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Aonuma is saying that Breath of the Wild 2 is going to be darker than Majora's Mask.


It all makes sense!


Why can't I buy the Mana Collection yet?


This was the best thing to happen today.


I'm prepared to be very disappointed when they don't do something ridiculous with Dynamax Wailord.


These are the Steam System Requirements for Spongebob Rehydrated.


So I know I'm 100% the target audience for it, but I've been having a great time with the Code Vein test. Definitely going to pick it up whenever it decides to come out.


I have also written a blog for this month's Band of Bloggers. I wrote about movie monsters and a game series that loves them, so definitely check it out, especially if you are prone to randomly shouting EDF!


Band of Bloggers: Attack of the Movie Monsters!

In the 1930's when movies were new, a new genre of movie was created, known as the monster movie. While there are examples of what coould have been monster movies before the 30s, the movie that seems to have really propelled the genre ...


Death Stranding is doing a livestream right now, but it's not showing much yet, mostly just teasing that tomorrow will have a big reveal. https://www.twitch.tv/playstation


I've been a little obsessed with EDF this past month, and I captured a few silly clips as I was playing.


It looks like Square actually fixed the FF7 Switch port. An update seems to have removed the music glitch and flashing screen between cutscenes.


My little brother made a (really long) video essay about Final Fantasy 2. He asked me to share it here since he doesn't have any subscribers and he worked really hard on it. Give it a watch when you have time.


Happy Birthday Torch!


Someone is making a Super Monkey Ball spiritual successor on Indiegogo, but with hamsters instead of monkeys. It looks really promising, maybe check it out. Link in the comments.


The new theme for Band of Bloggers should be up any moment now. Grab your popcorn and give it a look.


Band of Bloggers May 2019 Theme

This past month has been a little crazy when it comes to movies. Avenger's Endgame shattered box office records and became a generational event. I ended up working my life around the movie, avoiding social media as much as possible to ...


You probably don't need another person to gush about Endgame to you, so instead I'll post a fun story about my theater going experience, there were a few things that happened that made it unique for me. Spoilery story in the comments.


I got careless and last night a YouTube thumbnail decided I needed to be spoiled for Endgame. It was a recommended video, not from one of my subscriptions. Be careful out there.


I was not expecting this to get localized.


Band of Bloggers: Accepting the First Person View

When the theme for this month's Band of Bloggers was revealed, playing games outside of our comfort zone, my first thought was playing a First Person Shooter. I've always scorned FPS games like Call of Duty, or any military shooter rea...


Surprise, my BoB blog will be up in about an hour, I didn't wait until the last minute this time. You should give it a read when it goes up and maybe consider writing your own.


Did... did you guys know that Barret dabs in FF7?


There were Infinity War Smash Bros trailers, so it stands to reason we'd have Endgame Smash Bros trailers.


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