Min Min on my side, I won most of my matches. The only one I lost was when I had Mechanica on my team.


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