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Shining Resonance got a new trailer today and its like they were specifically targeting me with it.


When cowboys and anime mix.


New Octopath info. The big news here is that you can see everyone's story in one playthrough, you don't have to play through the game again with a different character as your lead to see all their story bits.


I really like the reverse cover art for Strange Journey Redux.


If a person were to hypothetically try to get into Yakuza, should he start with Kiwami or Zero? Or maybe something else entirely?


I just submitted my last final for the semester. Current status:


When Mom's not home.


April is gone and I somehow convinced a lot of you to blog about dragons over the course of the month. Thanks to everyone who participated in Band of Bloggers in April, and I hope you will continue to do so in May.

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Why I still love Final Fantasy XIII

[I am of the opinion that Final Fantasy XIII is a puddle of wet farts...but that doesn't mean you still can't morbidly enjoy wet farts! LaTerry's line below, "I love it so much," is such a bold and amazing statement on how you can really, t...


Band of Bloggers: My New Buddy Otr

Wait LaTerry, didn't you say you were going to play Angels with Scaly Wings for this Band of Bloggers? Shut up. Yes I did, but a lot of things led to that not happening. I have played the game, and got a little ways in it, but not...


I may be pushing it close, but my band of bloggers will be up soon. Also, I just got a phishing email from "Apple Support" so be careful out there.


Just got out of Avengers. Holy cow. Holy. Cow.


That is some slick boxart.


It's finals week, so no more Dad of War until that is done. On the other hand, one of my final papers is on Neir Automata, so I need to play that a little more. For homework.


Heads up to backers of Shantae; the codes for the Ultimate Edition on Steam are here. Mine was at least.


I can now confirm that Dad of War will qualify for the Band of Bloggers, in case someone who is already playing it wants to participate.


Japanese Octopath Traveller trailer. Hopefully we'll be getting an English version of this soon. It shows off two new characters.


The internet will occasionally produce something so stupid it circles back to wonderful.


I was at the last boss in a game on my Vita and the memory card became corrupted. I've tried everything, but it seems that all my data is gone. Even worse, I can't seem to format the memory card, so I have to use my older smaller card now.


An actual picture from the set of Detective Pikachu.


I am aware that this is just pandering to my pokenostalgia, but I am also aware that it is working really well.


The Upvote bot upvoted one of my comments after it was only two hours old instead of two months old like usual, and I'm pretty sure it has moved onto the next stage of its master plan.


It looks like Etrian Odyssey X, the final 3DS Etrian Odyssey, is going to launch in Japan in August. I don't know what they'll do with the series after the 3DS, but hopefully they will keep it going.

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I did a thing.


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