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Finally got around to beating Shantae Half Genie Hero. It was pretty exciting to see my name in the credits as a backer.


I was watching this gameplay for MVCI and I noticed that Dr. Strange says "Lightning, vanquish my enemy" instead of "Bolts of Ballsack" and I think that was the final straw. Literally unplayable.


The poll that Nintendo ran on the Switch about whether hot dogs are sandwiches or not has been decided. 54% said yes, Hot Dogs are Sandwiches. Do with this information what you will.


Got an email from youtube informing me that my video was now up. I've never uploaded a video so I checked my account and found this private video. Turns out my little brother just decided to use my account instead of his when uploading it.


Almost forgot to wish Tohsaka a happy birthday. Happy Birthday!


If you happen to have any reward points sitting around on Sqeenix's store, they're having a rewards sale: They have a few soundtrack selections and some figures.


Here is a cute in case you needed it.


Every time I solve a problem with my computer a new one immediately takes it place. Eventually I'll probably settle for a problem that doesn't bother me that much.


Do video game OP's count? This one always pumped me up. #OPToid


Whether or not I participate in Salmon Run is directly related to the weapons involved. If there's a Charger in there anywhere I'm much less likely to want to play.


Does ketchup go with salt, because I'm seeing so much salty ketchup in Splatoon 2 right now.


No, yeah, I was perfectly confident in the outcome here.


I wanted an excuse to post/listen to this, so pretend it's a birthday song. The engrish is bad enough that I'm sure if you tried, you could hear a "Happy Birthday" in there somewhere. Happy Birthday Gaj and Kerrik!


So I'm still listening to The World Ends with you. I can't stop. I would ask you to send help, but I'm enjoying myself too much for that.


My brother is going to let me borrow his copy of Splatoon 2 while he focuses on some other game. Ahhh yisss, I'mma splat some inklings.


I've been listening to The World Ends With You OST since Ravenclaw posted one of them yesterday. It's so delightful. Here, have a listen if it pleases you.


Atlus has announced the Launch Edition of Etrian Odyssey V. They really know how to hook me in and buy their games at launch.


The biggest downfall of online amiibo shopping is not being able to be see the figure before you buy it. I got my Corrin amiibo today, and her sword is all bent out of shape.


Oh shoot, I almost missed wishing Hypno a happy birthday! Happy Birthday Hypno!


Oh hey childhood, fancy seeing you here.


Curious about Blue Reflection? This guy who lives in Japan did a pretty in depth review of it. He might like memes a bit much, but he gives a lot of info about the game that I found very helpful.


Apparently Max Brass is 52 years old. My head cannon as him being Captain Falcon's older brother is becoming more solid.


Oh wow, Nintendo included patch notes for the ARMS update. They did a lot, not just a new character.


Nintendo UK posted the most important part of the Splatoon direct to their youtube. Nintendo America is holding off on me!


My pets, Falcore and Squidget, in one of the rare moments where they were getting along.


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