On DES: Riot Games' Mark Merrill: We will release new games every decade
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Someone meshed the K. Rool trailer with the new music on the smash site (better than GameXplain did, with no intro or outro) and I can't stop.


My brothers and I are attempting a podcast. Give it a listen if you want to hear my voice I guess. We recorded it before the Ultimate direct and only just got it up, so we're clearly off to a great start.


Sakurai: "Please don't expect many new fighters." Also Sakurai: "Here's five new fighters."


According to my twitter feed there are some legitimate Smash leaks floating around. Be cautious around social media if that's something you care about.


I made a friend today. Also happy birthday to Gaj and Kerrik.


The only way to make Hundred Acre Woods in Kingdom Hearts 3.


Band of Bloggers: When Robots Make You Sad

Robots come in a variety of stories. A lot of popular stories will put robots in the antagonist's role, as a supreme threat, like the Terminator or Sigma. Sometimes the antogonist robots are simply following their programming to kill a...


I am on a three month streak of getting my band of bloggers blog done on the last day of the month!


Just a reminder that you have 5 days left to write a band of bloggers blog about robots! No Man's Sky recently resurged in popularity and it has robots. Maybe write about those robots. Ignore that I haven't written one yet, its coming soon.


Snake Eater arrangement in Ultimate


Prepare for trouble!


They keep showing new cute things that I just can't handle. Also you can ride Arcanine.


Spike Chunsoft just had a panel (laden with technical difficulties) where the Zero Escape director revealed his new project. The actual panel starts about half an hour into this video. It was a short panel, but the new game looks really cool.


I unsealed the first part of the Master Sword by unlocking all level 3 weapons. It only took about 115 hours.


My Kingdom Hearts 1.5 +2.5 disk seems to be borked. No matter what I do it will only play for a few minutes before closing the game and ejecting the disk.


The new Band of Bloggers theme is up. Make sure to check it out and keep it in mind as you play video games in July.


Band of Bloggers - July 2018 Edition

It's now July, and we're struggling to recover from E3, either from hype overdose, or the emptiness of disapointment. The best way to overcome these actual medical conditions is to play video games and then write about them. This is sc...


Band of Bloggers: Best Dad Kiryu

Spoiler Warning for Yakuza Kiwami! Yakuza Kiwami is a sometimes ridiculous story about Kazuma Kiryu. There are a lot of ways to describe Kiryu: An ex-yakuza member who took the fall for a murder, the Dragon of Dojima, the guy everyone ...


I'm a bit prone to procrastination, but my Band of Bloggers blog will be out in the morning, just in the nick of time.


Have you ever woken up to your boss knocking on your door wondering why you didn't come into work today? Waking up was a roller coaster of emotions today. Full story in the comments.


Does anyone want to be my friend so that I may shower you with gifts?


Best Buy is having a sale on Switch Pro Controllers. It's a small sale, but they also are selling refurbished controllers for a discount.


I got Lost Child shipped to me a day early somehow and I've been playing it a fair amount. I like it so far, but it definitely wants to be Shin Megami Tensei. Some extended thoughts in the comments.


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