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Unlike you heathens, I have books on my bookshelves. I have some games there too, but most of my games are in my entertainment center. #bookcasetoid


I am always up for posting cute pandas when they are in need #Pandatoid.


Seems like Meltan will either have a different form or an evolution.


I think something got lost in localization there with your notifications Dragalia


I got a dragon. Dragalia Lost plays a little janky on my phone. It misreads what direction I'm trying to go, but it has enough dragon in it that I'll put up with it for now. Look forward to the BoB theme coming soon.


Band of Bloggers: Super Metroid

This month's Band of Bloggers theme was Leading Ladies and I couldn't think of a better example than Samus. That might be because I didn't think very hard about it, but among video game heroines, Samus is among the first and one of the...


My September BoB blog will be out soonish. The important thing is that it will still be September where I live when it comes out. Then tomorrow I'll post the new theme for October, so you can look forward to the spooky theme I'm preparing.


I spend way to long trying to think of something witty to say, just listen to this train wreck masterpiece.


Found a site that makes really cool wallpapers of all the smash characters. They have all characters and all available alternate costume renders. I'll put the link in the comments as its getting eaten by the qpost.


Going from Bongo Cat to Bowsette is giving me meme whiplash. Also a big happy brithday to Nathan and Ravenclaw!


When I was young and people would ask what my favorite band was, I didn't know how to answer because Uematsu wasn't a band but a composer. Here's a song that I forgot he composed.


I wasn't planning on getting Nintendo's online service, but then my brother invited me into his family group and now I just have it. I guess that's fine.


I'm not quite sold on this Playstation classic yet, mostly because I already have an easy way to play FF7 and none of the other games they announced are all that appealing to me. A game that would make me want it is Legend of Dragoon.


High Quality Alt costume Smash renders were just released by source gaming.


Nintendo just sent me a code to use for Xenoblade Chronicles 2 to get 15 legendary core crystals. I'm not sure why. Maybe they want to remind me that the game exists and that I still haven't gotten the season pass for it or something.


How do both Baby Peach and Peachette exist in the same canon?


So the absolute strangest thing from that direct: Peachette. The implications of this are disturbing and I don't like thinking about them.


A few months back I wrote a blog about 5 games that I would double dip for if they came to Switch. They were a Hat in Time, Okami, Dark Souls, any Final Fantasy, and Persona 3. I am four for five, can I get a full combo please?


Yes please give me all Final Fantasy games on the Switch, I will buy them all again.


Bongo cat might be my favorite thing on the internet right now.


In case anyone was wondering, the PS4 with the busted HDMI port was successfully repaired :D


The guy who makes Zero Escape and the guy who makes Danganronpa have teamed up to make their own game studio.


Why yes, I will take a new Kingdom Hearts trailer as I wake up in the morning.


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