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There's a new trailer for the PS5 version of FF7Remake. Don't watch it if you haven't already beaten the game, it opens with all the spoilers.


I finally got a copy of Pokemon Snap and managed to take this picture. I'm pretty sure I'll never top this.


It's a little late, but the new Band of Bloggers theme for May is up now. I hope you are enthusiastic about photo modes. Or Pokemon Snap. Either way really.


Band of Bloggers May 2021 Theme

Oh shoot, it's already May third. This theme is going up a little late, sorry about that. I hope May finds you all well. April is over (though I completely missed that happening) and a lot of intersting games recently came out, and are...


Nier Replicant's is soundtrack consistently amazing. I walked into some old abandoned factory, not expecting much since I didn't seem like this was an important place or anything and had to just sit and listen for a bit.


My original PS3 died years ago, but I never got around to buying another until today as I had a big hankering to play Persona 3 again and of course I'm worried about the store going away.


Oooh, what came in the mail?


Nevermind, it was totally there, so I made one to make up for my blunder. Still missing a lot of games I love, but I do love a lot of what was there. I left out everything I haven't played yet.


I went to make my own tier list and saw that Dragon Quest 11 wasn't included. What a let down.


Band of Bloggers March 2021 Theme

After a brief hiatus in February, Band of Bloggers is back and well rested.  There are a lot of things that can keep someone coming back to a game. Some games have excellent multiplayer, others have fun moment to moment gameplay t...


Everywhere I look people on the internet are yelling about how much they don't like the Diamond and Pearl chibi style. I understand, I really do. It was shocking at the very least. But I can't help myself, I love it. It's so stupid and wonderful.


Lots of great stuff in the direct, I am excited for a lot, but then Legend of Mana guys. Legend of Mana. Square has just been rereleasing all their old obscure games and I will never not buy them.


In order not to be disappointed by tomorrows direct, here is what I will go in expecting: Smash character will be Inteleon, they'll announce a (very limited) physical switch cart of NES Zelda for Zelda 35th, and paid DLC for Animal Crossing and that's it


I almost missed #dragontoid and I don't think I would have forgiven myself. To contribute something, here is the alternate color variant of my profile dragon, drawn by our very own Inquisitive Ravenclaw.


So I think I've found a new personal hero.


I played Among Us with proximity chat and the game has never been more fun. Specifically because we had on that imposters can hear ghosts, and every time I died I would just serenade the imposters with various songs I remember from the 90s.


Took the plunge and got Ring Fit Adventure. I am much more like Ina than Gura and existence is pain.


Today is incredibly historic for all the wrong reasons. It's important to know what is happening, but you don't need to doom scroll twitter. Please reach out to someone if today's events are negatively affecting your mental health.


Band of Bloggers: Crash 4 is Hard

I was very excited for Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time. When the game came out I wasn't expecting it to be so difficult. Not in the 'die a whole bunch of times' way, but in the completing kind of way. I could get through the l...


For some reason this was recommended to me today. Merry Christmas! I hope you've all had a great day and here's hoping next year is better.


Honestly this song might be my favorite part of Sephiroth's inclusion. I adore this remix.


He has a shirtless alt


It's a little late, but December's Band of Bloggers is up with the theme of Unfinished Business, maybe go check it out if you could.


Band of Bloggers December 2020 Theme

2020 has been a ride, a ride through a stinky poisonous swamp that you can't dodge roll through, populated by giant mosquitoes and and an amalgamation of leeches. It's December though, we're almost done. 2020 will soon meet its end, an...


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